10 Best Let It Go Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Let It Go Tattoos

Let go of the past. Let go of all the baggage. Let go of your worries and fears. Allow yourself to move on with these unique and stunning ‘Let it go’ tattoos.

Let It Go Tattoo
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If Elsa’s strong character from the movie Frozen has inspired you, and you want to let go of your long-held emotional burdens, why not get a tattoo featuring the song ‘Let it go’?

Why hold on to all those emotions for such a long time? Release them all, channelise them into a ‘Let it go’ body art.

“Let it go” tattoos are popular among ‘Frozen’ fans. Be it a temporary tattoo or a permanent one, ‘Frozen’-themed “Let it go” tattoos are gaining more popularity than simple “let it go” tattoos. The words of Elsa from the movie ‘Frozen’ resonate with everyone and give hope to dreamers and followers of their hearts to just let it go and pave their own path. Temporary tattoos are fun, spontaneous, and can be worn anywhere on the body. These tattoos are the perfect way to decorate your body for a special occasion. Decal-type temporary body arts are the most popular type of non-toxic temporary tattoo. Some of these decal tattoos use eco-friendly materials and abide by safety standards. They are waterproof, safe for all ages, easy to apply, and can be easily removed with baby oil, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of traditional body art. A “Let it Go” temporary tattoo can be an amazing accessory to your Frozen-themed birthday party or event. While a temporary tattoo spares you from the physical pain of scratching, burning, or other forms of skin damage, it must follow the set FDA rules and regulations. These “Let it go” tattoos are a massive hit among Frozen fans. People who do not want to get permanent body art can opt for this type of self-adhesive temporary tattoo.

Let It Go Elsa From ‘Frozen’ Tattoo

Let It Go Elsa From 'Frozen' Tattoo
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This is the ultimate girl power tattoo. Leave behind all your weakness and fears and every other emotion that only hold you back instead of letting you grow. Check out this “Let it go” ‘Frozen’-themed tattoo that features Elsa flexing her strength among snow crystals. Children love her magic power while adults admire her strength to overcome adversity. The colour palette for this design is obviously going to be ice blue and white. “Let it go” is not just a phrase, it’s an emotion for ‘Frozen’ fans. And Elsa is their inspiration. Thus, this tattoo fits perfectly when it comes to Let it go tattoos.

Let It Go Italics Tattoo

Let It Go Italics Tattoo
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Thinking about getting yourself a new year’s present? No need to search for an idea here and there. How about a tattoo? And what could be more relevant than a “Let it go” italicised tattoo? Keep it simple but subtly pertinent. You wouldn’t want to step into the new year with all your bitter-past experiences, right? It’s time to let them all go. It’s time for you to embrace a change, welcome something new. With this tattoo, you’ll get the required motivation to move on in life.

‘Frozen’-Themed Let It Go Wrist Tattoo With Snowflakes

'Frozen'-Themed Let It Go Wrist Tattoo With Snowflakes
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“Let it go”, the theme song from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has become a sensation among children and adults alike. This “Let it go” snowflake tattoo is an excellent addition to any ‘Frozen’ collection. Wear this on your wrist and you’ll be singing a powerful tune too. The brief swirl of snowflakes is adding to its icy-cold charm.

Let It Go Disney’ Frozen’-Themed Tattoo With Faded Snowflake

Let It Go Disney' Frozen'-Themed Tattoo With Faded Snowflake
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Let your skin sing out the powerful tune with the “Let it go” snowflake tattoo. This ‘Frozen’-themed tattoo can have different placements, and because of its unique appeal, it can fit into any part of your body. The light-toned snowflake is almost transparent when light hits the tattoo, but the words Let it go still catch your attention.

Blackline Let It Go Forearm Tattoo

Blackline Let It Go Forearm Tattoo
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Untie your hair, and let the wind blow through your hair. Untying your hair can be symbolic of loosening the knots of all the things that you have been harbouring for so long – things that are unhealthy and hostile for your personal growth. Blow away all the things that have been weighing on your heart with this beautiful ‘Let It Go’ blackline tatt. There is no exaggeration of the ink, or the design itself. Just the simple black ink with simple curves of lines demonstrating freedom from things that hold you back.

‘Frozen’-Themed Let It Go Snowflake Tattoo

'Frozen'-Themed Let It Go Snowflake Tattoo
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This ‘Let it go’ snowflake tattoo features a unique design and is the perfect addition to any collection of ‘Frozen’ memorabilia. Show your love for ‘Frozen’ with this snowflake body art inspired by the song “Let it Go”. Show that you let go of everything that’s holding you back and embrace all that life has to offer, just like Elsa. The snowflake is meticulously inked with the right mixture of colours and shading so that it pops up against the skin perfectly, giving it a realistic effect.

Colourful Let It Go Floral Mandala Tattoo

Colourful Let It Go Floral Mandala Tattoo
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This ornate and colourful ‘Let it go’ mandala tattoo has incorporated floral designs, and it’s telling you to let go of the negative emotions and allow all the colours to paint your life vivid, joyous and beautiful. The mandala pattern signifies healing of the soul, while the phrase ‘Let it go’ symbolises healing from your past wounds, having them buried in the past and allowing yourself to fully bloom like flowers.

Let It Go Line Tattoo With Snowflake

Let It Go Line Tattoo With Snowflake
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It’s time to let go of the things that hold you back from reaching your goals and living your dreams. This ‘Let it go’ line tat is simple and the snowflake is demonstrated through simple black lines. The blue-icy dot in the centre is acting as a statement to this monochrome tattoo.

Let It Go Blackline Wrist Tattoo

Let It Go Blackline Wrist Tattoo
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The snowflake is one of nature’s most light-reflecting shapes and makes for fun body art even for those who aren’t familiar with the movie. Let all that negative stuff go out of your life! Get this symbolic tattoo that will remind you to let go of things that hold you back from being the fully alive person that you’re meant to be.

Let It Go Foot Tattoo

Let It Go Foot Tattoo
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You don’t need to be a fan of the Disney movie Frozen to rock this ‘Let it go’ snowflake tattoo. Spruce up your arms and legs by turning them into walking reminders of this popular tune. The glittery swirl of snowflakes makes for a unique musical vibe.

‘Let it go’ is a symbol of freedom and letting go of negativity. These ice crystals symbolise evolution, flexibility, and change; all of these things lead to balance and harmony. These tattoos come in various styles. Be it a temporary body art or a permanent one – you can have more than one of these ‘Let it go’ tattoos for quantity add. Check out these other designs as well:

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  • Let it be tattoo
  • Friends and snowflake tattoo
  • Letting go tattoo
  • Just let it go tattoo
  • Let go let god tattoo

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