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101 Best Butterfly Tattoos On Black Skin Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Butterfly Tattoo

The popularity of butterfly tattoos is due to their feminine look and cute appearance. Below are some out-of-the-box ideas on butterfly tattoo on black skin.

Butterfly Tattoos On Black Skin
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We live in a world where skin tone is still a matter of serious discussion.

There are many people still fighting to accept their skin complexion because even today, the fair people are considered ‘beautiful.’ To help people fight racism, tattoo artists suggest getting inked.

Tattoo artists tend to go through in-depth research before letting them go under the needle when it comes to people with brown skin tones. This is primarily because of the melanated skin. In addition, not all colours gel well on people with darker skin tones. Therefore, if people with darker skin tones are fascinated by butterfly tattoos, they are recommended to get them done by experienced artists. In a nutshell, the tattoo artist one chooses should be able to work on multiple skin tones.

Not all artists are adept at working with people with darker skin tones. Even there are stories of tattoo artists turning down clients of dark skin tones. So, getting people of dark skin tones inked is nearly impossible is all a myth. However, it is high time people come out of these common myths and fulfill the desires of those with amazing tattoos. The truth behind this is people of dark complexion can ace almost all tattoo shades, provided the tattoo artists know to do the tattoo perfectly.  

One of the predominant tasks that all tattoo parlours should do is have staff members of different ethnic communities. This makes clients feel more comfortable. As a result, the racism bias does not bother them. Generally, people find tattoo parlours and artists on different social media platforms. Here, there is a suggestion for all people of colour. Whenever dark-skinned people are planning to get a tattoo done, they have to ensure that they like most of the works of the artist. Also, the artist should have a style that they admire.

Now, coming to the topic, butterfly tattoos are pretty common designs these days, especially for people who are looking for some simple design. What makes a butterfly tattoo stand out is its vibrant colour. However, the butterfly tattoo meaning differs from one culture to another. For example, in eastern culture, the butterfly symbolises joy. Again, in the Aztec culture, the butterfly denotes the souls of the previous warriors.

Further, according to the Chinese culture, butterflies stand for joy, immortality, grace and summer. Besides, butterflies are the epitome of marriage and weddings in Japanese culture. Since tattooing the butterfly design is a popular tattoo choice, many women get this simple design done as a mark of femininity and freedom. Therefore, the butterfly tattoo that one is about to get inked, irrespective of the skin tones, relies more on the meaning one is looking forward to.

The butterfly tattoo suits both dark and light skin tones. Below is a list of the top ten traditional butterfly tattoo designs that discuss the tattoo’s meaning and its features.

Blue Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Blue Butterfly Thigh Tattoo
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When it comes to tattooing dark skin, this blue radiant traditional butterfly tattoo design can be an apt choice, especially for those who prefer colourful tattoos. However, these butterfly tattoos suit lighter skin tones as well. Such a feminine tattoo adds to the natural beauty. The incredible ink makes the body art all the more outstanding and eye-catching.  

This butterfly tattoo can also be etched in black and grey. Instead of blue, other bold colors can be used on this butterfly tattoo on the thigh for brown skin people. After getting this butterfly tattoo on the thigh, many artists suggest wearing shorts or sheer clothes. Even though the thigh is the perfect spot for this butterfly tattoo, to make it visible, one can get this tattoo done on other parts of the body as well.

Simple Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Simple Black Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist
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If you are looking for a simple butterfly tattoo, this small black ink butterfly tattoo is perfect. Since tiny tattoos are gaining popularity these days, this cute and small butterfly tattoo is sure to look good on the wrist or arm. The tattoo colours may differ as it depends on the doer. Although several offices do not allow their employees to get inked, this tiny butterfly tattoo on the wrist looks casual and is best suited for formal occasions.

The butterfly design and size can vary from person to person. Instead of a simple black and grey butterfly, one can choose to get a 3D butterfly tattoo done on the wrist or arm. This tattoo will look good on the neck. Being one of the most popular butterfly tattoo designs on black skin, this adds a feminine beauty and is also considered a mark of good luck.

Coloured Butterfly Tattoo On Arm

Coloured Butterfly Tattoo On Arm
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A tattoo enthusiast who has a strong liking for funky colours is sure to like this butterfly tattoo. The colour of the tattoo adds to the royalty and resonates with the femininity of women. It represents beauty and freedom. If required, the wings of the butterfly in the tattoo can be left empty. This will add more simplicity to the tattoo and allow the simple black butterfly to do the talking.

People associated with funky jobs like disco jockey, radio jockey, video jockey, pop singer, hip hop dancer and the like can add these color tattoos. Besides the arm, a miniature form of these color tattoos will look striking behind the ears, at the side of the wrist and on the ankle.

Black And Grey Butterfly Tattoo On Calf

Black And Grey Butterfly Tattoo On Calf
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One of the most suitable designs is the black butterfly when tattoo parlours engage in tattooing dark skin. Here, no tattoo colors are used besides black. Therefore, people with darker skin will not have a problem with the colour shades. Although this black butterfly tattoo looks simple, it is elegant and suits the leg.

The style in which the wings of the butterfly are tattooed allows people to draw inspiration. It is one of those butterfly designs that suits dark skin. Besides black, one can choose to go for a grey butterfly tattoo as well in the same style. Generally, these black butterflies are chosen as tattoo designs as they represent the temporality of life. However, the black butterfly meaning does not have anything ominous.

Elegant Monarch Butterfly Tattoos On The Navel

Elegant Monarch Butterfly Tattoos On The Navel
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Not everyone prefers funky colorful tattoos. This monarch butterfly tattoo is ideal for those who are up for some royal and classic butterfly tattoos. To make the wings of the butterfly look delicate, a different colored flowers are added to accentuate the dimension of the butterfly. This butterfly tattoo on hand, especially arm, is sure to look fantastic.

Besides being a monarch, it is more of a butterfly and flower tattoo perfectly shaped for the body. Although this is a red butterfly tattoo, one can avoid using any colors. Instead, this can be made into a simple grey butterfly tattoo. These butterfly tattoos suit every skin tone.

Black And Grey Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Black And Grey Tribal Butterfly Tattoo
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The next tattoo that has gained a lot of popularity is the tribal butterfly tattoo. Even though this can be made into a colorful tattoo, keeping it to only black and grey highlights its intricate designs. This heavily ornamented grey butterfly has the perfect shape that suits the waistline.

Being one of the exotic butterfly tattoo ideas, this black and grey tattoo can be an outside butterfly back tattoo, provided the artist knows where to place it in the back portion of a human body. In Celtic culture, these tattoos of the tribe symbolize new life. Besides, this is a perfect choice for people with dark skin.

Butterfly Tattoos With Quotes

Butterfly Tattoos With Quotes
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Many people prefer adding some quotes as tattoos. How about adding both butterfly tattoos with some favourite quotes? Isn’t it an inspiration? Well, tattooing a grey butterfly with quotes on the human skin makes it look very different. Along with the butterfly tattoos, one can add a cryptic text which would mean new beginnings.

This quoted tattoo would look best if added to the neck. To make the tattoo visible, the artist is recommended to use some funky colours. This will add more life to the tattoo. Besides, this butterfly neck tattoo will be emphasized if the hair is tied up into a neat top knot bun.

Unique Skull Butterfly Tattoos

Unique Skull Butterfly Tattoos
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How about tattooing a human skull along with a butterfly? Yes, it does make the butterfly tattoos a little bit scary. But, the skull in the butterfly tattoos add charm to the dark skin. This highlights two things – the butterfly represents new life while the skull represents mortality. As a whole, the skull in the butterfly tattoos is symbolic of the circle of life and the connection between birth and death.

Dreamy Butterfly Tattoos For Dark Skin

Dreamy Butterfly Tattoos For Dark Skin
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This is the next tattoo with a human skull in the shape of a butterfly. For people who fret about having dark skin and brood over never being able to have butterfly tattoos, the time has come to put an end to all these gloomy days. These butterfly tattoos with skull attached to them make the tattoos even more delicate. Also, the artist pays attention to create these tattoos as they are difficult to etch.

Butterfly And Rose Tattoo

Butterfly And Rose Tattoo
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For those who want to make simple butterfly tattoos look delicate, add some roses to it and see how the whole look of tattoos change. This butterfly and roses tattoo thigh on black skin can be done on shoulder as well. To create this tattoo on shoulder, the artist has to take proper measurements first.

These butterfly tattoos may appear simple at the first chance, but require skilled and experienced hands to be done perfectly. Not only are these butterfly tattoos suitable for dark complexioned people, but also for fair ones. Some of the eminent personalities who flaunt butterfly tattoos include Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Kylie Jenner, etc.

Here are some suggestions for butterfly tattoos:

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What are some of the best butterfly tattoo designs for black skin?

1. Tribal butterfly tattoo: a tribal butterfly tattoo is a beautiful, bold choice for black skin that looks both modern and timeless. The intricate details of the design can be tailored to fit any style, from traditional to contemporary.

2. Colorful butterfly tattoos: Colorful butterflies are perfect for those looking to add some vibrancy to their skin. Designs can range from delicate, small butterflies to large and intricate designs that cover the entire arm or leg.

3. Tribal Butterfly Sleeve: This tattoo design combines classic tribal elements with the beauty of a butterfly for an eye-catching piece of body art. It’s perfect for those who want something unique and original for their body.

4. Floral Butterfly: This design is perfect for those who want something soft and feminine to adorn their skin. The combination of flowers and butterflies creates a beautiful and delicate look that will always be in style.

5. Simple Butterfly: A simple butterfly tattoo can make a powerful statement without being too flashy or over the top. It’s perfect for those who want a classic tattoo with timeless appeal.

6. Butterfly and Moon: This design is perfect for spiritual people, combining the beauty of the butterfly with the symbolic meaning of the moon. Whether you choose a realistic or abstract design, this tattoo is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your skin.

7. Monarch Butterfly: The monarch butterfly is one of the most striking and recognizable butterflies in the world, making it a perfect choice for a tattoo. It’s also symbolic of change and transformation, so it can be an ideal representation of your own journey.

What are some of the risks associated with butterfly tattoo on black skin?

There are several risks associated with getting a butterfly tattoo on black skin. These include the following:

1. Skin sensitivity or an allergic reaction to the ink: Some people can be more prone to sensitivity or allergic reactions when having tattoos done on dark skin, so it’s important to discuss this with your artist beforehand.

2. Scarring or infection: As with any tattoo, there is always a risk of scarring or infection if proper aftercare protocols are not followed. Be sure to follow your artist’s instructions carefully and keep the area clean to minimize the chances of this happening.

3. Poor placement: If the design is placed too close to the skin’s surface, it may not look as vibrant and can fade more quickly. It’s important to discuss placement with your artist so that the design looks its best on your skin.

4. Fading: Darker inks tend to fade more quickly than lighter inks, so be sure to discuss this with your artist before getting a tattoo done on black skin.

5. Uneven lines: On dark skin, it can be difficult to create crisp, even lines with a tattoo needle. Be sure to discuss this with your artist so that you are both happy with the end result.

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