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101 Best Floral Sternum Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Floral Sternum Tattoos

Looking for sternum tattoo ideas? Discover the 10 Best Floral Sternum Tattoo Ideas that are trending in chest tattoos for women.

Floral Sternum Tattoo
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In the world of tattoos, floral sternum tattoos are one of a kind with their stunning design varieties.

These underboob or below chest tattoos are incredibly popular. Like any other celebrity, you can have them as under-breast tattoo art, and these sternum tattoos are best for highlighting your body shape.

Sternum tattoos can be a lovely way to show off a loud or subtle design. No doubt. But there must be certain factors considered before getting sternum tattoos. A sternum tattoo is not for anyone inexperienced. Such newbies that sternum tattoos hurt a little more than they have imagined. Therefore, before you get a floral tattoo on such a delicate body part as the sternum, it is important that you understand how to handle it. In this article, you will receive many answers to your questions, like what are the many categories of flower sternum tattoos or floral chest tattoos. In addition, you will receive some of our top 10 ‘Best Floral Sternum Tattoos’ that will blow your mind. Check out some of the most iconic flower sternum tattoos.

Anemone Flower Sternum Tattoos

Anemone Flower Sternum Tattoos
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In Greece, the meaning of anemone is windflower. The given sternum tattoo has an anemone flower in the centre with two giant leaves at the top and bottom and tiny leaves covering and forming the shape of a rhombus. Vertical leaves are highlighted with black strokes of the tattoo needle with a few beads on the corners. The tattoo starts from the sternum and reaches all the way to the stomach. The anemone flower centre has small circles like beads in concentric shapes. The natural colour of the skin and black hue is giving a final touch to this sternum tattoo. This tattoo is touching the rib cage area.

Anemone flower sternum tattoo is present in various beautiful colours. A few of them are red, blue, white, pink, and purple. Each colour adds a different meaning to the flower, giving the sternum tattoos a good fortune. In a way, the sternum tattoo floral is just an outline of renounced emotions, beauty, imperfections, undying hope, grace, and freedom from misery. The sternum is the best place on the body to wear an anemone tattoo. You can also use this as a design for rib tattoos for women!

Lotus Sternum Tattoos

Lotus Sternum Tattoos
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Different meanings are associated with lotus flowers. And lotus being engraved on your skin, that too on the sternum, adds another aspect to its interpretation. The given lotus sternum tattoo is tattooed monochromatically. Dark shades of black ink are used to show the outline of the flower petals and the depth of the leaves. Black dots are used to show the hanging gems connecting to the leaves of the flower tattoo. A lot of patterns work is done on the petals, and light strokes are used on the leaves for detailed work. You can wear a lotus sternum tattoo and create an illusion of having a piece of jewellery.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus flower tattoo is an indication of loyalty towards supreme power, mysticism, love, devotion, cleanliness, eternal life charm. In Chinese culture, it stands for grace, wedding, and euphoria. Egyptians and people from the western nations associate lotus tattoo with life and revival. Lotus can give rise to a beautiful design of sternum tattoo, as shown above. It can also be listed in a floral mandala tattoo sternum and count as a popular trend in a tribal sternum tattoo. You can also add a few ideas on leaf tattoo designs.

Rose Sternum Tattoos

Rose Sternum Tattoos
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Artists have appreciated everything about this tattoo, from its elegance and fragrance to the understanding of the thorns. This tattoo is presented as two roses pointing downward in a criss-cross manner in the middle of the sternum. It is a very attractive and simple design that you can find anywhere in the world. Without shading, the tattoo artist only used black colour to outline the floral design. If you want, you can ask the artist to create a bunch of roses with different shades to add beauty and meaning. A rose on your skin makes it more pretty and cool.

Earth lovers can go for it as the rose tattoo connects to many cultures with so many different designs. There are many fantasies regarding roses. This beautiful tattoo design of roses on the sternum is a great inspiration for any tattoo artist. The value of rose sternum tattoos differs with various colours. Affection, loyalty, unattainable luck, grief, and purity are represented by red, purple, blue, yellow, black, and white rose sternum tattoos, respectively. In the given link, the rose is represented as a small floral tattoo (sternum). For other designs of rose tattoos, check out blue-rose tattoos.

Sunflower Sternum Tattoos

Sunflower Sternum Tattoos
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With its root in North America, the Sunflower sternum tattoo has many metamorphic symbols. The sternum tattoo given above has a unique texture. Its centre is in the form of three concentric circles covered with sunflower petals. Dark strokes of black shade are only used on the outline of the petals and at the end of leaves. Leaves are shown in two different tattoo designs. One type is simple as a small tattoo, and the other is in the form of outstretched wings. This tattoo can be inked in different shades with a watercolour tattoo style. Sunflower sternum tattoo has a similar shape to that of the sun.

With a sign of warmth, devotion, and hope, sunflower sternum tattoos also bring definition to prosperity with an energy centre. In the same way, the yellow colour glow of its long petals represents joy. Sunflower sternum tattoos can be made using so many designs such as sunflower with stem sternum tattoo, sunflower vase sternum tattoo, sunflower bouquet sternum tattoo, single sunflower sternum tattoo, Van Gogh sunflower sternum tattoo, etc. Its varieties give inspiration to tattoo artists.

Hibiscus Sternum Tattoos

Hibiscus Sternum Tattoos
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The given sternum tattoo has two hibiscus flowers on each side under the breasts where the ribs meet. Both tattoo designs are inclined in a vertical position towards the important central bone. The stalk emitting from the centre of the flower is spreading in both directions. It is tattooed in a black line that is neither thick nor thin. The body of the stems is covered with tiny leaves here and there like wings. Due to its colour, the given tattoo can be grouped in black and grey floral sternum tattoo designs.

With the symbolism of beauty and elegance, the hibiscus sternum tattoo is present in many shades like pink, crimson, lilac, yellow, white, blue, and orange. Pink hibiscus sternum tattoo reveals the connection with friends, red shows love, purple adds mystery, yellow brings good omens, white symbolizes purity, and blue represents freedom. This hibiscus tattoo has petaled bloom effects in black stroke and is one of the better tattoo ideas for women!

Flower And Beetle Sternum Tattoos

Flower And Beetle Sternum Tattoos
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Among all the different types of flower tattoos, the beetle sternum tattoo is unique. An image of a beetle and a flower tattoo is engraved on the upper skeleton of vital organs, namely the sternum, with black-coloured ink. The beetle is tattooed on the centre-most part of the body, enveloped by almost 8 flowers. A flash-style tattoo is wrapped up in a cool way. Flower leaves, emerging from between the petals, are fully loaded with black ink, while the beetle and petals have soft shades.

It is an ideal floral pattern you might want to try out on your sternum. Flowers are toughest when they bloom. Therefore the flower tattoo around the beetle is flourishing, showing a new cycle of life. In traditional prayers for spiritual mediation, beetles have been involved ever since. To portray the change, the story and the heritage of the past, the artist has applied black strokes in a unique style to one of the best tattoo ideas for women!

Peony Sternum Tattoos

Peony Sternum Tattoos
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In the given illustration of a peony flower tattoo, the stem and flower are inked upside-down. The central-biggest peony is beautifully blooming, while the smaller peonies which are surrounding it have not bloomed yet. Black strokes are not used in large quantities. Dark raven-like shades outline the stalks and leaves, followed by the petals of the flower, completing the tattoo under the breasts. Japanese relate peony sternum tattoo designs to the bold and brave nature of the tattoo holder.

Due to people’s belief in peonies to display hospitality and heroism, they have become quite influential over time, especially among the Japanese folks. There are a variety of options for peony sternum tattoo ideas such as black & grey peony tattoo, illustrative peony tattoo, neo-traditional peony tattoo, single-needle peony tattoo, graphic peony tattoo, realistic peony tattoo, and many more for you to explore. You should only ink what you feel comfortable about.

Crescent And Flower Sternum Tattoos

Crescent And Flower Sternum Tattoos
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As shown in the illustration of the tattoo design, the flower tattoo is topped with a crescent moon tattoo. In this floral moon sternum tattoo, two stalks covered by leaves are spreading in two different directions at the sternum on the body. Outlines of the flower, stalk, and leaves are painted with black colour, while the inner parts are completed with dark strokes using the dot technique of tattooing. The presence of a crescent moon symbolizes that the tattoo holder is a lover of the night.

The combination of flowers and the moon indicates pure intentions and soft behaviour. As you can see, the moon is tattooed in half, but it also has an outline to make it complete. It indicates the shape-changing nature of the moon, which is similar to the mood swing of people. In this sense, it also resembles a moody nature due to the moon, along with a soft heart due to the presence of flowers.

Watercolor Flower Sternum Tattoos

Watercolor Flower Sternum Tattoos
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The above illustration of the tattoo design shows the flowers made with watercolours are grouped together following some leaves. Colours such as red, saffron, violet, and blue are applied to the petals, while traditional green is applied to the leaves. The two dot-like threads connect the leaves to the flowers on either side, forming the shape of a ‘W’. There are three pearls in the shape of teardrops hanging from the W, giving it the appearance of the jewellery, giving a finishing touch to the tattoo.

Unlike the traditional inked flower tattoos on the sternum, watercolour flower tattoo designs have gained popularity over the last decade. The meaning of flower tattoos differs according to designs and colours. Due to the lack of colour in the tattoos, flower sternum tattoos sometimes become limited in their meanings. To address these types of issues, watercolours sternum tattoos are important.

Mandala Flower Sternum Tattoos

Mandala Flower Sternum Tattoos
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On the north, east and west faces of this sternum tattoo on the body, there are three blooming flowers enclosed by smaller mandala patterns, while a huge pattern is painted on the south-side pointing towards the belly button. The loose dot-like threads are hanging down the sternum, connecting to the sides of the mandala patterns. Fine work is done on the mandala leaves with dark strokes of colour. Petals of the flowers are kept white with little to no black colour.

They can be categorized in tribal tattoo designs. Since the 4th century, mandala flowers have symbolized life cycles, stability, wisdom, decisions, and more. These tattoos are most prominent among Hindus and Buddhists. In particular, they are associated with worshipping the gods, reflecting on life, and balancing it.

Although we have covered almost all the trendy sternum floral tattoos, there might be some other types of tattoos that you would like. Here are some more ideas for sternum floral tattoos, along with the above-mentioned sternum floral tattoos.

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