100+ Awesome Sternum Tattoo Ideas You Need To See – June, 2022

by Jamie

If you are looking for the perfect place to do your tattoo, while also being able to hide it easily for those work and conventional family meetings, then this sternum tattoo might be the perfect choice for you! You can get super creative with these tattoos, while also being able to keep them private. Keep on reading to find out more and to see some of our top picks for sternum tattoo designs! 

What Do You Wear to a Sternum Tattoo?

You can wear a loose shirt and any bra you want to your sternum tattoo appointment. It would probably be best to wear something baggy, you can also consult with your tattoo artist. If you are worried about your breasts being exposed, the artist will probably give you some tape to cover everything needed.

Can You Wear a Bra After Getting a Sternum Tattoo?

It is not recommended to have the bra sticking to your new tattoo, so we would suggest that you wear something baggy after getting your sternum tattoo done. If you must wear a bra, maybe go with a loose sports bra. The healing process of sternum tattoos is the same as for most tattoos, so you should be looking at a 2-3 week process.

———— Our Top 11 Choices ————

Rose Sternum Tattoo


Express yourself with this stunning rose underboob tattoo! Rose tattoos symbolize promises, new beginnings, lust, and desire. You can do the tattoo in all-black ink or you can go all out with a super colorful design. Combining the mandala artwork can leave you with one of the prettiest tattoos that we are confident you are going to like!

Mandala Tattoo Between Boobs


Get a tattoo like this one and make sure all the compliments come your way when you show it off! The mandala symbols may be easily combined with other tattoos, so you can build this design over time. This tattoo doesn’t take up too much area on your body and you can do it above, in the middle or under your breasts. There is no doubt in our mind this tattoo will make your body into a real piece of art. 

Large Underboob Tattoo Design


Go all out and look your best with this large castle flower sternum tattoo! The tattoo is done in all-black ink and with a lot of details, so be prepared that you may have to sit a long time while waiting for the artist to get it done. You can also find some details that you like to add to this tattoo. Just be aware that it will take a large area on your body, but that means you can get it as a cover-up tattoo as well!

Snake Underboob Tattoo


Look super fierce with this simple small snake tattoo! Snakes may symbolize knowledge, growth, rebirth, healing, and many other things. Therefore, you know you are going to find a lot of meaning in these tattoos. This is a great tattoo choice for beginners because of its size. The sternum tattoo pain with this one is also quite low, so we are confident you are going to like it!

Elephant Sternum Tattoo Design


If you want to get a super stylish and meaningful tattoo, then this may be the perfect match for you. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, luck, loyalty, and strength. Its large design means you can use it to cover a large area of your body and the artists can make it look like a real beauty. You can also add color to it if you want a more prominent look. With a tattoo like this one, all compliments will be coming your way!

Full Chest Tattoo


The cool thing about sternum tattoos is that you can connect them with your shoulder and arm tattoos! So if you are a true tattoo junkie, this may be the tattoo you’ve been looking for. It spreads from your arms over your chest and then under your breasts making it the perfect tattoo if you want to show off your creativity. We would recommend this tattoo for those who already have some experience with tattoos or you can start off slowly and build it up over time. 

Simple Sternum Tattoo


Please your creative side with this cute compass anchor tattoo! The compass symbolizes the ability to find your way and to overcome hardships. Your tattoo artist can probably get this tattoo done within one session and it shouldn’t be too painful. The tattoo doesn’t take up too much area on your body and you can easily combine it with other cool tattoos for a beautiful finish!

Sword Tattoo Designs


You’re going to especially love the simplistic design of this tattoo if you love minimalism. The sword can be a symbol of courage, defense, and bravery. The symmetry of two swords under the breasts can be a real piece of art. These tattoos are quite popular because of their compatibility with other tattoo designs. So there is no need for you to worry about it not going well with another tattoo you might get in the future.

Moon, Sun and Star Tattoo Design


Express your spirituality and turn your skin into a really cool piece of art with this little moon, sun, and star tattoo. You can choose the size of these symbols, but you can easily align them with your bone structure. Their small size makes them the perfect tattoo for beginners and it also won’t hurt as much. Adding color will make it more prominent and unique! 

Colorful Sternum Underboob Tattoo


Add some color to your tattoos and make them more prominent with this colorful crystal tattoo! Crystals can be the symbol of positive energy and that one is content with themselves. Colored tattoos do fade faster, but they are also more unique and can reflect who you are as a person. What we like about this tattoo is that you can make it as big or as small as you want. There is no doubt in our mind that you’ll love it and that people who see it will be sending compliments your way all the time!

Detailed Blackmoon Sternum Tattoo


Go all out with this super large and colorful tattoo! Since the tattoo is quite big, you will feel the pain while getting tattooed, so be prepared for that. But you can use it as a cover-up of some old tattoo or you can just use it to express your inner creativity. It will take several sessions to get it done, but we know you will just be in love with how it’s going to turn out!

Having Said All of That,

Sternum tattoo designs are super cool and are a fantastic tattoo choice for those who value their privacy. If you want to find the perfect tattoo for you, we are confident it is on our list. You can go for a big tattoo if you have more experience or try going with a small one for the beginning. Whatever you choose, we know you will look amazing rocking your new tattoo!

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