101 Best White Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
White Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 28, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you looking forward to getting a white ink tattoo? Here is a list of some awesome white tattoo designs that you need to check out!

White Tattoo
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White tattoos are entirely done in white ink and require more attention.

Only high-quality white ink will stay white as white ink tattoos tend to fade away quickly even after the healing process is completed. Ink colour can turn grey or yellow depending on the skin tone.

White tattoo requires to be protected from direct sunlight for the first month of having it. It is normal to have raised skin for a few days after getting your first tattoo. Most tattoo artists will suggest that white tattoos are not ideal as they fade quickly compared to other tattoos. Most people go for white tattoos to cover their scars where such special services are provided by the tattoo parlour, which depends on your skin’s surface. Nowadays, UV light tattoos are getting popular, although they harm the skin surface and are not approved by FDA. Tattoos matter as we can give personal meaning to them.

You can express your white tattoo idea art in a way that best suits your personal taste. Read to find out about some fascinating white ink and black ink tattoos and what they mean!

Pink And White Face Tattoo

Pink And White Face Tattoo
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This is an ornamental white ink tattoo. It has some shades of pink ink in it. These combinations look good on pale skin. Ornamental tattoos consist of lines, spirals, crosses, and waves. Such tattoo designs look beautiful on a larger scale but can be done successfully even as small tattoos. Tattoos are generally considered a sign of cultural appropriation. These tattoos symbolize special protection and help during difficult situations. Here the white ink tattoo is tattooed in front of the ear and stretched till the earlobe. It can be considered a decorative tattoo as it matches skin colour and has glorious designs. Coloured ink tends to fade faster if they are light or watercoloured.

Small Egg Flower Tattoo

Small Egg Flower Tattoo
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This is one of the most unique designs among all tattoos. The egg tattoo itself symbolizes new ideas wanting to be birthed. It represents new beginnings and fresh opportunities. This tattoo is uniquely portrayed as the yolk, the yellow part of an egg is in the middle, and the outer part, which is the eggshell, is stripped in white ink. It might look like a small Lily flower tattoo. This is a small white tattoo that is drawn on the arm above the wrist and below the region where the hand bends. This is the perfect tattoo for any minimalist. However, white strips tend to fade faster than other colour inks.

If you’re looking for small and cute white tattoo designs, this is the perfect choice for you.

Colourful Flower Pot Tattoo

Colourful Flower Pot Tattoo
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This is a custom-made tattoo that is illustrated beautifully. Artists have used dark colour combinations on the skin. It is a subtle and bright design. The most important thing about this design is that although it seems colourful, there are some petals that are in black ink. As the Caption goes, WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT WHAT I SEE, which tells us to observe the tattoo design and accept the bright as well as light shades in life. The meaning of this message is to accept all people irrespective of their differences in culture, background, or identities. One of the biggest inspirations here for the tattoo artist is Van Gogh. It can also be considered an Italian tattoo as it has an artistic view to it.

Crane Frame Tattoo

Crane Frame Tattoo
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This tattoo is in the form of a column and takes inspiration from Japanese art. This tattoo is very small, and it is done on the bicep. The picture is of a sunset on a mountain region. The cranes and the clouds are painted in white ink. And the background contains a mountain and a waterfall falling into a large body of water underneath.

The flying cranes drawn here are a symbol of eternal youth and are considered a mystical creature in Japanese mythology. The sun protruding out of the column is the Goddess Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun in Japanese culture.

White Inked Cat Tattoo

White Inked Cat Tattoo
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This is a cute cat tattoo. It is small in size and outlined in white ink. Other colours are also used in this tattoo design by tattoo artists. Black ink is used for the eyes and pink ink for the ears and nose of the cat. Pet cats give happiness and love to pet owners. This tattoo can bring dimension as it is different from regular tattoos. The detail given to this cat feels realistic, as if we could practically pet it. If you have a heart for cats and a love for tattoos, you must get this cute cat inked on your body.

White Lily Flower Tattoo

White Lily Flower Tattoo
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This is a white tattoo of two lily flowers which is borderline beautifully in white ink. The leaves of this white lily flower tattoo are in black ink and white ink. Lily flower tattoos symbolize the power of rebirth and motherhood. Lily flowers stand for pure intention and devotion. Lily tattoos are usually small and delicate, so they are best suitable to be placed on the arm, collarbone or ankle. This lily print looks artistic and feminine. The use of tattoo ink is apt here. The tattoo artist did a good job to create such an amazing design. If you’re a fan of lilies and wants a unique tattoo, get a white ink tattoo like this right now!

White Inked Tattoo

White Inked Tattoo
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White inked tattoos on black are getting popular these days. This process is also known as covering up the existing tattoo by blacking it out entirely if possible. This process is time-consuming and more expensive than traditional coverups. It is a great idea to select this method over other designs, as white ink works best on black. Tattoos with white ink performed on dark skin colour or black skin tend to fade completely after the healing process only. Here a skull is portrayed in white ink. He is wearing a hat where the scenery is picturized and a scarf with a knot. The hat is very fancy, which makes this a very bold tattoo. It is also known as gap filler as the gap is filled by black ink.

White Feather Tattoo

White Feather Tattoo
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White feather tattoo symbolizes many things like the truth, light of body and spirit, courage, hope, and dreams. It is a tiny ankle tattoo. White inks might seem not visible, but they are suited for darker skin. Darker skin can glorify the beauty of tattoos naturally. White feathers are known as the messengers of angels as they carry messages of peace, love, light, and protection.

Getting a feather as a tattoo could also mean a blessing from the divine. This is the feather of the bird which flies freely in clouds within the spirit realms. It is a line art tattoo with graceful strokes of lines of the feather. Although it is light on the skin, it makes one of the most subtle body design options.

Frame Tattoo

Frame Tattoo
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This is a rectangular frame tattoo design. The fresh idea was introduced by South Korean tattooist EQ. This small rectangle, also known as the frame, is in a long and thin format. These frames have pictures that can tell stories. This is a cool way to represent the aesthetics of an artist.

This frame tattoo represents a contemporary landscape with a bird and lotus in colourful designs. Bird is inked with black and white inks, whereas a lotus with other inks like orange and white. Bird is sitting still, and the lotus is shown at the onset of blooming. This subtle design gives a delicate glow to the objects or items picked for a particular frame.

There could be different hidden meanings to it as it tells different tales with minimum data provided.

White Daisy Flower Tattoo

White Daisy Flower Tattoo
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This beautiful collarbone tattoo shows two white daisies kissing each other. Daisies are one of the most popular tattoo designs for people who like flowered tattoos. The white-coloured petals are a symbol of peace, and the yellow cores represent ideas like harmony and calm. Daisies are used as a token of nature and the beauty it pours in flowers.

The long stems of the daisy and its thick petals make it a beautiful plant. Due to their ability to grow and flourish in multiple parts of the world, it makes it popular and shows unity in another sense. The Marguerite Daisy is the national flower of Denmark. The daisies are also a symbol of innocent nature and purity of heart-based on old Celtic mythology.

Here are some more samples that you can think of getting in white tattoos with other colours that can create beauty when done by a professional tattoo artist:

  1. White rose tattoo
  2. Black and white rose tattoo
  3. White ink rose tattoo
  4. Black rose tattoo
  5. Rose outline with black white rose tattoo
  6. Rose tattoos in darker colours

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What is a white tattoo?

A white tattoo is a tattoo that uses white ink instead of traditional black ink. White tattoos are often used to create a negative space effect or to highlight other colors in a tattoo. They can also be used to create a more subtle look.

What are some of the most popular white tattoo designs? 

Some of the most popular white tattoo designs include stars, flowers, and other geometric shapes. White tattoos can also be used to createportraits or to add highlights to other tattoo designs.

How long does a white tattoo last?

White tattoos typically last the same amount of time as traditional black ink tattoos. However, white ink can fade over time, so it is important to protect your tattoo with sunscreen and avoid exposure to sunlight.

How much does a white tattoo cost?

The cost of a white tattoo varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. White tattoos can range from $50 to $200.

Are white tattoos more painful than other tattoos?

There is no definitive answer to this question as pain tolerance varies from person to person. However, some people believe that white tattoos can be more painful than traditional black ink tattoos due to the lack of pigment in the ink. This can cause the tattoo needle to penetrate the skin more deeply.

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