101 Best Camera Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Camera Tattoos

Reviewed & fact checked: December 8, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

If you are a camera enthusiast looking for the best camera tattoos, then your search ends here; check out these awesome tattoo designs below.

Camera Tattoo
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A photo has the power to speak a million words, and a camera has the ability to capture those million words.

The history of cameras and photography dates back to the 1700s. Since the invention of cameras, everything around us has changed forever.

Photographers and photography enthusiasts are increasing every day. As different companies are developing better and more efficient cameras, it is quite prominent how the love for this art is going off the charts.

However, no matter how much society is changing, the art of photography is still a challenging skill to master. Those possessing the skill often seems to be a little bit more unique than the rest of society. Thus it is pretty standard if someone wants to embed a camera tattoo in their body.

If photography is your hobby you might also wonder how much would a small camera tattoo on the wrist cost or what is the best camera for tattoo pictures, so we have compiled a list of the best camera tattoo designs, be it a small camera tattoo or a digital camera tattoo.

Creative Camera Tattoo Design For The Hidden Artist In You

Creative Camera Tattoo Design For The Hidden Artist In You
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The colourful splash of design of what looks like somewhat of a Yin and Yang symbol turns this tattoo design more powerful, and so despite being a simple camera tattoo would stand out among other tattoo designs.

This particular digital camera tattoo design is creative as well as has a unique appearance. The colourful background increases the passion in your nature and could give you a realistic appearance.

Small Camera Tattoo On Wrist

Small Camera Tattoo On Wrist
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If you are overwhelmed by all the great and eccentric designs, this small camera tattoo for your wrist is perfect for you.

A black and white design might give an artist many unique ideas, but this one is kept very minimalistic. This could be the official symbol for your soul and add depth to how the world perceives your image to match your love for photography and your passion for cameras and tattoos.

Vintage Camera Tattoo

Vintage Camera Tattoo
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People have always been fond of cameras. This love dates back to when cameras used to be a lot more complex than today; still, the passion never died.

If you are one of those who love cameras used back then, you’ve got to check out this design. It would be the best camera tattoo for people like you. This camera tattoo will bring back a lot of memories. The ‘Ikoflex’ design was invented around World War II, so it already carries history.

This camera tattoo could also be a great icebreaker in parties or gatherings, where you can flaunt your love for photography.

Beautiful Camera Tattoo That Will Win Your Heart

Beautiful Camera Tattoo That Will Win Your Heart
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Amazing ideas never cease to exist when it comes to cameras, but the search for the best tattoo designs end here. You’ll fall in love with the minute details painted here.

This camera tattoo, ideally designed for an arm, depicts a portrait image of a camera. From its lens, flowers and leaves are branching out until blocked by a picture of a mountain towards the end of your wrist, reflecting the idea of how cameras possess the power to capture everything nature has to offer.

Polaroid Camera Tattoo

Polaroid Camera Tattoo
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Remember the first time you were introduced to those instant polaroid cameras? Capturing those beautiful memories and those perfectly timed great candids.

That was probably the first time you really fell in love with photography. Well, this beautiful tattoo brings back all those great moments. Depicting the idea of natural beauty through a picture of a butterfly printing out, it soothes the eyes of whoever might pay heed to this tattoo.

Having this inked in your arm will bring back your favourite old days and make you feel what really the idea of history is all about.

Camera Tattoos For Film Makers

Camera Tattoos For Film Makers
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While discussing camera and photography, one must also pay attention to the film as it is a major part of photography.

The sweet transformation from analogue cameras to digital cameras have not stopped ‘A Film’ from being the most iconic symbol used for filmography. While ideas around cameras get more efficient and more user friendly, the feel of using a film camera is never going to get old, and that is what this tattoo design is all about.

It is kept simple, with the careful use of ink and imagination, with a digital camera in its focus and a strip of film rolling out of it, representing the transformation from old age to a new one.

Floral Camera Tattoo designs

Floral Camera Tattoo designs
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Simple sunflower Tattoo with other flowers and a modern DSLR as a centre of focus is a great tattoo. Sunflowers in general area popular theme among photographers.

If you want to show off your nurturing nature and your love for tattoos, this would be a great option for you.

Abstract Camera Tattoo For Your Arm

Abstract Camera Tattoo For Your Arm
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This Camera Tattoo would fall under the abstract ideas and also a little bit towards the gothic culture.

A weird but amazing mixture of different elements like a skull and a woman’s eyes with the camera as its central idea is something a photographer would search for in their tattoos. It is a great way to show your abstract way of thinking and will make you stand out among a crowd.

Detailed Camera Tattoo

Detailed Camera Tattoo
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Suitable for any part of your body, this camera tattoo reflects the simplicity of a photographer and how it is not necessary that beauty and boldness can only be captured through complex processes. Something as small as a simple camera can hold the truth and this design is all about that.

If you are great with pictures, even a small lens can add beauty to your frame. It is how you look at things that matter the most.

Simple Vintage Video Camera

Simple Vintage Video Camera
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The discovery of modern DSLRs has changed our entertainment industry and the way we perceive movies and videos. The small details a camera can capture and show us today is beyond imagination.

However, the aesthetic notion of a vintage video camera has reserved a permanent place in the hearts of all the photographer. This design shows a simple video camera set up on a tripod, but somehow it emerges as something much more; it keeps reminding us that though tiny changes can make big differences, in life, we must always look back to draw inspiration from times when everything though less efficient was more simple.

Here are a few more suggestions worth checking out:

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The cost of getting a camera tattoo varies based on different elements, such as:

  • The size of pictures of tattoos
  • The colours used
  • Complicated designs tend to be more expensive
  • The area where you want your tattoo

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