10 Best Black Sun Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Do you have an affinity towards vintage tattoo design with a bit of occult aura? If yes, then these are the best black sun tattoo ideas for you.

Black Sun Tattoo
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The Black Sun had an abstract and occult significance and mysticism.

The Black Sun was a symbol that has a poor history that is associated with the Nazis. Heinrich Himmler remodelled the Wewelsburg mosaic on the castle floor in Nazi Germany to place a sun wheel logo at the center – however, the purpose of the sign was not known.

However, post-Nazi-Germany, the Neo-Nazi have also adopted this logo.

The symbol of the black sun represents three main elements of Nazi Ideology; the sun wheel, the swastika, and the stylized victory rune. Combining all the three symbols into a single tattoo was made into a powerful symbol to groom young people. While it is still questionable whether the black sun design had any significance for the Schutzstaffel or not, it is raging in current times, but not as a Neo-Nazi symbol. It has its ties with the occult.

Since the black sun tattoos have a very complex design, getting it done on your body will surely add a whole new outlook on your tattoos. These tattoos stand out from the rest mainly because of their style that has significant depictions often linked with the Gods.

Black Sun Tattoo With Serpent Ideas

Black Sun Tattoo With Serpent Ideas
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Want to embed a black sun tattoo along with a serpent to melt anyone’s heart? This simple yet art-based design adds a whole new dimension to the black sun tattoo itself. Black sun tattoos like this could be life-changing in every possible aspect, especially when you consider the ideas behind it. There are many instances where both men and women like to think differently by looking at some photos on Instagram. The black and white factor is making the design look mean, rough, and tough.

The idea of adding a serpent would add another layer over the tattoo for art lovers to decipher. These sets of tattoos could be done on anyone and in almost any part of the body, preferably at areas like the back, right and left arm, right and left thigh and chest. This black sun tattoo can be interpreted as both sun black and white tattoo as well as a sun and serpent tattoo.

Black sun Tattoos
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This is another set of black sun tattoos that has a very intricate design with curvy interiors. The main attraction of this tattoo can be found in the serpent’s posture. The pattern has been done in great detail with minute touchups. If you have a free outlook towards art and often want to go for different art tattoos, separate from other people, don’t fret! Let your creative juices flow. You will surely like these different black sun tattoo ideas if and get appreciation from your artsy friend circle as well as your family. Rich in meanings and symbolism, black and white sun tattoo with serpent design is a beauty.

Death Black And Grey Sun Tattoo Designs

Death Black And Grey Sun Tattoo Designs
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Behold Death – The Grim Reaper and wear him on your skin for life? This black sun tattoo design symbol has a metallic dark touch and yet looks simple to anyone. Its design has an important meaning altogether. This black sun symbol has a spooky face carved on it, a face that is blending well with the environment. Almost a little tribal in the way the tattoo has been presented, this tattoo can create a great piece of folklore. Tattoo art has flourished and tattoo artists are going for more detailed tattoos each day. Many people are getting influenced by these wonderful designs connected to the black sun. While the Neo-Nazi might consider the black sun symbol to carry a deep meaning associated with white supremacy, the connection of this tattoo with the Grim Reaper shows that every symbol goes through a death and a fresh reincarnation.

If you’re someone who is totally into art and are a free-thinker, this can be a brave choice.

Evil Faced Black Sun Tattoos Ideas

Evil Faced Black Sun Tattoos Ideas
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Are you willing to have a simple yet horrifying black sun tattoo design? Then this can be an amazing selection for you. This tattoo has a fiery exterior like that should be found in a black sun tattoo. But the main attraction of this design lies in the interior of the black sun design which has an amalgamation of a Neo Nazi symbol in addition to the evil and creepy smile.

This black sun tattoo is set to be for the simple and free-minded people who know the infamous history of the black sun but also know how it has changed. This design can also be a great horror Halloween tattoo idea.

Black Hole Sun Tattoo With A Pair Of Crows

Black Hole Sun Tattoo With A Pair Of Crows
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Neo-traditional black sun tattoos can be somewhat converted into a tribal design with a medieval age tone to it. If you want designs that set a simple outlook, free from any elements of complexity, this is the perfect match for you! You can find natural elements of design such as free birds, black sun symbols, leaves, etc. Placing this on your body will definitely set a whole new benchmark on your overall tattoos ideas game. Of course, you need a larger surface area to work with and so, the chest or your back can be an ideal location to place this tattoo.

These tattoo designs are friendly for your family too! There’s nothing much obscene in it.

Greek Ring Black Sun Tattoo Ideas

Greek Ring Black Sun Tattoo Ideas
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Are you someone who has set a new sun tattoo meaning for yourself? Here are some simple tattoo ideas to satisfy your family and friends. This tattoo symbol is deep in symbolism but is not very detailed, making it a minimalistic dream. This tattoo symbol has Greek Ring designs that take this sun tattoo to another level. Greek Ring designs symbolize infinity for the well-being of the family. Images of this sun tattoo design are shown on many social media platforms from where you’ll get a clear insight about it.

If you are into tribal designs, feel free to opt for these ideas for a more grounded design. This sun tattoo symbol will absolutely look perfect even if you opt for a smaller size. You can make this sun tattoo on your chest, hand, legs, neck, etc.

Black And White Sun With Docile Face Tattoos

Black And White Sun With Docile Face Tattoos
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Is you tattoo style more on the cute and calmer side? If yes, then you are good to go with this tattoo! This rising sun tattoo design is befitting for anyone with a more calming artistic personality. The cute face of the sun puts it in sharp contrast with what the real black sun tattoo signified, making it an amazing stereotype breaking tattoo. These sun tattoos will not isolate you as some hate-crime promoter but will rather make you feel like a symbol of change.

These designs and ideas of black and white sun tattoos can be placed on your chest, both right and left, belly area, right and left thigh area, neck area, etc. These tattoo designs can be interpreted both as a cute black and white sun design tattoo as well as a revolutionary black sun face tattoo.

Black White Sun Tattoo
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Another black and white sun tattoos design that can be cute is this black and white sun design. The idea behind this remains the same excepting the black and white flares that enhance the design and make it wonderful and almost tribalistic. These tribal sun design ideas can have an ancient influence too from medieval times. These designs and ideas have a revolutionary meaning – that even black sun can play a bright role in our lives. That’s why these sun design ideas have a unique twist to them.

If you’re willing to use these designs for yourself, make sure you crosscheck the artist details before moving to the same.

Semi Circular Black Sun Tattoos

Semi Circular Black Sun Tattoos
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Do you want a small and compact sun tattoos design ? This black sun tattoo can be great if you are a beginner in the tattoo world. The dark tattoo lines show the rays of the half-set sun spreading across the skin, almost like the rays of illumination. The distinct yet simple pattern can be quite attractive. This simple design hides the black sun but mostly deals with the beauty of the sun rays. This tattoo can be best applied to extended regions like your neck, arms or the sides of the body.

Deep Black Hole Tattoo

Deep Black Hole Tattoo
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Do you wish to add up some intense tattoos on your body which looks almost like sun tattoos? Then here’s another great one for you. If you like Sun tattoos, then you will love this dark tattoo with a black hole, as if the black hole is drowning the sun. Black sun tattoos look good too, as it focuses on the intensity of the art. That makes it much more appealing to the people.

A Lady Wearing The Black Sun Tattoo

A Lady Wearing The Black Sun Tattoo
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Sun tattoos can have a whole different dimension added to them if you add a human presence to it. Generally, the sun tattoo is considered to be male-centric and sun is often referred to as a Father. You can break the gender stereotype by adding a female focusing on the black sun – a feminist twist that can really impact many people. It is surely a tattoo that might grab a lot of attention. This tattoo has a special aura that radiates a raw feminine energy. The overall design looks very powerful.

Black Sun Along With An Arrow Tattoo

Black Sun Along With An Arrow Tattoo
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Last but not the least, a tattoo design can represent someone’s personality – their will to move forward in life. This tattoo is all about showing the right direction in life, thus, the significance of the arrow! When it comes to the design, it has a very simple black and white sun design. But the arrow adds a very optimistic element to it.

So, what does a black sun tattoo mean? It can have several meaning: a symbol of strength, strategy, protection, defiance, victory, etc. Even if it is a black and white tattoo or a coloured one, a black sun tattoo has a different character to it.

There are many other black sun tattoo suggestions you can choose from as well. They are:

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