The Best Colours For Men to Wear

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

When it comes to style, there’s nothing that is as equally simple and universally intimidating as colour. Why? Because it’s the deciding make-or-break factor to the overall success of any look, giving every unique outfit its characteristic personality. Simply put, the proper use of colour is arguably the ultimate styling tool at your disposal. It has the power to either properly elevate a look, to act as a frame of for simpler tones (black/white) or to completely ruin an outfit all on its own.

With the modern sea of (endless) options at our creative disposal it is easy to see why colour can be intimidating in practical application to some. It’s with those men in mind that this brief colour guide was created: to sort out that daunting “what colour should I wear” dilemma.

Trending Colours: Earth Hues

The colours of the 1970’s are currently experiencing a resurgent rebirth which has led to the rich and bold palette of Mother Nature coming back to the forefront of mass popularity. Leading the charge are the ever-present hues of camel (brown) and military green. These two personify the trend of dressing to the tune of what you see in the great outdoors: greens, blues and subtle browns.

Outfit grid men earth tones

Military  Green

It’s really all about the greens right now, with military green being the most sought after of them all at the moment. Work it into your rotation like so many others have by wearing a classic bomber jacket adorned with its transitional versatility. Alternatively, a double-breasted trench or a cable knit turtleneck sweater would also properly fit the bill, adding a bit of formal sophistication to your look.

Whatever the case may be, greens tonal neutrality is its biggest draw: its complimentary to literally anything it is paired with. And that is why it instantly elevates any look  — even if it’s just a subtle injection.

Military green colour men should wear


Camel’s popularity ebbs-and-flows from decade-to-decade, but in reality it is a colour that is utterly timeless in practical nature. Most commonly found decorating formal wear and overcoats, it’s a sophisticatingly rich and refined hue of brown to say the least. Just one piece of advice though, it’s most flattering effects play best when utilized above the waist — think lush turtlenecks, suede bombers, or even, if you plan to adopt the colour across your entire look, a 2-piece wool suit.

Nevertheless, and to get the highest return from your investment, you can’t go wrong in opting for a camel jacket (overcoat) over anything else — it’s the perfect piece to introduce you to the colour, starting off what could become a colourfully enduringly love affair.

Camel what colour for men

The Classics

The so-called safety net range of colours that are flattering to all shapes, sizes and skin tones. Navy, grey, and black have collectively withstood the decaying trials of time for centuries, surviving and thriving no matter what historical era they found themselves occupying.

To that tune, their much vaunted laurels are arguably breed into our very (stylish) being from the day we are born. From the timeless navy blazer, to the classic charcoal grey suit, too the rakishly charming black leather jacket, these three colours are unparalleled in their enduring draw and timeless versatility.

black navy grey suits

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