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101 Best Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Names Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Names

If you are fascinated by tattoos as well as anklets, how about getting an ankle bracelet tattoo with names? Here are some fashionable ankle bracelet tattoo ideas.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo
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If you love to get tattooed, but cannot decide its placement, the ankle bracelet tattoo is one of the most prominent locations for women.

Ankle tattoos are not just popular, but they also offer enough area to portray the different designs that one aspires to get. An elegant ankle bracelet tattoo with a floral design is a very common tattoo piece in women.

The history of ankle tattoos dates back to the time when the art of tattooing was discovered. Before discussing how technology has transformed tattoo designs over the years, let us focus on the story of Otzi to know about the beginning of ankle tattoos. The ancient mummy Otzi had several tattoos all over her body. Of all tattoos, most of them were placed on the classic acupuncture points. She had a tattoo on her ankle as well. The ankle tattoo on the Otzi had some quotes in it.

Just like other pieces of jewelry, ankle tattoos are ornamental to many people. While some may consider it as a tattoo, some others may make the ankle tattoo look similar to an anklet. Since the women in South Asia are gaga over ornaments, a delicate ankle bracelet tattoo done in your favorite color can make it look attractive as well as similar to the jewelry. Even though getting an ornamental ankle bracelet tattoo may be a bit painful, the pain is worth the beauty.

An ankle bracelet tattoo is more than an art or design. It holds the emotions or the beliefs that you have toward a particular aspect. However, getting a tattoo done is not the end of the tattooing process. Instead, some aftercare is a must to ensure the correct healing process of a tattoo. Although figuring out the right process to get a tattoo healed might be a little difficult, the tattoo artist can guide you well.

According to a tattoo artist, one has to be careful after getting an ankle tattoo. The first step after tattooing is to cover the ankle tattoo designs. This covering with a bandage or a plastic wrap prevents the skin from getting infected with bacteria. This temporary dressing on the tattooed skin should be kept as long as the tattoo artist recommends. After removing the covering, gently wash the tattooed area with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a soft towel. While going outside, wear sun-protective clothing to get the tattooed area healed quickly.

Many wonder why choose the ankle for tattooing. There are many worthy reasons for it. Many people consider ankle tattoos to be aesthetically pleasing. Be it a butterfly ankle tattoo or a feather shaped bracelet tattoo design, tattoos on the ankles look cute, provided they are done under the guidance of experienced and skilled tattoo artists. Generally, foot or ankle tattoos are attached to delicacy and feminism. As a result, they appear to be sexy and add a charm to the ankle area.

Besides, many people aspire to get ankle tattoos with the intention of being able to hide them whenever required. One of the prominent ways to hide an ankle tattoo is to wear socks. A butterfly ankle tattoo or a charm bracelet tattoo can be hidden by the seam of a trouser as well.

Are you struggling to find one particular ankle tattoo design that suits you amidst many ankle tattoo designs? We are here to help you. Below is a list of the top ten amazing ideas for ankle tattoos. Narrow down your search and pick the best ankle tattoos for women.

Simple Floral Anklet Tattoo In Black

Ankle Bracelet Tattoos
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If you are looking for a dainty and sexy ankle tattoo that looks more like a piece of anklet jewelry, this tattoo design is for you. Getting a floral anklet tattoo around the ankle is one of the most sought-after tattoo ideas that women look for. These look like a wrap around ankle tattoos and add to the charms and beauty of the women. The tattoo is worn around the ankle and emphasizes the foot.

The floral design on the ankle bone has a definite meaning to it. The meanings behind this beautiful floral bracelet design tattoos are multi-layered. According to the ancient culture, flowers were a symbol of the contentment of God. Now, people use flowers in their tattoos to showcase love, admiration, and affection. To make this tattoo more interesting, a heart ankle bracelet tattoo can be merged.

Ornamental Ankle Tattoo in Black and Grey

Ornamental Ankle Tattoo in Black and Grey
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Of all tattoo styles, the ornamental ankle tattoos are another cute tattoo idea that looks best on slender legs. Any woman can ace an ornamental tattoo in a flip flop. Being one of the cool tattoos for women, the ornamental tattoos have a very intrinsic inner meaning attached to them.

Generally, the initiation of the ornamental tattoos was from the cravings on wood. So, these ornamental ankle tattoo styles have designs such as spirals, lines, waves, and crosses, arranged in a pattern to add to the beauty of the tattooing art form. If you are looking for small ankle tattoos, these ornamental tattoo ideas can work well for you. Another amazing ideas could be adding some quotes or names to this ornamental design.

Heart Ankle Bracelet Tattoo In Blue

Heart Ankle Bracelet Tattoo In Blues
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Some people prefer ankle bracelet tattoo with names and dates inscribed at the edge of the tattoo. Another cute and elegant ankle tattoo designs is this simple symbol of a blue heart near the heel. To emphasize the heart symbol, one can add name initials to it. This ankle bracelet tattoo with grandchildren’s names shows true love towards the familial bonds. If required, this tattoo can be made into an anklet tattoo by adding some flowery designs to the ankle bracelet tattoo.

Ferns And Flower Ankle Tattoo With Image Of Pet

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo ideas
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Another popular female tattoos is the fern tattoo bracelet. All women who want to express a new journey or embrace a new beginning can go for this fern ankle bracelet tattoo. The fern tattoo is a symbol of sincerity and dedication to the new journey or chapter that one is about to begin. If you are a lover of small ankle tattoos for women, this fern and flower tattoo bracelet is an ideal design for you. This can be a great option for ankle tattoos for men. If you are wearing an anklet on one leg, this tattoo bracelet can be inked on the other.

Flower Chain Ankle Bracelet Tattoo For Women

Flower Chain Ankle Bracelet Tattoo For Women
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Another ankle bracelet tattoo for women that adds to the styles, charm, and beauty is this flower chain ankle tattoo. The flowers added to this chain tattoo make the design more appealing. These chain tattoos can be accentuated by adding more elements like a butterfly, inspiration quotes, daisies, etc. Most women love to add some inspiration to their lives and tattoos are one of the best ways to do so.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Leaves And Flowers

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo With Leaves And Flowers
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Women are interested in ankle bracelet tattoos. This is because often we come across women who complain of not being able to wear an anklet as it is not allowed in their professional field. Again, anklets hurt the ankle region while sitting on the floor. In that case, an ankle bracelet tattoo can be a great choice. These ankle bracelet tattoos can be emphasized by adding some floral design to them. The ankle tattoo designs shown here is a simple yet elegant one. The meaning of the ankle tattoo may differ as it depends on the element that you add to the ankle tattoos.

Yin-Yang Ankle Tattoo With Star and Moon

Yin-Yang Ankle Tattoo With Star and Moon
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One of the potential ankle tattoo designs both for men and women is the yin-yang symbol. This tattoo looks even better on the body when some other interesting elements are added to it. The anklet tattoo shown here is well decorated with a ying-yang symbol, a star, and a moon.

Generally, the yin-yang symbol dates back to Chinese philosophy. It was conceptualized in the 3rd century BCE. While in Western philosophy, the colours black and white symbolise evil and good respectively, according to the Yin-Yang school of thought, when these two colours are put together, they mean achieving a balance. Further, the Yin-Yang school believed that even though things may appear different at the first chance, unity can be achieved when the opposites are put together.

Vietnamese Lady Ankle Tattoos For Women

Vietnamese Lady Ankle Tattoos For Women
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If you are looking for a suitable design for ankle bracelet tattoos, this meaningful tattoo design is for you. Even though this ankle tattoo does not look like a bracelet or an anklet tattoo, yet it is a perfect fit for small ankle tattoos. Vietnamese ankle tattoos for women began in the 14th century during the Tran and Ly dynasty. This ankle tattoo represents a woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese outfit with her hair fluttering in the breeze. This can be a true symbol of femininity and freedom.

Flying Birds Ankle Tattoo

Flying Birds Ankle Tattoo
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Another common ankle tattoo idea is that of flying birds. People, especially tattoo enthusiasts have always been fascinated by bird designs for their representation of a sense of freedom. In this ankle tattoo design, the flying birds stand for ease, optimism, and family values. Generally, when three flying birds are used for an ankle tattoo as they represent joy. According to the Aztec culture, the flying bird was a symbol of the power of the Gods.

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo
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When it comes to tattoo designs, butterflies are one of the most common elements that people prefer. Different cultures have different meanings associated with butterflies. While the Chinese tradition believes butterflies as a symbol of joy, immortality, summer, and grace, the Japanese consider butterflies as a mark of marriage and weddings. To emphasize more on the butterflies, they can be used on ankle bracelet tattoos as well.

Now that you are armed with some ankle bracelet tattoo ideas, here are some more ankle bracelet tattoo designs for you:

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What is an ankle bracelet tattoo?

An ankle bracelet tattoo is a small tattoo usually located on the lower ankle or foot. It often features a thin line or chain that wraps around the ankle and is decorated with colorful beads, charms, or designs. The design of an ankle bracelet tattoo can represent many things, including friendship, loyalty, and protection. Some people believe that having an ankle bracelet tattoo can bring good luck and fortune. Others simply like the look of the design and wear it as a fashion accessory. Whatever its purpose, an ankle bracelet tattoo is sure to stand out!

What are some of the most popular ankle bracelet tattoo designs?

The most popular ankle bracelet tattoo designs include small intricate lines, swirls, and chains. These tattoos often feature delicate charms such as stars, hearts, and crosses that are meant to bring good luck to the wearer. More elaborate designs may incorporate beads or colorful ink that adds a unique touch to the design. There is no limit to the creativity when it comes to ankle bracelet tattoos!

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