101 Best Green Rose Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Green Rose Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: October 28, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

From delicate Finelines Green Roses to bold realistic colours, we′ve it all. Discover some of the prettiest Green Rose Tattoos, for your next ink.

Green Rose Tattoo
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Rose Tattoos are never going out of style.

They have been popular since the 1930s. Sailors would get them tattooed to represent their lover, spouse, or mother back then. Roses began to signify love and femininity as a result of their affinity with women, and they swiftly became a popular style ever since.

Their beautiful design continues to thrive to date and we can assure you that it′ll continue to remain in trend for a very long time. With it, their designs, vivid colors, different styles and symbolic meaning continue to grow, making them powerful pieces of artwork to have.

Usually, a red rose is considered a traditional rose tattoo, however, there is a variety of colours that makes for beautiful rose tattoos. This variety of tattoos might include a pink rose design, or a typical red rose tattoo, maybe a yellow rose tattoo and even a black rose tattoo.

Among them, the most unique and unconventional colour would definitely be a green rose tattoo.

Green Rose Tattoos are not only uncommon but they also hold signify nature, passion and so much more. Such a vibrant beauty is sure to have immense symbolic value. Together we′ll explore the different green rose tattoo meaning and we′ll tell you why they′re such a hit in the tattoo community.

Green Rose Tattoo With A Fox

Green Rose Tattoo With A Fox
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In this glossy and vibrant piece, the artist etched two huge and stunning green roses. While a rose, in general, symbolizes feminity and beauty, a green rose represents fertility abundance and even healthy kids.

Green roses are a part of natural life and their richness is a symbol of spirit rejuvenation. Their beauty, of course, has its own aesthetic perks however, nothing compares to the symbol a Green Rose tattoo holds. A married person can get a Green Rose Tattoo tattooed to symbolize their good and healthy kids or fertility, while the male population can get a Green Rose tattoo as a symbol of their abundance, cheerfulness and joy.

The blend of a fox and rose sets a unisexual symbol for the tattoo, seeing as flowers are often considered female-centric designs. Such designs are ideal to slash such gender norms.

Green Rose Forearm Tattoo

Green Rose Forearm Tattoo
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Because of their beauty and symbolic value, rose tattoos have been popular for many years.

Red roses have been connected with romanticism, passion, and devotion for a long time.

Other colours of roses, on the other hand, might symbolize different things, as with much of colour symbolism. Yellow rose denotes happiness and good fortune, the pink rose represents elegance and thanks, and the blue rose represents mystique and uniqueness. Meanwhile, white roses symbolize purity and innocence, while black color rose tattoo represents death and grief.

Then we have the Green Rose. Other than fertility and beauty and abundance, a Green Rose is also a symbol of peace of mind, self-respect and well-being.

This stunning blend of a pocket watch and green rose tattoo is sure to snag your attention. We sure can′t look away. It is ideal for a forearm placement and men and women alike can get this beauty tattooed.

Beautiful Green Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Beautiful Green Rose Shoulder Tattoo
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Rose blooms are not as feminine as many people believe. Rose is a sign worn by men in power, such as sailors navigating harsh seas and soldiers battling in battles.

Though Green Roses aren′t rare, however, the colour is definitely unusual, making it a popular aesthetic choice among men. They are also representations of mature love and many men choose to get a green rose tattoo as a symbol of their love and joy.

This simple Green Rose Tattoo on the shoulder is perfect to get inked even as a first-timer. So if you are considering getting a tattoo and it is your first time, we′d suggest you pick this particular green rose tattoo.

Green Rose Tattoo With Geometric Eye Design

Green Rose Tattoo With Geometric Eye Design
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This stunning neo-traditional design features two beautiful green roses and a triangle in the midst. This unique incorporation of a triangle with an eye motif brings an enhanced, gothic and edgy look, ideal for men who prefer tattoos on the darker side.

Just like a blue rose tattoo or a black rose tattoo, a green rose holds its own sense of powerful aura that many people find intriguing. We are so used to blood-red roses and associating them with romance and feminity that we often forget about roses of other colours.

If you are someone looking to get a Green Rose tattoo but also want to further enhance its beauty then we′d definitely suggest you opt for this green rose tattoo.

Small Green Rose Tattoo

Small Green Rose Tattoo
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Small Tattoos or in this case small rose tattoos are quite possibly one of the cutest and sweetest looking designs available for tattoos. Few tattoo motifs improve with time, and small rose tattoos are one of them.

A rose gives a lot to the imagination, making it one of the most common floral requests at the tattoo studio. Whether you′re drawn to the rose′s romantic connotation or simply appreciate how it looks, there are a million ways to make it your own. Especially with a small, dainty design.

In this cute body art, the artist created two small, delicate-looking green roses. Together with the names, the whole motif makes for a sweet tattoo that anyone can get to commemorate a loved one or one′s children.

Green Rose Tattoo With An Eye Ball

Green Rose Tattoo With An Eye Ball
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This chest piece is definitely the funniest, quirkiest and bizarre green rose tattoo design of all.

It literally features a rather realistic-looking eyeball in the middle of a delicate green rose. The petals create a cushiony illusion and it looks as if the eyeball is bursting out of the rose. Plus, the eyeball has such a realistic look, one might picture it as popping out.

How zany is that?

Well, its unusual design is what makes it a sought-after design among men. Many men prefer tattoos that have an edge or a grotesque look to them. If you are one of them then we are sure this freaky design has caught your attention.

Neo-Traditional Green Rose Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Green Rose Tattoo
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This classic neo-traditional piece makes for a stunning yet simplest ink design. Rose tattoos are fashionable for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, they′re lovely flower that lends themselves beautifully to a variety of painting techniques, from watercolour to neo-traditional tattoos.

Second, the meaning behind each hue means a lot to certain individuals and is an important part of who they are.

So it is only obvious that neo-traditional ink (like this delicate piece) is popular among men. Neo-traditional ink is bold yet simple, vibrant enough to catch attention but not too loud.

Watercolour Green Rose Tattoo

Watercolour Green Rose Tattoo
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A watercolour tattoo is a brilliant, colourful marking composed of a variety of subtle colour variations and methods that provide a more progressive colour fade-out.

This effect is meant to resemble the features of a traditional watercolour painting, thus the style′s name.

So, of course, we have gathered a pretty design of a Green Rose done in watercolour style.

While they are special and beautiful, watercolour tattoos are said to fade quicker than regular tattoos. However, if you are willing to overlook that fact then a Green Rose done in watercolour is a great choice.

Simple Rose Tattoo In Green

Simple Rose Tattoo In Green
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A simple tattoo design never gets old. People who like the modern, minimalistic trend often tend to gravitate towards such simple, basic and uncomplicated designs.

So nothing compares to a good old rose tattoo for a good old minimalist design.

Here, the artist created a light green rose with a hint of a stem in the bottom. A light shade of yellow blended with the dark tone of the green colour makes for a cute yet elegant green rose.

Tiny Green Rose Hip Tattoo

Tiny Green Rose Hip Tattoo
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Lastly, this sweet and tiny little green rose tattoo is definitely a must-have. It is effortless, chic and looks super sensuous because of it′s inner-hip placement.

If you are a first-timer and want a tattoo that doesn′t hurt too much, has a deeper meaning and looks chic, then this is the tattoo you must get.

Though our small collection has come to an end, we′ve curated another short list of rose tattoo ideas that is sure to inspire you to get one of yours:

  1. Small Pink And Green Rose Tattoo
  2. Black Rose Tattoo
  3. Blue Rose Tattoo
  4. Rose Neck Tattoo
  5. Thorns And A Rose Tattoo
  6. Rose Tattoo With Crescent Moon

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