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11+ Balance Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Colored balance Tattoos

Do you crave balance in your life, and you’re ready to wear that desire proudly? My friend, you’ve come to the right place! I’m about to drop some ink wisdom on you about balance tattoos that will turn your skin into a symbol of equilibrium and harmony.

Balance Tattoo

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Look, I’ve been around the tattooing block a couple of times, and I can tell you, nothing beats the feeling of embedding a piece of your essence into your skin. And what better way to represent that Zen-like state you aspire for than with a balance tattoo?

When I talk about balance tattoos, a few symbols spring to mind. These iconic motifs have withstood the test of time and continue to resonate deeply with folks from all walks of life.

Take the scale of balance, for instance. Now, this isn’t your everyday grocery store scale, oh no. We’re talking about an emblem of fairness, justice, and equilibrium. It screams, “Hey world, look at me! I’m a rational, balanced individual!”

And then there’s the Tree of Life – a symbol I’ve inked onto countless bodies in my time. This bad boy and small tattoo represents growth, stability, and a deep-rooted connection to our beautiful planet. If your life revolves around harmony with nature, this one’s got your name on it.

We can’t forget the yin-yang, can we? This is the granddaddy of all balance symbols. It’s all about the dualities and elements of life – dark and light, chaos and order, joy and sorrow – coexisting to form a harmonious whole.

In my years of wielding the needle, I’ve seen a surge of interest in meaningful tattoos. It seems that 2021 kicked off a wave of deep, profound ink that shows no sign of slowing down. Folks are eager to have their bodies speak their truths in a language of symbols and metaphors.

The Phoenix tattoo has seen a huge upswing in popularity. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. The phoenix rising from the ashes symbolizes growth, rebirth, a second chance – a powerful, positive message to carry on your skin.

Another intriguing symbol that’s caught the fancy of many tattoo lovers is the Celtic Knot. Picture this: three interconnected triangles, each one representing a different aspect of nature – earth, sea, and sky. It’s a profound declaration of how interconnected we are with the world around us.

So there you have it – a smorgasbord of balance tattoo ideas that could turn your body into a walking testament of your soul and quest for harmony. My advice? Pick a symbol that speaks to you, consult with an experienced tattooist (wink, wink!), and get ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-expression.

Amazing Balance of Scale Tattoo Designs

Amazing Balance of Scale Tattoo Designs

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First off, let’s get into the details of why the balance scale tattoo has folks lining up around the block. If you’re a Libra – or even if you aren’t, but you resonate with the scales’ symbolism – this design could be your new skin candy.

You see, the balance scale tattoo isn’t just a piece of art. It’s a bold statement, a life philosophy worn on the skin. It’s about letting the guiding force of fairness steer your path, about embracing the calm and rational side of your nature. The folks who carry this symbol have a knack for stepping back, assessing a situation with a cool head, and making balanced decisions, even when the going gets tough.

Beautiful Balance Tattoos With Sun And Moon Symbols

Beautiful Balance Tattoos With Sun And Moon Symbols

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Want to project that kind of Zen-like rationality? Fancy yourself a fair and balanced judge of life’s trials? The balance of scales tattoo could be just the ticket. And trust me, as a seasoned tattoo artist, I’ve seen how the meanings of these symbols can truly resonate with folks.

Now, let’s say you’re into Zodiac signs, you might want to give a peek to some other zodiac sign-inspired tattoos. They offer a whole different universe of symbolism and personal meaning.

Unique Balance Tattoo Designs

Unique Balance Tattoo Designs

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But hey, why stop at the balance scale? Why not kick things up a notch and add a little celestial magic to your ink? The sun and moon are some of the most potent symbols in tattoo culture.

Think about it. The sun stands for energy, warmth, vitality – the full throttle, high-octane side of life. On the other hand, the moon embodies tranquillity, peace, and beauty – the calm after the storm, the peaceful whisper in the night. Now, imagine a tattoo combining these two forces, a symbolic symbol of the eternal quest to balance our fiery and tranquil sides. That, my friends, is a skin story worth telling.

Gorgeous Balance Tattoos

Gorgeous Balance Tattoos

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But hey, who says you have to stick to the classics? This is the world of tattoos, after all, a realm of creativity and experimentation! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not twist the balance tattoo into something uniquely you? Work with your tattoo artist, toss ideas back and forth, and create a design that’s as individual as you are.

Finally, consider this: maybe your quest for balance doesn’t need symbols. Maybe it just needs one powerful word – “balance”. Picture it, that one word, inked in a stunning font, a constant reminder of your pursuit of equilibrium. Sit with your tattoo artist, choose a font that screams “you”, and let your skin do the talking.

Unconventional Balance Tattoo Designs With Heart And Brain Symbols

Unconventional Balance Tattoo Designs With Heart And Brain Symbols

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The battle between the heart and the brain is a tale as old as time. On one hand, we have the heart, always eager to chase happiness, even if it means veering off the beaten path. On the other hand, the brain stands its ground, playing the role of the logical decision-maker, often choosing the path of long-term gain over short-term pleasure.

Relate much? Well, imagine encapsulating your feelings of this eternal conflict in a balance tattoo. It’s like wearing your internal struggles on your sleeve, literally. This tattoo could serve as a reminder of your constant quest for balance, the fine line you tread between your heart’s desires and your brain’s logic.

Wonderful Flower Motifs To Add To Your Tattoo

Wonderful Flower Motifs To Add To Your Tattoo

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But, wait! Who said balance tattoos have to be monotonous? Spice it up, I say! One of the beautiful ways you can jazz up your balance tattoo is by integrating flower motifs. They not only add aesthetic appeal but can also inject additional layers of symbolism to your design. Think about a Yellow Rose, a symbol of friendship and joy among women, adding its radiance to your tattoo. It could serve as a reminder that amidst the struggle between heart and brain, don’t forget the joy and beauty life offers.

Flexible Tattoos That Can Be Put Anywhere

Flexible Tattoos That Can Be Put Anywhere

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Now, let’s address a common question I get: where on your body should you get a balance tattoo? Well, the beauty of these designs is their flexibility. They fit in just about anywhere – top of your finger, palm, your back, neck, shoulder, wrist – you name it!

In 2021, I’ve seen an upward trend of folks getting balance tattoos in all sorts of places, turning their bodies into multi-angle showcases of their personal struggles and beliefs. So, choose your spot wisely. Think of it like your personal billboard for the world to see.

Balance Tattoo Ideas That Represent Justice

Balance Tattoos That Represent Justice

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Another way to ramp up your balance tattoo? Add a touch of justice to it. Balance is a cornerstone concept in justice, so why not illustrate it with the gavel of the court? It’s a powerful reminder of the values of fairness and honesty in our lives, adding another layer of depth to your balance tattoo.

Charming Balance Tattoos With Yin-Yang Symbol

Charming Balance Tattoos With Yin-Yang Symbol

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The Yin-Yang, symbolizing the duality of nature, is the tattoo industry’s little black dress – timeless, chic, and endlessly customizable. It captures the essence of harmony in the universe, reminding us that opposing forces can coexist, complementing each other beautifully. If you’re a seeker, tuned into the cosmic energies that guide us, the Yin-Yang tattoo could be your perfect balance symbol. And trust me, as someone who’s etched this symbol into countless skins, the appeal never fades.

Ethereal Tattoo Designs With The Lady Of Justice

Ethereal Tattoo Designs With The Lady Of Justice

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Now, let’s shake things up a bit and talk about the showstoppers – the large, ornamental tattoos. Ever considered a Lady of Justice tattoo design? I bet you didn’t! Not the most common choice, granted, but if you’ve got the canvas space and a passion for justice, this could be a striking option.

In Latin lore, Justitia, the Lady of Justice, is often depicted blindfolded, scales of balance in hand. The blindfold represents impartiality, the belief that justice should be dispensed without bias or favoritism. Imagine, then, wearing this symbol of unwavering fairness on your skin. Add a splash of red to your Lady of Justice tattoo, and you’ve got a piece that’s both realistic and ethereal.

Now, you might be thinking, “Isn’t all this just a trend?” Well, let me let you in on a little secret – while fashion trends come and go, the allure of balance tattoos transcends fleeting fads. They’ve held their own over the years, and not just in 2021. It’s the timeless quest for balance that keeps drawing folks back to these symbols.


Well, folks, we’ve journeyed through the world of balance tattoos together, and I hope you’re walking away with a few ideas up your sleeve – or ready to go under the needle, so to speak! It’s a beautiful thing, getting to wear your own idea or philosophy on your skin, literally.

But remember, my friends, while tattoos are a fun and fantastic form of self-expression, they also come with their fair share of challenges. They can be costly and, let’s not beat around the bush, they can hurt a bit. Not to mention, they’re permanent, so make sure you’re ready to commit.

On the flip side, a balance tattoo can be a powerful and constant reminder of your quest for equilibrium. Every glance at your yin-yang, scale, or Lady Justice can reignite that desire for balance in your life.

Now, speaking from years of experience in crafting these symbols onto skin, the thrill of seeing a customer’s eyes light up when they see their new tattoo…well, that’s priceless.

In the end, if your pockets are deep enough, and you’re braver than a lion, I say, go for it! Get that balance tattoo! Remember, folks, balance isn’t something we stumble upon; it’s something we consciously strive for. So, let your tattoo be your talisman, guiding you on that journey.

So, whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a newbie dipping your toes in the ink-filled waters, I wish you happy inking! Let’s tip the scales towards balance, shall we? And remember – your body, your canvas, your story. Until next time, keep it balanced!

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