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101 Best Butterfly And Rose Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Butterfly And Rose Tattoos

Butterfly and rose tattoo designs are one of the most incredible tattoo styles you will come across. You should scroll through this article to know more.

Best Butterfly And Rose Tattoo
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If you want to know what does a butterfly and rose tattoo mean, you will find all your answers here.

Now, the rose and butterfly tattoo meaning can be interpreted in many ways depending on the socio-cultural and geographical location. Having said that, the prime meaning of a women’s rose and butterfly tattoo stands for young love.

So what does a rose and butterfly tattoo mean? In general, the rose and butterfly tattoos are a symbol of everlasting love or hope for a new life. If we talk about the meaning of the individual ones, then a butterfly tattoo meaning can be portrayed as reformation, transformation, joy, mundaneness, endurance, new life, inspiration, and eternal souls. It is also associated with weddings and happy moments. A rose tattoo, on the other hand, symbolizes beauty, romanticism, and gracefulness. When both of these tattoos are combined, it depicts an abundance of femininity, and attraction, and represents transformation.

The tattoo image given above is a perfect example of a floral butterfly tattoo. The tattoo artist has beautifully crafted them on both arms. Both the butterfly tattoo and the rose tattoo are painted in black and grey ink. This design looks phenomenal. Many tattoo artists prefer to ink such tattoo designs with watercolor tattoos so that it looks more bright and mesmerizing.

Want to own a butterfly tattoo with rose tattoos that will look gorgeous on your skin tone? Check out this list of ideas right now!

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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We are always mesmerized by the aquatic color. It is not only alluring but keeps us in a state of tranquility. Blue butterfly tattoos have an invisible powerful impact on us. On one hand, a blue butterfly tattoo means a good luck charm; on the other, blue butterflies resonate with the characteristics of an ocean- peace, and stability. A blue rose symbolizes wishful thinking, hope, new opportunities, and accomplishment. Thus both the rose and blue butterfly tattoo meanings are alluring and significant.

In this image given you will see one part of the butterfly wings has been tattooed with blue roses. This type of tattoo style is an example of half-butterfly tattoos. So, this butterfly tattoo placement is done on the arm. This beautiful butterfly tattoo is attractive and the color combination is quite unique. Such butterfly tattoos can also be crafted as butterfly rib tattoos.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Pink Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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A pink butterfly tattoo is a portrayal of feminity in all its aspect. This butterfly tattoo is a projection of love, compassion, youthful joy, and new beginnings. This gorgeous butterfly tattoo will only usher in positive good vibes in your life.

As you can see in this image, the butterflies tattooed on the arm along with petals of roses and other flowers looks exquisite. The image has vibrant colors and seems as though the two butterflies begin to start their journey by soaring high into the sky. This design can also be drawn on the back side of the ear.

Red Butterfly Tattoo

Red Butterfly Tattoos ideas
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Red butterflies are taken as a good omen. According to American traditions, red butterflies bring good luck to those who see these beautiful creatures. For new couples, a butterfly tattoo stands for passion and intensity.

This particular image is just for inspiration purposes. Now the flowers designed, here, are different. You need to replace the flowers with roses. This butterfly tattoo design is quite colorful and looks spectacular on the chest. The butterflies are prominent and the detailing that the tattoo artist has done is commendable. Tattoos such as these can also be drawn on the back.

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo
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Yellow butterflies resemble joy, peace, happiness, and innocence. A yellow butterfly tattoo acts as a connection with your inner self where you strive to become better and sincere. According to Irish folklore, a yellow butterfly resting on a person’s vault symbolizes that the soul has attained peace and that it has moved to a better abode.

This design is one of the most unique butterfly tattoo designs you will come across in the tattoo world. This form of painting as shown is an abstract form. This is an abstract design where the red rose and one of the butterfly’s wings are not fully colored with the yellow hue. The design represents modernity yet keeps the old-school vibes in it. This design has been inked on the arm but it will look gorgeous on the thighs, chest, and shoulders as well.

Black Butterfly Tattoo

Black Butterfly Tattoo
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The black hue has always been a cult favorite among numerous tattoo lovers. The beauty of the black butterfly has its own uniqueness and boldness. Typically such butterfly tattoos and rose tattoos resemble the cycle of life- birth and death. This artwork has attracted the attention of numerous people as it is rare in the natural world.

This image as shown here loos absolutely stunning. The design is drawn from the chest to the arm. Black ink is used to craft this captivating design.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Purple Butterfly Tattoo
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A purple butterfly tattoo is a reminder of those who had overcome health issues and has started a new chapter of their life. This tattoo is also a symbol of grace, royalty, and nobility. Some believe that the purple color is associated with spiritual connection and since a butterfly is also associated with such meanings, a purple butterfly denotes spiritual connection.

This design, as shown above, is a classic tattoo design. The actual butterfly is inked in a purple hue and looks pretty cute. The stem of the red rose is crafted in a way that showcases the facial structure of a female. The picture is very unique and mesmerizing. The tattoo is drawn at the side of the rib. It can be also embedded as a thigh tattoo, abdomen tattoo, and chest tattoo.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
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Monarch butterflies have a very distinct personality. Although it elicits the loveliness and beauty of a woman, it also denotes support, protection, confidence, and power. The monarch butterfly represents class and freedom. In various cultures, this design pays respect to the deceased loved ones. The presentation of the butterfly is much somber and classic.

This particular tattoo is drawn at the side of the hip. It is a full coverage tattoo and can cover any old butterfly tattoos if needed. Often two monarch butterflies resemble love and bonding. How can I cover up my rose and butterfly back tattoo? Well, this design will surely help you to cover it.

Clock Rose And Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Clock Rose And Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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What is the meaning of a clock, rose, and butterfly tattoo?

A clock depicts stability and infinite time. While rose and butterfly resemble love and romance. Thus, when you put all the pieces together, it denotes endless love.

This particular image illustrates a clock, two butterflies, roses, and a graveyard. The projection is infinite love- a love that will remain even after death. This beautiful gigantic art has been well crafted, almost covering the forearm. It can be also drawn on the back and side of the rib as well.

Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo

Small Butterfly And Rose Tattoo
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If you are an admirer of a small butterfly tattoo, this design should be your one and only preference. It has a minimal look yet is crafted in an artistic manner. Often simpler designs attract the most attention. By the way, did you know that butterflies were considered past warriors? I bet not. People often ink down butterflies on their skin to pay homage to the deceased souls.

Now, coming to the design, it is quite sleek and has a minimal approach. The fine lines on the butterfly wings are delicate and show the brilliant craftsmanship of the artist. So if your motto resonates with the above theme, you should pick this design.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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Realistic butterfly designs have a different fanbase. Such designs look surreal and easily attract the eyes of the spectator. It gives a more polished and dignified look. Realistic designs breathe life which the rest of the tattoo designs lack, to be honest.

This realistic rose and butterfly tattoo, as mentioned above, is a perfect canvas. It shows a beautiful monarch butterfly with a rose, a splash of water, and a figure of a woman. The representation is highly feminine and bold. It looks spectacular and life-like. If you are someone who is fascinated by this design, you should just go for it.

The combination of these designs is one of the finest and unfading tattoo designs you will come across. Not only is this tattoo design an illustration of sheer beauty, attraction, and love, but it has its value deeply rooted in resilience, transformation, hope, and new beginnings. Tattoo lovers love to engrave such tattoos on their bare skin due to their unique meaning and eye-catching tattoo design. Their natural beauty has allured everyone for decades. Whether you ink this tattoo design as body art or as a neck tattoo, leg tattoo, and so on. So now that you have plenty of ideas for your next tattoo, rush to your nearest tattoo studio and let your tattoo artist do the crafting for you.

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What is the meaning of a butterfly and rose tattoo?

A butterfly and rose tattoo is a popular design that can hold multiple meanings. Common meanings associated with this design include transformation, beauty, love, femininity, growth, hope, and freedom. The butterfly symbolizes the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly—reminding us to embrace change in our lives. The rose symbolizes love, beauty, and romance. Together, the butterfly and rose tattoo can be a reminder to stay open to change, growth, and love in our lives. It is also a beautiful display of femininity. For some, it may be a symbol of freedom from past struggles or hardships—of finally achieving inner peace. Ultimately, the meaning of this tattoo is deeply personal and should be carefully chosen by the individual.

What are some popular butterfly and rose tattoo designs?

Popular butterfly and rose tattoo designs can range from simple to intricate. Some popular designs include a single butterfly and rose, multiple butterflies and roses intertwined together, a butterfly resting on a rose, or abstract shapes of the two elements combined together. Many opt for vibrant colors in their design—such as pinks, blues, purples and oranges—while others prefer a more minimalist design of black and white. Individuals can personalize their tattoo by adding a quote, initials, or other meaningful symbols to the design. Ultimately, the possibilities for this tattoo are endless—allowing individuals to truly express themselves through art.

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