101 Best Clown Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & fact checked: December 7, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Looking for a clown tattoo with some clownish costume as well as quirky makeup? This set of top clown tattoos will surely bring a smile to your face.

Clown Tattoo
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You may be afraid of clowns but then, clown tattoos may not always be scary!

A traditional clown tattoo generally displays a happy clown. But in modern times, you can go for many variations: a sad clown tattoo to show depression and the often scary clown tattoo, if you are a fan of It or clown pranks.

So yes, every clown tattoos are one of a kind whatsoever.

If you’re a DC fan, Joker may be one of the top villains for you. Joker has been a sensation in the world of comics and men and women of all age groups admire this anti-hero. But other than the oh-so-common Joker tattoo, there are many clown tattoo scenes that you can rock like the circus clown tattoo or the old jester tattoo.

In Chicano culture in Mexico, clowns have a completely different significance based on Chicano history. Although they wear a modern colourful fabric design, on the other hand, the costumes are old and shabby. The meaning behind this is that they may want to provide an idea about their dark side and fear deep in their subconscious minds. Thus, clown designs tattooed on both men and women will indeed put an impact on the world of tattoos.

Thus clown tattoo designs can be an inspiration among a person who comes across as fun and playful with a happy outlook towards life, but deep down may seem a little depressed.

Evil Clown Smile Tattoos

Evil Clown Smile Tattoos
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A menacing clown strengthens the scary clown stereotype. This Evil Clown Tattoo is surely a Halloween special. While the clown itself may seem scary, the tattoo artist adds to it with pointed teeth. These evil clown tattoos with a smile are not for the faint-hearted. This creepy clown can be made more graphic with the use of a wide range of colours.

A menacing clown tattoo may not be the best one to go for in front of children. But it can be a great tattoo if you are into gothic art and want to showcase little fear art among you gothic friends.

Clown Eyes Face Tattoo Design

Clown Eyes Face Tattoo Design
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What does clown eyes tattoo on the face mean? This clown tattoo design has a very intriguing idea and meanings beyond it. Clowns generally have a specific shape around their eyes, almost to add to the comic or disguise them. But if you erase all the makeup and just keep the disguise around the eyes, the sad image pops up. These clown eyes face tattoo designs are prominent and can be a choice you make to show your solidarity with mental healthy victims.

Scary Clown Tattoos

Scary Clown Tattoo
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A clown tattoo list remains incomplete without a scary clown tattoo. This tattoo has a very scary design It shows the dark side of every person and that makes this tattoo appear to be a little on the grotesque side. A clown is a perfect cover to hide your dark side, behind a smiling face. Plus, this tattoo has a hint of Joker too, so, if you are a DC fan, this can be a great clown tattoo to go for. Of course, you can call this tattoo just evil but such conventional descriptions, when it comes to tattoos would not help. Since this is a detailed tattoo, it’d be best if you can place it on your back or chest with a larger surface area.

One-Eyed Grey Clown Tattoos

One-Eyed Grey Clown Tattoos
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You may want a greyscale tattoo that can use symbols to bring out the expression of a clown. Well, a one-eyed grey clown tattoo can be a great fit for you. A clown has make-up on making them difficult to express their true emotions. We only perceive them as funny entertainers. But their eyes show that not everything is about laughing – they too feel human pain. Tattoos with a detailed eye bring out this feature of the clown tattoo. If you want to express a specific feeling then this tattoo can be a great way to either show joy, playfulness or deep sadness. Clown tattoos do not mean that you have to go for the stereotypical complete clown face. An expressive eye can be enough to do the trick for you.

Happy Clown Tattoo With Weird Design

Happy Clown Tattoo With Weird Design
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Do you love to mix with people who are optimistic and are always looking to pull you up and help you grow? Don’t worry. You can go for happy clown tattoos to make a statement. However, this clown tattoo may not be the best choice if you want a cartoon funny clown. This is more of a surreal jester tattoo – a clown who’s smiling and from whom emerges a crying child. If you feel like there is a part of you hidden inside – a child whom you have trapped with adulthood, then this is a great happy clown tattoo to go for. You may need larger surface area like the chest, back and thighs.

Sad Clown Tattoo Design

Sad Clown Tattoo Design
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Some clown tattoos just tug at your heart. These are tattoos that showcase the sad human side of clowns – used just for entertainment and never really seen as a person. This may have had a funny twist as the cartoonish look of the clown look amazing as a funny clown. But by changing it to a sad clown, this tattoo stands out as an emotional tattoo. It can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to go for a sad look with a bit of a comical touch to their tattoo.

Multicoloured Simpson Clown Tattoos

Multicoloured Simpson Clown Tattoos
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You may be afraid of Pennywise from IT, but Simpson made it quite a funny yet scary character. If you are a fan of Simpson, you can get this colourful Pennywise tattoo for yourself. The character may come out as a fun jester full of playfulness but Pennywise as playful clown does not sit well. So, you can make it a bit gruesome with the Pennywise teeth and add a little bit of cartoon gore style into the mix. When you can use your favourite characters to make a clown tattoo, then nothing can stop you. Simpson tattoo twists can be an inspiration that you can use to make more tattoos with your favourite character, like perhaps, Spiderman with a clown, resembling DC Joker.

Dual Personality Clowns Joker Tattoos

Dual Personality Clowns Joker Tattoos
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Split personality has been almost been a deus-ex machina in many thrillers. It brought the psychological disorder to the limelight. While it is not necessary to make fun of split personality, it is worth noting that many clowns tend to live dual lives, and clown tattoo designs can bring this dual personality into the open. If true, then this tattoo will definitely suit you best. The design of these clowns has very impactful meanings altogether. While one of the

These tattoos can be applied anywhere on your body. You can apply these from your chest, belly, triceps, biceps, thigh, legs, etc. These tattoos can be implemented both as dual personality tattoos as well as clowns tattoos.

One-Eyed Psycho Clown Tattoos

One-Eyed Psycho Clown Tattoos
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This tattoo has a very impactful message which it provides to all the people who prefer to ink this. If you are someone who prefers psycho clown tattoos then this can be the best option for you. This tattoo has a multicoloured outlook that will attract both men as well as women. If you tend to have frequent mood swings then this tattoo might relate to you a lot. If you rewind your ideas about the history of clowns and jester, you will find that they use to wear a hat on the court, and gave witty statements.

These designs can be embedded anywhere on your body starting with your upper arm, chest, arm, belly, etc.

So, what does actually clown tattoos signify? Clowns are someone who symbolizes the meanings of the human mind as a whole. They are cynical and melancholic in nature yet they use humour to amuse people and to keep a portrait of themselves that they are not broken. Even if it is a monochromatic tattoo or a coloured tattoo, you should choose the clown tattoo that suits your character and fulfils your desires and urges.

There are many other clown tattoos suggestions you can choose from as well. They are:

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