101 Best Running Horse Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Running Horse Tattoo

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Are you fond of horses? You can always get a running horse tattoo inked on your body to highlight your personality. Here are some tattoo ideas to help you.

Running Horse Tattoo
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A horse can always serve as a sign of courage, wisdom, speed, freedom, grace, power, etc.

It is not a great deal to get inked a horse tattoo that is a popular choice all over the world. An interesting information about horses is that they have a significant place in Greek mythology, and therefore can also be considered mythical creatures.

The first thing that comes to our minds on hearing the word horse is the image of a running horse across a greenfield or a vast terrain. You can always get an exquisite horse tattoo on any part of your body to express your free spirit. They are beautiful animals full of grace, power, and intelligence. A horse tattoo can represent some essential traits of one’s personality, and it has always been a representative of power and strength. People say life is a race, then why not be a regal horse with long sleek manes blowing in the wind.

Horses also represent spiritual connection and sometimes it is associated with good luck. A running horse tattoo can also symbolize the life changes that one goes through in the course of one’s existence. You can nurture the idea of getting a horse tattoo inked after going through several horse tattoo designs comprising of horse head, horseshoe, and running horse of unique design.

Tribal Horse Tattoo

Tribal Horse Tattoo
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This is a tribal horse tattoo on the elbow. The tattoo design is quite simple and is inspired by tribal art. The black curves and stripes are representative of the tribal culture. The rich heritage of the tribal culture is represented by the tribal horse tattoo design.

There are many tattoo designs associated with the tribal horses. One can get inked a tribal horse tattoo on any part of his body considering the fact that such tattoos can be created in different shapes and sizes.

This tattoo is a subtle combination of traditional art and tribal culture. The strokes and curves of the ink represent the innocence of the animal. The tribal horse head tattoo design portrays the courage that is required to discover one’s true self. A tribal horse tattoo is representative of the horse as a spirit animal which symbolizes the spiritual victory of an individual.

Horse’s Head Tattoo Designed with Flowers and Leaves

Horse's Head Tattoo Designed with Flowers and Leaves
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This is an exquisite horse tattoo design decked with flowers and leaves. This particular tattoo design attributes to femininity due to the use of smooth colours and a soothing texture. The colorful flowers add splendour to the tattoo design. The use of sweet green colours for the leaves renders a spirit of innocence in the tattoo design.

Generally, the horse head is symbolic of the fate or destiny of the owner. Human beings on this earth are incessantly being driven by the pull and push of fate. The eternal run through the cycle of life is symbolized by a horse head.

Pegasus’s Tattoo Design

Pegasus's Tattoo Design
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This is a pegasus’s horse tattoo design on the elbow. The winged horse is inked using black color. As we know, Pegasus is a mythic character from Greek mythology. Tracing back to ancient mythology, it can be learned that Pegasus, the winged horse is the master of the air. This particular tattoo establishes a spiritual idea associated with the symbol of Pegasus. It invokes a sense of beauty and majesty and is likely to transcend the human spirit beyond the body and the physical world.

Pegasus tattoo designs can represent the personality traits of the respective tattoo owners. Besides, speaking of strength, this mythical character also symbolizes artistic inspiration. It can serve as a muse for an artist who desperately is longing for a medium to divulge his artistic expressions. You can always get a pegasus tattoo inked if you are someone who prioritizes speed.

Tiny Horse Running Tattoo Designs for Women

Tiny Horse Running Tattoo Designs for Women
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This is a small running horse tattoo design that will look stunning on women’s bodies. This design is created by using black ink, and the body of the structure is filled with black colour to give it an effortless and straightforward look. It can serve as an undemanding fashion that can be easily adapted without much struggle.

Horses are symbolic of free spirit and a small running horse on the forearm, ankle, wrist or shoulder can be a good choice for tattoo lovers. The tiny horse tattoo design represents the calm and placid nature of horses.

Running Horse Silhouette Tattoo

Running Horse Silhouette Tattoo
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This is a magnificent running horse silhouette tattoo on the forearm. The three running horses represent strength, freedom, and majesty. It is one of the popular horse tattoo designs that tattoo lovers choose to get inked in the left forearm or upper arm.

The watercolors used by the tattoo artist have given it an extraordinary look. The colorful silhouettes of the horses look classy as well as vibrant. This horse tattoo truly represents the free spirit and the dynamic nature of the tattoo owner. It is more like the victorious rainbow-colored horses that have set out on a spiritual journey.

Rainbow Horse Tattoo for Girls

Rainbow Horse Tattoo for Girls
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This is a rainbow horse tattoo exclusively for girls and women. The texture of the tattoo itself is very colourful and brilliant to appeal to the beholders. The running horse with its majestic appearance is somewhat representative of the graceful attributes associated with femininity. The tattoo design is of a galloping horse whose vigour is subdued by the tranquillity of the design and structure.

The golden tinge renders a regal appearance to the horse tattoo. The sleeky pink mane on the horse makes it look like a unicorn. The controlled movement of the horse in this tattoo is symbolic of the royal traits attributed to a horse.

Geometric Running Horse Tattoo on Forearm

Geometric Running Horse Tattoo on Forearm
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This is a geometric running horse tattoo that can be chosen by both men and women who are fond of horses and are intrigued by the sundry meanings and symbols associated with those exquisite creatures. You can always try this geometric running horse tattoo if you are fascinated by geometrical shapes. This tattoo has been inked using black color and the rear portion of the horse’s body has been created using different geometric shapes. This is a unique tattoo design suitable for personalities that exhibit endurance, determination, and valor.

A geometric running horse tattoo serves as a representation of modern art. The use of angular shapes and sharp edges gives an artistic expression to the thoughts and ideas. A geometric horse tattoo can be designed using various geometric shapes and figures, so, tattoo lovers will have innumerable options to select the right tattoo.

Neotraditional Horse Tattoo for Women

Neotraditional Horse Tattoo for Women
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This is an exotic tattoo of a neotraditional horse designed exclusively for women. This can be a perfect choice for lady tattooers who are free-spirited and fearless. The calm and peaceful eyes of the horse tattoo symbolize a spiritual world that is serene and devoid of aggression. The use of a wide range of colors has made it appear lively and fascinating to the beholders.

The detailed design of the horse tattoo with flowers of vibrant colors renders it an aesthetic appearance. The big sparkling eye of the horse has been inked keeping in mind the feminine beauty that is admired by the world. You can always try this horse head tattoo of flowers if you are into horses and have adequate faith and determination.

Horse Shoe Tattoo on the Calf

Horse Shoe Tattoo on the Calf
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This is a classy horseshoe tattoo on the thigh. The use of vibrant colors has given it an aesthetic look. It is a vivid representation of modern art that encourages unique artistic renditions. The green leaves and the vibrant red flowers look sassy on the thighs.

Historical anecdotes reveal the interesting fact that horseshoes are symbols of good luck. In fact, it also represents the spell of protection against misfortune or the devil. Biblical references consider the horseshoe to be the symbol of strength and determination. Superstitious people can get this tattoo inked before beginning a new project or setting out on a new journey of life.

Black and Grey Horse Tattoo

Black and Grey Horse Tattoo
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This is a magnificent black and grey horse tattoo with a classic look. The tattoo has been created by the tattoo artist using only black ink. The fluffy manes of the horses have been inked with precision and utmost care. The same tattoo design could have been inked using a black horse and white horse. There are many symbolic representations associated with the three horses present in this particular horse tattoo. The most significant symbols associated with them are courage, freedom, and nobleness.

There are some profound meanings attached to back and white horse. A black horse is symbolic of purity, innocence, spiritual enlightenment, and the victory of the positive over the negative. The symbol of a white horse can be interpreted in multifarious ways in Buddhism and Hinduism. A dark or back horse represents the traits of a competitor who wins a competition or contest unpredictably or unexpectedly by defying all the speculations.

Horse tattoos are immensely popular among tattoo lovers all across the world. There are many bold and magnificent horse tattoo ideas exclusively for men whereas some horse tattoos with their graceful color, shape, and structure are suitable for women tattoo enthusiasts. Horses have remarkable significance in the folklore and mythologies across different cultures. Buddhism considers horses to be a sacrilegious symbol while in Christianity it symbolizes nobility and fearlessness. People who want to break free from the shackles of the same old drudgery and monotony of life can get running horse tattoos inked on their bodies to remind themselves of the willpower and the strength that they possess to achieve their goals. Here are some more horse tattoo ideas that can be enthralling for all tattoo lovers.

  • Chestnut horse tattoo
  • Colorful tribal horse tattoo design
  • Detailed and beautiful horse thigh tattoo
  • Dramatic stance horse tattoo with perfect detailing
  • Geometric horse tattoos in different color shades
  • Black and white Pegasus tattoo with thunder and clouds
  • Side profile horse tattoo in black and white

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