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101 Best Heart Locket Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Heart Locket Tattoos

Looking for ideas for your heart-shaped locket tattoo? Here are some of the best heart locket tattoo ideas in a varying number of styles for you!

Heart Locket Tattoo
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Regardless of the style and tattoo designs, a heart locket tattoo meaning is simple and universal–it symbolizes love for someone.

The idea behind heart locket tattoos comes from the paired locket and key necklaces that partners would wear to show off their love. This trend now continues with heart locket tattoos and paired key tattoos! As an expression of devotion to family and loved ones, people prefer to get tattoo designs based on antique family heirlooms or modeled after a vintage 1910-20 heart shaped locket.

Heart-shaped locket tattoos come in many artistic styles and color themes. Neoclassical and modern themes are particularly popular. Either with shades of black, white and gray or bold colors, the significance of these heart locket tattoos are evident across all cultures globally. Other symbols often combined with heart-shaped locket tattoo designs include rose heart locket tattoos, key tattoos, bejewelled pins, and generic heart shape tattoos.

For the best tattoo ideas in the theme of the heart locket and key tattoo, we have compiled this list for you! 

Locket Heart Tattoos With Roses

Locket Heart Tattoos With Roses
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Colorful heart locket tattoo designs with overtones of red are an ideal choice, as red is the colour of love and affection. For thousands of years, the red rose has been associated with romance, passion and desire. On special occasions, we often present our loved ones with beautiful red roses to express our affection.

The two roses here imply a romantic relationship between two individuals that is locked deep in their hearts. The gorgeous way in which the red color of the rose matches that of the heart locket leaves no doubt in the eye of the beholder about the meaning and significance of this tattoo.

Bejeweled Heart Locket Tattoos

Bejeweled Heart Locket Tattoos
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Here is a radiant heart locket tattoo filled with the color and charm of a traditional locket! The heart locket is lined with pearls and a charming golden border and topped with a lovely red ribbon. In contrast to the traditional outline of the tattoo, the interior is filled with red geometric shapes, giving it a modern, abstract look.

The finishing of the tattoo looks quite polished with the ribbon showing hints of reflection. In this tattoo, the traditional elements and the contemporary ones work together beautifully. This is a timeless heart locket tattoo that you can flaunt on your arm for the world to see!

Black Lined Heart Locket Tattoos

Black Lined Heart Locket Tattoos
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This simple black-lined heart locket tattoo has been combined with a key tattoo for maximum effect! Although the tattoo is devoid of solid color, it boasts an ornamental and decorative design rendered entirely in black lines, including the flowers. Its illustrative style and floral features of the tattoo suggest that it is inspired by neo-traditional designs.

Old-School Heart Locket Tattoos

Old-School Heart Locket Tattoos
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This mixture of Victorian design with modern art makes this a wonderful idea for heart locket tattoos! The golden and pink designs on the lock give it a royal appeal. The ribbons and flowers add a vivid, yet delicate charm to the whole design. A bold tattoo like this that covers the entire arm is suited for people with strong personalities.

Black And White Portrait Heart Locket Tattoos

Black And White Portrait Heart Locket Tattoos
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Often portrayed in older films, heart lockets were used to preserve pictures of a loved one, which makes this tattoo design a true classic.

This style uses dots instead of shading and block colour to bring out the subtle yet detailed design. In recent years, dotwork tattoos have gained popularity, although here it is incorporated only to emphasize certain elements within the tattoo.  

The black ink lends an old-world charm to the tattoo.  The clear image in the locket tattoo makes it a great keepsake of the memories and the bond you shared that you can carry with you at all times.

Blue Heart Locket Tattoos

Blue Heart Locket Tattoos
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The rustic charm of this heart locket tattoo is balanced with the bright, edgy color and design. Here we see a silver heart tattoo locket with an electric blue crystal in the center and a silver key, tied together with a long, lace ribbon.  

The ribbon sprawled across the leg and the swaying heart locket gives it an elegant, free-flowing look. On a large canvas like that, this tattoo is sure to draw attention. 

Clock and Heart Locket Tattoos

Clock and Heart Locket Tattoos
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This clock and heart locket tattoo design is a great way to remember your love for someone who has recently passed. The lovely blue shade of the clock fits well within the locket. As seen here, you can personalize the tattoo with significant dates or names of loved ones carved around the heart locket.

This colorful piece is a great way to pay homage to their memory and the final pins in your grieving process.

Modern Heart Locket Tattoos

Modern Heart Locket Tattoos
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Vibrant purple flowers with broad designs throughout the tattoo, makes this modern style of a heart locket tattoo stand out from the rest! The contrasting flowers with a heart-shaped lock and a key are an interesting combination.

The flowers depict the kindness and the delicate nature of the heart while the locket heart may represent secrets that may only be opened by the loved one who has the key. These tattoo designs are a great way to bring a more modern twist to this old token of affection!

Elaborate Heart Locket Tattoos

Elaborate Heart Locket Tattoos
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Adorned with flowers on each side, this classic elaborate heart locket tattoo is truly gorgeous. Stepping away from the predominant red, this tattoo conveys its meaning with bold hues of gold and green.  

The contrasting colors enable the design to pop out and give the tattoo its own personality. This is an amazing piece of inspiration for your very own heart locket tattoo and is a great rubric for how you can blend different ideas and artistic styles to create something cohesive.

Modern Classic Heart Locket Tattoos

Modern Classic Heart Locket Tattoos
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This mixture of old-school classic elaborate style with the cleaner and more precise modern style makes for a great design idea or your very own heart-shaped locket tattoo. The portrait and the accessories that pin the hair can be customized to suit you and your ideas! 

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What does a heart locket tattoo mean?

A heart locket tattoo is typically a representation of love, commitment, and loyalty. It can also be seen as an expression of sentimentality towards someone or something special in your life. The design usually features two hearts connected together by a lock, with an inscription inside of it that symbolizes the connection between them. This type of tattoo may be worn as a reminder of a special relationship or to honor the memory of someone close who has passed away. It can also be a reminder to be true to yourself and stay loyal to your beliefs. Ultimately, it is up to the wearer what meaning they want their heart locket tattoo to convey.

What are some popular designs for heart locket tattoos?

Heart locket tattoos come in a variety of different designs, including traditional, modern, and abstract. Popular designs include two hearts connected by a lock with an inscription inside; two hearts with wings or feathers surrounding them; and two hearts intertwined together in an infinity symbol. Some people choose to incorporate additional elements into the design such as flowers, stars, or an angel. Colors can also be used to create a more dramatic effect, with reds and pinks being popular choices for those looking for a romantic touch. Ultimately, the design of your heart locket tattoo is personal and there are many options available to fit any style.

How much does a heart locket tattoo cost?

The cost of a heart locket tattoo will vary depending on the size, intricacy of the design, and where you choose to get it done. Generally speaking, tattoos can range anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. The best way to determine an accurate price is to consult with a tattoo artist and discuss your desired design. They will be able to give you an estimate of the cost as well as any additional fees that may apply. It is also important to remember that tattoos are a form of permanent body art, so it is best to take your time and make sure you find an artist with experience in creating quality designs.

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