10 Best Ghibli Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Ghibli Tattoos

If you are a die hard fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli Movies like us, these Amazing Ghibli tattoo ideas will make you swoon.

Ghibli Tattoo
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Studio Ghibli movies, created by Animator Hayao Miyazaki are loved by everyone all over the world.

These amazing anime movies feature some of the best art that you have ever seen. Ghibli movies, especially the characters have made a place in our hearts for them.

Ghibli movies, as the fans know, are mostly based in Japan. Hayao Miyazaki’s stories that combine fantasy with reality and tell us a beautiful narrative. If you are a fan of the Ghibli movies and want to get one of your favourite characters or scenes inked on you, then look no further. We have the top 10 Studio Ghibli tattoos right here for you. Starting from Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro to Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Colourful Princess Mononoke Tattoo Idea For Ghibli Fans

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Princess Mononoke is a beloved anime movie amongst youngsters. This anime portrays a very brave warrior princess the fans love and adore. The picture shows a beautiful coloured piece of Princess Mononoke. If you are a fan of Princess Mononoke and want to get a tattoo of the character, this tattoo is perfect for you. But this tattoo is pretty large and will require a lot of finesse to execute. If you want to get a similar tattoo, we suggest you go to a tattoo artist who specializes in colour.

Beautiful Black And White Spirited Away Tattoos

Beautiful Black And White Spirited Away Tattoos
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Spirited Away is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most popular works and one of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved movies. If you are also a fan of the beautiful art style of this anime, we recommend this tattoo for you. This particular black and white ink tattoo has amazing details and captures most of the characters of the movie. If you have been planning to get a large Spirited Away tattoo, this is a perfect piece for you. Find a good artist that can bring the details of the characters to life and bind them together in a beautiful piece for you. You can also get coloured variants of similar Ghibli tattoos. You can also get a Haku tattoo that is more dynamic and beautiful.

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Tattoos For Ghibli Fans

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Tattoos For Ghibli Fans
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Even people who are not Studio Ghibli fans know about My Neighbor Totoro, that’s how popular the movie and its characters are. Totoro is a big and loving forest spirit and many people like getting tattoos of the character. This Ghibli tattoo is cute and small, perfect for you if this is your first tattoo. If you are a My Neighbor Totoro fan who wants to get a small forest spirit tattoo done, this is one of the best tattoo ideas for you. You can also go for a bigger piece, however, the small size is some of the charm of this adorable forest spirit tattoo.

Heartwarming Grave Of The Fireflies Tattoos

Heartwarming Grave Of The Fireflies Tattoos
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Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest and most beautiful Ghibli Movies. If you are a fan of this masterpiece and want to make it a part of your body, this tattoo is absolutely perfect for you. The clean lines and small pops of colour will bring the scene to life on your body and give you something to remind you of this amazing Ghibli movie.

Beautiful Howl Tattoos For Howl’s Moving Castle Fans

Beautiful Howl Tattoos For Howl's Moving Castle Fans
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Howl is one of the most beloved Studio Ghibli characters of all time. His striking face looks amazing in this tattoo. If you have been planning to get a Howl tattoo, this is a piece you might want to consider. You can also go for different scenes. This is also a smaller piece perfect for beginners. If you want a larger Howl tattoo, you can add other elements to your tattoo and make it colourful as well.

Adorable Kiki’s Delivery Service Tattoos

Adorable Kiki's Delivery Service Tattoos
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If Kiki’s Delivery Service is your favourite Studio Ghibli movie, then this adorable tattoo is just for you. The small splashes of colour in this mostly black and white tattoo give it dimension. The art style is also beautiful and best suited for your arm or your wrist.

Colourful Studio Ghibli Sleeve Tattoo Idea For Tattoo Fanatics

Colourful Studio Ghibli Sleeve Tattoo Idea For Tattoo Fanatics
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If you are a tattoo fanatic and always wanted a Studio Ghibli tattoo sleeve, we have got your back. This awesome sleeve tattoo combines characters from multiple Ghibli movies. It also has a great art style and brings together these elements perfectly. You can always add your own favourite Ghibli characters to the list. And since nature plays a big part in Ghibli movies, you can add elements of that too. The colours really bring the tattoo to life.

Cute Studio Ghibli Minimalist Tattoos

Cute Studio Ghibli Minimalist Tattoos
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If simple and minimalistic tattoos are more your thing, this is perfect for your next tattoo. This cool Ghibli tattoo features a tiny No Face from the movie Spirited Away. But you can also go for characters like Totoro, Soot Sprites, and Jiji since they have simple character designs. This simple Studio Ghibli tattoo is best suited for your fingers.

Romantic Howl And Sophie Tattoos For Fans

Romantic Howl And Sophie Tattoos For Fans
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When we talk about Romance in Studio Ghibli movies, Howl and Sophie immediately come to mind. If you are a fan of their perfect chemistry too, this Howl’s Moving Castle tattoo will suit you the best. It features both of them in one of the most famous scenes of the movie. The picture shown here features a black and white Ghibli tattoo but you can also get this in colour.

Adorable Ponyo On The Cliff Tattoo Ideas

Adorable Ponyo On The Cliff Tattoo Ideas
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Ponyo on the Cliff may not be one of the most famous Ghibli Movies, but it has a special place in the heart of the fans. The heartwarming, adorable story has been captured perfectly in this tattoo. This tattoo features one of the most well-known scenes of the Ghibli movie. If you are a big fan of Ponyo, we cannot recommend this small but incredibly detailed tattoo for you.

If you are a fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his amazing art, these tattoos will suit you perfectly. If you are a novice, small tattoos would be the best for you. And if you are experienced, you can also get big tattoos. Show your love for Miyazaki and his creations through amazing tattoos. Make sure to go to a professional artist in a safe environment. Happy inking!

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