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12+ Feminine Sternum Tattoo Women’s That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Sternum Tattoos

Looking to spice up your ink game with something unique and extraordinary, especially if you’re a woman? Well, hold on tight because I’ve got just the thing for you—feminine sternum tattoos! These stunning designs have the power to transform your entire look and leave a lasting impression.

Feminine Sternum Tattoo

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Stereotypically known for their intricate and delicate nature, sternum tattoos have become a sought-after choice among women who crave a touch of individuality. The placement small chest tattoo itself adds to the allure, as it gracefully accentuates the contours of the chest, exuding femininity and elegance in every line.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it—getting a sternum tattoo can be a bit of a pain, quite literally. The sternum area, being closer to the bones and with minimal fat, can make the tattooing process a tad more intense than, say, getting inked on your forearm. It’s not the first first tattoo of choice for many tattoo newbies, but hey, if you’re up for a bit of a challenge and can handle some discomfort, the rewards are well worth it!

When it comes to sternum tattoo designs, the options are truly limitless. You can delve into the mystical world with a captivating dragon chest tattoo or pay tribute to a loved one with a meaningful memorial chest tattoo. Fancy some inspiring words permanently etched on your chest? A script chest tattoo might just be the way to go. Alternatively, embrace the power of symbolism with a semicolon chest tattoo or wear your heart on your chest with a beautifully crafted heart tattoo. And let’s not forget the heart tattoos, the enchanting mandala tattoos or even a daring scorpion chest tattoo—trust me, the possibilities are mind-boggling.

Now, if you’re ready to take the plunge and get yourself a stunning sternum tattoo, I’ve got your back! I’ve handpicked a collection of the most mesmerizing chest tattoo ideas that are bound to ignite your creativity and leave you itching to hit up your favorite tattoo artist. Whether you’re drawn to intricate floral patterns, mesmerizing geometric shapes, or awe-inspiring animal motifs, there’s something here for everyone.

Picture this—delicate roses intertwined with vibrant peonies, forming an exquisite bouquet that blooms across your sternum. Or perhaps you’re more into celestial wonders, with a mesmerizing moon and stars adorning your chest, reminding you of the infinite possibilities that lie within you. Oh, and let’s not forget the alluring combination of intricate lacework and ethereal butterflies—talk about pure elegance!

Remember, my fellow other tattoo artists and enthusiasts, getting a sternum tattoo is a personal journey of self-expression. Take your time to explore different designs, consult with your trusted tattoo artist, and make sure the design resonates with your unique style and personality. After all, this ink will be a part of you for life.

So, ladies, are you ready to embrace the allure of sternum tattoos? Let your imagination run wild, dive into the world of feminine ink, and prepare to turn heads with your sexy tattoos and a mesmerizing design that speaks volumes about your individuality.

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

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Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—the sternum area. It’s no secret that this spot can be quite sensitive, which is why many women shy away from it for their first tattoos. But hey, let’s embrace the unconventional, shall we? Sternum tattoos are gaining immense popularity for their unique placement and the way they effortlessly elevate your aesthetic.

If you’re looking to start your sternum tattoo journey with a simple yet captivating design, minimalism is the way to go. Think delicate floral motifs, enchanting moon or sun tattoos, mesmerizing geometric patterns, or even charming animal tattoos. The beauty of minimalism lies in its ability to create a profound impact with subtle elegance.

Amazing Floral Sternum Tattoo Designs

Amazing Floral Sternum Tattoo Designs

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Let’s talk flowers, shall we? Floral sternum tattoos have taken the tattoo world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re after a feminine and exquisitely pretty design, a rose chest tattoo or a sternum tattoo featuring your favorite flower is an excellent choice. From daffodils to water lilies, chrysanthemums to sunflowers, and daisies to a bouquet of flowers, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a small, dainty sternum tattoo or go big and bold with an intricate arrangement of blooms.

Awesome Skin Art Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

Awesome Skin Art Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Women

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Now, here’s a little secret to make your floral sternum tattoo even more captivating—add a splash of color! A colorful sternum tattoo is an absolute showstopper. You can choose a vibrant, bold palette to make your flowers pop or opt for a more subtle and muted color scheme for an understated beauty. The choice is yours, my friends, and your professional tattooist or artist can work their magic to create a mesmerizing masterpiece.

But hey, if you’re craving something a bit different, let’s venture into the realm of skin art. A vine chest tattoo is perfect for those who seek a touch of sexiness and intrigue. With strategically placed leaves adorning your sternum, it creates a captivating jewelry-like effect. Feel free to incorporate swirling lines, dots, and straight lines to add an extra layer of complexity to small tattoo. And for the ultimate women’s feminine sternum tattoo, consider a dainty fineline style that exudes grace and elegance.

Sternum Tattoo Designs With Moth Motif

Sternum Tattoo Designs With Moth Motif

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Now, if you’re a fan of quirky and unusual designs that truly make a statement, a moth tattoo might just be your cup of tea. Moths have been gaining popularity among women who appreciate the unconventional. They gracefully fit on the sternum area, much like a butterfly chest tattoo. Picture the moth’s body nestled in the center, while its wings elegantly spread across the sides. Now, here’s an interesting tidbit—moths often carry connotations of misfortune and death, making them a significant symbol for those who embrace witchcraft or pagan practices.

Sternum Tattoos With Snake Motif For People Who Like Dark Tattoos

Sternum Tattoos With Snake Motif For People Who Like Dark Tattoos

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Are you ready to make a bold and eye-catching statement with your sternum tattoo? If you’re a fan of dark and edgy designs, then look no further than the mesmerizing snake motif. This unique body art will leave everyone in awe and draw all eyes to your sternum. Whether you prefer a small and subtle snake tattoo or a larger, more intricate design, the choice is yours. And for those who appreciate a dark aesthetic, consider exploring options like an animal skull chest tattoo or a captivating dragon skull tattoo. In the image above, you can see an incredible example of a snake tattoo created using the fineline technique, adding an extra level of artistry and allure.

Elaborate Sternum Tattoo Ideas

Elaborate Sternum Tattoo Ideas

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Now, let’s dive into the realm of elaborate sternum tattoos. While many opt for small and minimalist chest tattoos, there’s something truly captivating about an elaborate design that extends down to the stomach. Picture a tribal chest tattoo or a tribal sternum tattoo that commands attention with its intricate patterns and bold lines. Alternatively, a skull chest outline sternum tattoo can bring an air of mystery and intrigue. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even choose to depict a significant event or mythological story across your entire chest for a breathtaking effect. Keep in mind, though, that large and elaborate sternum tattoos require a skilled artist who can handle the demands of such intricate work. Precision and cleanliness are key in executing the design flawlessly.

Pretty Outline Tattoo Ideas For Your Sternum

Pretty Outline Tattoo Ideas For Your Sternum

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For those seeking an elegant and minimalist approach, outline tattoos are an excellent choice. Whether you opt for a small sternum tattoo or large chest tattoo, a well-executed outline design on your upper chest and rib cage can create a captivating and sexy aesthetic. Many people choose outline tattoos for their clean and precise appearance. You can enhance your sternum tattoo by incorporating a mandala design or adding outlines of flowers and hanging gems, adding an extra touch of beauty and sophistication.

Geometric Chest Tattoo Designs For Women’s Sternum

Geometric Chest Tattoo Designs For Women's Sternum

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Geometric shapes are another fantastic option for women’s sternum tattoos. Starting as a collarbone tattoo, these designs can extend down your chest, beautifully framing the sternum. The image above showcases a stunning geometric sternum tattoo with an abstract line pattern that immediately catches the eye. If you’re looking to complement your geometric sternum tattoo with additional elements, consider a feather chest tattoo, an arrow chest tattoo, or even a bird chest tattoo. The wearer in the image above has beautifully combined a rose tattoo with a geometric glass box pattern, creating a striking contrast. To add a touch of celestial charm, constellation tattoos complete the ensemble, resulting in an exquisite composition.

Beautiful Hand-poked Tattoo Designs

Beautiful Hand-poked Tattoo Designs

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Are you in search of a cute and unique chest tattoo that will truly make a statement? Look no further than the captivating world of hand-poked tattoos. Hand-poked tattoos have a distinct result on the skin that sets them apart from machine tattoos. Plus, the best part? They tend to be less painful than tattoos done with a machine. However, keep in mind that hand-poked tattoos take longer to complete compared to machine tattoos. If you’re after an adorable sternum tattoo, consider designs like a butterfly chest tattoo or an angel wings chest tattoo, beautifully executed in the hand-poked style.

Wonderful Sternum Tattoo Design With Sun And Moon Motif

Wonderful Sternum Tattoo Design With Sun And Moon Motif

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Now, let’s talk about one of the most mesmerizing design ideas for your sternum tattoo—the sun and moon tattoo motif. We all know just how incredible sun and moon tattoos can be. These celestial symbols hold deep personal significance for many individuals. The sun represents new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil, and the dawning of a new day filled with adventure. On the other hand, the moon embodies beauty, warmth, regeneration, and even a hint of solitude. It’s no wonder that the crescent moon sternum tattoo has become particularly popular among women. So, if you’re yearning for a wonderful sternum tattoo, consider incorporating the enchanting power of the sun or the moon into your chest tattoo design.

Wonderful Sternum Tattoo Design With Sun And Moon Motif ideas

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If the idea of a sternum tattoo has captured your heart, my friends, I encourage you to select a design that speaks to your soul and reach out to your trusted tattoo artist to book an appointment. Remember, your sternum tattoo is an expression of your unique identity, and it deserves careful consideration and expert execution.

So, embrace the allure of hand-poked tattoos and the deep meaning magical symbolism of the sun and moon, and let your sternum tattoo become a breathtaking work of art that reflects your inner beauty and personal journey.


Well, my friends, we’ve reached the end of our sternum tattoo journey. It’s been an incredible ride exploring the world of inked beauty and self-expression. Sternum tattoos, with their intricate, delicate designs, and captivating allure, truly have the power to make a lasting impression. Yes, they might involve a bit of discomfort, but remember, beauty sometimes requires a little sacrifice. And let me tell you, the end result is absolutely worth it. So, gather your courage, find an amazing tattoo artist, and let your sternum become a canvas for a work of art that speaks volumes about your individuality and strength. The cost? Well, it varies depending on the design and the artist you choose, but trust me, investing in a sternum tattoo is a decision you won’t regret. I’ve seen countless individuals walk out of the studio with a newfound confidence and a smile that lights up the room. So, my friends, embrace the journey, trust your instincts, and let your sternum tattoo be the symbol of your unique story. Stay inked and keep spreading the artful vibes!

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What does a Sternum Tattoo Mean for Women?

A sternum tattoo is a popular type of body art for women. It typically consists of a line or cluster of lines that are done vertically down the center of the chest, with additional lines radiating outwards from it. The meaning behind this type of tattoo varies depending on its wearer but is generally viewed as an expression of strength and power. For some, it can be a symbol of protection and security. For others, it might represent something deeper such as the connection between mother and child or their own personal journey. Whatever the meaning behind your sternum tattoo, it is sure to make a bold statement!

What’s the Difference between a Sternum and a Chest Tattoo?

The main difference between a sternum and a chest tattoo is the placement. A sternum tattoo is placed directly in the center of the chest, while a chest tattoo can be located anywhere on the chest area. This means that you may have more flexibility when it comes to design options for your chest tattoo, as you’re not restricted to one particular area. Sternum tattoos are more commonly seen as linear designs, while chest tattoos can take on any form and can be quite intricate. Both types of tattoos will look great no matter the design, and you’re sure to make a statement with either one!

What’s the Most Painful Place to get a Sternum Tattoo?

The most painful place to get a sternum tattoo would be directly over the bone itself. As this area is particularly bony, the needle will more easily penetrate the skin and cause more discomfort than elsewhere on the body. It’s best to avoid getting a sternum tattoo if you are sensitive to pain or have any underlying medical conditions that may be a risk factor. That said, most people find that the pain is manageable and worth it in the end. The best way to reduce pain when getting a sternum tattoo is to take deep breaths and relax throughout the process.

How Much Does a Sternum Tattoo Cost?

The cost of a sternum tattoo will vary depending on the size, design, and complexity. Generally speaking, smaller designs can range from $50 to $200 while larger more detailed pieces may cost up to several hundred dollars or more. It is important to discuss your budget with your artist before getting started so that you can ensure you are comfortable with the cost. It is also important to do your research and find an experienced artist who will be able to give you a quality piece that you can be proud of for years to come.

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