101 Best Bracelet Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Bracelet Tattoos

Reviewed & fact checked: December 7, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Looking for bracelet tattoo designs that are quirky and trending? Then check these amazing designs before getting inked.

Bracelet Tattoo
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The word ‘Bracelet’ emerged from the Latin term ‘brachium’ which means ‘arm’.

Bracelet is a type of ornament or jewelry that is traditionally worn around the wrist and if worn around the ankle then it is called an ankle bracelet or an anklet. The notion of wearing bracelets started thousands of years ago and various civilizations including Egyptians, Chinese and Mesopotamian embraced this piece of ornament.

Initially, the bracelet was made of bones, shells, stones, wood but with evolution metals, semi-precious and precious stones started replacing the primitive design. Bracelets have symbolic manifestation other than just being a decorative accessory. In ancient Egypt the Scarab Bracelet denoted rebirth, in Latin America Azabache Bracelet is worn to protect oneself from the evil eye. Bracelet gradually got recognition as a fashion statement and with every passing decade, it evolved into a trendy stylish piece of ornament.

There are various kinds of bracelets such as charms, bands, beaded, link, Penannular, sports, tennis, and people grew so fond of it because of the personal touch affixed to this ornament that it became quite a popular tattoo, particularly in this 21st century when different designs of bracelets are making a comeback as a bracelet tattoo. If you are planning to get a bracelet tattoo then check these designs below, it will enable you to choose the unique bracelet tattoo design that will suit you.

Charm Bracelet Tattoo

Charm Bracelet Tattoo
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Charm bracelets are quite popular today. This delicate piece of bracelet consists of trinkets or charms which may have different symbolic interpretations. In the pre-historic world, charms were made up of bones, ivory, and other substance. The purpose of the bracelet was to get rid of evil spirits or to bring back luck because it was believed that it works like a talisman. With the change of time, people upgraded the design, idea, and style. A modern-day charm bracelet has intricate work and charms attached just like this bracelet tattoo design. It is chic, cute, and uncomplicated with small connecting dots and a crescent moon dangling. The crescent moon or Luna symbolizes growth, feminity, creativity, and manifestation. One can modify the design and replace the moon with the kind of charm that they like.

Owl Bracelet Tattoo
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The best part about these designs is that they are trendy and unique with the subtle sense of sophistication just like this bracelet tattoo design that is so cool because it is the amalgamation of different charms such as a four-leaf clover for luck, the Eye of Hamsa for protection, the turtle could be a sign for love and patience while the owl stands for wisdom and knowledge. This is a great and meaningful tattoo bracelet idea that is very popular among wrist tattoo designs.

Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo
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Armband tattoos differ from wrist tattoos as they are done slightly above the wrist. These designs have gained popularity in the 21st century because of their stylish and meaningful appeal. A solid black armband tattoo similar to this one can be seen on footballer Paulo Dybala’s arm. The bold and solid armband tattoo design just like this one consists only of black ink and the idea of the tattoo has a more personal sentiment attached to it because it is mostly done to pay tribute to the loss of a loved one and honoring their memory by getting a piece inked.

ArmBand Tattoos
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An armband tattoo design such as this one is another variation where a special date is inked in Roman. This is a cool tattoo idea that is opted for by both males and females. The plain and bold lines are bound to catch a lot of attention.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo
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A bracelet that is worn around the ankle and not on the wrist is known as an ankle bracelet or anklet. This stylish ornament has been adorned for centuries so it can be an extraordinary tattoo idea because these tattoo designs are extremely creative just like this one that has a dreamcatcher. It is widely reckoned that dreamcatcher is for protection as it keeps away bad spirits, bad omens, and bad vibes.

Ankle Tattoo
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This beautiful ankle tattoo for example consists of all the five basic elements of nature that are Earth, fire, air, water, and space. If you are into a facile yet meaningful pattern then this looks like your perfect match.

Minimal Bracelet Tattoo

Minimal Bracelet Tattoo
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Line art is a contemporary tattoo design that is meant to create an unprecedented and minimal pattern. Take a look at this bracelet tattoo that has an uneven and clean line to create an overall intense look with just one ink. These could be distinguished wrist tattoos for women and men because it simplifies that whole concept without any intricate work.

Minimal Tattoo
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Another way to amp up the minimal bracelet tattoo ideas into a trendy, cool and beautiful line art would be this bracelet tattoo design around the wrist. You can choose some unique words that may be the source of inspiration or something you can relate to like this tattoo that has ‘smile’ in plain black. This word can be substituted with other words like ‘hope’, ‘faith’, ‘dreams’ or you can ink your name, someone dear to you.

Mandala Bracelet Tattoo

Mandala Bracelet Tattoo
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Mandala wrist bracelet tattoo designs comprise unique shapes and patterns. It primarily has a core design in the center and then the pattern spreads out just like this tattoo design. These bracelet tattoo designs symbolize equilibrium, infinity, and quintessence and bring out the inner creative nature of the wearer.

Basic Mandala Tattoo
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If you don’t was a basic mandala tattoo then you can choose a different pattern that may look like this one. This wrist bracelet tattoo has an impressive style because of the multiple chain layers which give it a luxurious and beautiful sense. This is a great way to cover the entire wrist area without going over the top.

Blackwork Bracelet Tattoo

Blackwork Bracelet Tattoo
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Blackwork tattoo design is such a cool concept because it includes only solid black color ink just like this bracelet tattoo. Blackwork tattoo primarily leaves no negative space similar to this style that covers the entire wrist and has flowers. This kind of tattoo can be done on the forearm as well. As this style involves only black ink, it can be dark and attractive. This can be a remarkable bracelet tattoo for any person.

Tribal Bracelet Tattoo

Tribal Bracelet Tattoo
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The popularity of tribal tattoos may vary from culture to culture. However, a tribal bracelet tattoo like this is one of the popular wrist tattoos for men as well as for women. Tribal designs consist of distinct patterns that stand out from the rest of the tattoo like this bracelet tattoo that has Polynesian art. The Polynesian tattoo determines the ranks, character, origin of a person so before getting a wrist bracelet tattoo like this acknowledge yourself with the culture and symbols.

Stylish Bracelet Tattoo
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If you are not fond of big patterns covering the whole area of the wrist then choose a small yet stylish design that may look like this on the wrist and will suit your personality.

Geometric Bracelet Tattoo

Geometric Bracelet Tattoo
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One can get very imaginative with the wrist Bracelet tattoo as there are numerous scope to incorporate different designs such as these amazing geometric patterns. Even though geometric tattoos have been a part of the ancient world which had spiritual and religious significances yet in the modern world these tattoo ideas are related to balance, proportion, intelligence, and enigma. A cool bracelet tattoo that may look like this one with a triangle which refers to connection and circle that implies totality is a promising way to accentuate the powerful feature of your disposition

Floral Bracelet Tattoo

Floral Bracelet Tattoo
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At times it can be difficult to choose the right wrist tattoos among all other bracelet tattoo ideas. However, if you are not sure about any design then you should opt for a design that will always be in style just like this cute floral bracelet tattoo design that looks like a chain of flowers. The flowers could be any flower that you like for example in this tattoo it is a sunflower that symbolizes love, you can replace it with a rose or you may choose to ink multiple flowers connected to the same vine.

Rosary Tattoo

Rosary Tattoo
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Rosary tattoos for men and women are one of the in-demand wrist tattoos. The beaded necklace is a sacred symbol that is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits. This tattoo can be done on the wrist, arm, or ankle. This tattoo design starts from the forearm and ends on the dorsal side of the palm. This tattoo is made up of black ink but you can modify the design and choose a different color or incorporate some other elements like a rose to give this design more dimension.

Thus Bracelet is not confined within the sphere of ornament or jewelry because now they are converted into tattoo ideas. The best part about bracelet tattoo design is that most of the designs are unisexual although there are a few specific tattoo bracelet ideas for men as well as for women. Such as the chain, vine, floral tattoos are mostly preferred by women while rosary, tribal, blackwork are some of the bracelet tattoo ideas which are sought after by mostly men but women do get them done as well. Tattoos are almost permanent therefore always get this done from a very skilled tattoo artist and get a design that you can relate to.

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