10 Best Couples Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Couples Tattoo Ideas

Couples tattoo knits a strong bond of love, loyalty, and care. If you looking for a matching couple tattoos, you have arrived at your destination.

Couples Tattoo Ideas
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Couple tattoos symbolise strong affection, expression of love, and commitment towards each other.

Matching couple tattoos for couples are unique in their own way. It resembles a dramatic yet romantic relationship between the couples. From celebrities to influencers to your next-door couple, couples tattoo are an ideal way to seal the warmth of love.

Couples tattoo generally require some extensive research work since it involves themes, ideologies of both the parties, moral values, and physical dimension of the tattoo. Oh yes! both the tattoos should be perfectly aligned. It is normal to be in a dilemma, but not for long. Here we will discuss everything about couples tattoo ideas, matching couple tattoos for couples, and their variants.

Meaningful couple tattoos for couples are pretty symbolic and hold a special place in each other’s hearts. Inking together matching tattoos is not just about showing fondness. It traps the moral values, acceptance, and understanding of each other. Every couples tattoo ideas project the thought process of the couple. Given below is a list of a few meaningful couple tattoos for couples.

Matching couple tattoo ideas like starry couples tattoo is perfect for couples tattoo who envisages each other as the guiding light of their life. 11:11 couple tattoos are significant since it provides magic, luck, and wish-fulfilment of having the right life partner for you. A lock and key tattoo are the perfect matching tattoo idea to seal the love that has ignited within each other’s hearts.

Matching couple tattoos connect both physically and mentally. Apart from looking cool, it creates a healthy relationship among the couples. Tattoo design and couple tattoo ideas vary from person to person. Some might favour modern tattoos such as skull couple tattoos, and anchor couple tattoos; others may prefer theme-related tattoo ideas such as Star Wars couple tattoos, Disney couple tattoos, Harry potter, or theme parks. Going for royalty can also be a great idea like king and queen; while a bundle of couples remains loyal to cute couple tattoos. There are infinite variations when it comes to choosing couples tattoo.

If you are still confused, then worry not. Here are the top 10 best couple tattoo ideas that will completely blow your mind

Sexy Couple Tattoos For Couples

Sexy Couple Tattoos For Couples
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One of the sexy couple tattoo designs you will see on the internet. It is a matching couples tattoos for couples. We see perfectly crafted identical palm or coconut trees with the sun setting down on the seashore. The wife’s tattoo have been carved on the side of the rib cage, whereas, his one is slightly down below the rib cage. The theme of couple’s tattoo is that of a beach. If you want to go for thematic couples tattoo ideas, this tattoo image will surely help you.

This type of tattoo can be also inked below the front or back neck. A quote tattoo or numerics can be incorporated along with such designs. If you carefully look into the picture, there are roman numbers inscribed just below the design.

Tom And Jerry Couples Tattoo Ideas

Tom And Jerry Couples Tattoo Ideas
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Who doesn’t know this popular pair? Apart from making us laugh, do you know Tom and Jerry have a special bonding? You will notice that both of them are inseparable. Their bonding tells us about friendship, loyalty, affection, care, and trust. Although they may be setting up nasty pranks for each other, the fact remains they are always for each other. If you and your partner share the same vibe, this funny couple tattoos idea is perfect for you.

In this image, Jerry gives his heart to Tom. Both are hand tattoos. If you do not want to engage in full-body art tattoos, this is a perfect choice. Such a design can be drawn on the shoulders, legs, thighs, and belly. These love tattoos are perfect for couples who share a sweet and sour relationship.

Wedding Couples Tattoo Ideas

Wedding Couples Tattoo Ideas
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Wedding holds a special place in a couple’s life as it is a promise to forever love and cherish each other. This tattoo idea is perfect for newly married couples who took their vows to be with each other forever. This is a unique couple design where the photograph of your wedding is being drawn over your skin.

These matching tattoos are ideal for the arm or lower side of your rib cage. It is a perfect example of a couples tattoo.

King and Queen Tattoo Ideas

King and Queen Tattoo Ideas
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Matching king and queen tattoos are one of the most desirable tattoos of all time. Here, the king and queen tattoos are represented in the form of crown tattoos. The tattoo ideas here are embedded with loyalty and love. The matching crown tattoos have roman inscriptions. If you want to seal any date, you can add any numerical along with it.

Now, this couples tattoos can be presented as tiny tattoos on ring fingers. Many couples tattoo the crown tattoos as wedding rings along with their wedding dates. If quote tattoos are your thing, you can ask your tattoo artist to engrave your favourite quote just below the crown design.

Couple Armband Tattoos For Couples

Couple Armband Tattoos For Couples
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It is among the most cool couple tattoos you will come across. Armbands are classy tattoos. Here in these tattoo designs, this armband reflects a date and the name of the couple. Now, the dates can be according to your wishes- it can be the date of your first date, registry, marriage, proposal, or any date which is solely special to you. This type of matching couple tattoo is a cult favourite among many couples.

This has been engraved just below the elbow. Instead of giving names, you can incorporate quote tattoos or initial tattoos beneath the line. Now, since it is an armband, the appropriate place has to be on the arm.

Moon Couple Tattoo Ideas

Moon Couple Tattoo Ideas
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Crescent tattoo ideas are one of a kind. Minimalist tattoos like these crescent moon couples tattoo ideas are incredibly meaningful. Its minimalistic presence symbolises growth, creativity, manifestation, and fertility. Two crescent tattoos mean everlasting love. Many couples in long distance relationship engrave such tattoo ideas. Recently married couples are also seen with such tattoo inks in order to welcome the beginning of a new chapter or a new life.

These beautiful mesmerising matching tattoos are inked on the wrist. They are dainty and charming. It is a small tattoo and it can be done as a ring finger tattoos, finger tattoos, thigh tattoo, arm tattoo, and shoulder tattoo.

Wings Couple Tattoos Ideas

Wings Couple Tattoos Ideas
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These matching couple tattoos are ideal for married couple tattoos. The wings are often compared to Cupid’s wings. Cupid is a Roman god and is the epitome of erotic love and desire. Thus, the wings tattoo is a symbol of eternal love. Getting a winged tattoo means celebrating love with your partner. The tattoos are inked in such a manner that if the two hands are placed next to each other, they form a pair.

As seen in the picture, these tattoos are placed on the arm. However, it can be used as body art. Tattoo artists often ink such designs at the back or below the rib cage.

Yin Yang Couple Tattoo Ideas

Yin Yang Couple Tattoo Ideas
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Yin yang tattoos are unique couple tattoos. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are considered two bi-polar sections of the universe. Originally, two parts reflect light and darkness, sun and moon, and male and female. It denotes that both co-exist in each other’s lives.

The matching tattoos in the image beautifully project the existence of love between the couples. It also shows their willingness to face both the good and bad situations and balance everything in life together. It is a perfect example of marriage tattoos and if you are looking for a cute tattoo as well. Such tattoos can also be placed on the wedding ring finger or behind the ears as well.

Butterfly Couples Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly Couples Tattoo Ideas
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Butterfly resembles purity, honesty, happiness, and vibrance. A couple who has inked down butterfly tattoos is in search of little joys in life and has a strong belief. It also represents helping each other through tough times. You can add key tattoos or quote tattoos along with your butterfly to create a beautiful matching tattoo.

In this picture, a traditional butterfly is inked. You can go for colourful butterflies such as blue or red butterflies. It can be inked as a finger tattoos or you can design it on the shoulders, neck, wrist, and calf muscle. These cute tattoos complete each other resonating the thought that only one person sporting one half of the tattoo is incomplete without the other sporting the other half.

Zodiac Couple Tattoo Ideas

Zodiac Couple Tattoo Ideas
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These matching tattoos portray the dancing figures of the sun and the moon in dark ink. The tattoos are themselves a portrayal of the nakedness that the couples embraced. While the solar tattoo has been inked on the side of the arm and hers tattoos are inked on the side of her waist. The solar and lunar figures are significant in the world of the cosmos. Both complement each other. These matching tattoos also indicate that one is incomplete without the other. They are often considered a divine pair of the solar system.

Couple tattoo is one of the most fascinating tattoo ideas of all time. It is a symbol of pure trust and love which a couple worships. If some of the tattoo ideas match your values, both of you should be pumped up to visit a tattoo studio soon. Couples tattoo ideas have been a favourite among newlyweds, a couple entering into a new relationship or those couples who want to give a new meaning to their relationship.

Couples tattoo are very personal and should be done after adequate thinking and analysis. Know what ideologies both your partner and you want to believe in. Looking cool in a couples tattoo is a different ball game. You should be able to absorb the significance and meaning of the tattoo that will be inscribed on each other’s skin. Here are some more cute couple tattoos for you to choose from:

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