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New Balance 1500 – All You Need to Know

by Jamie Wilson
New Balance 1500 Gyb

Being the leading model of the New Balance clan, the 1500 is the trainer you need to be adding next for your beloved kicks collection. Considered the key model to athletic wear, comfort and exceeding in performance, the 1500 is an iconic model for the American brand. Available in a range of colourways, the New Balance 1500 are guaranteed to fit into any sneakerhead collection. From the Encyclopaedia to the “Made in England” lines, the 1500 has become a staple figure for the NB archive.

New Balance 1500


With New Balance originating in 1906 by William J. Riley, the 1500 trainer is a fresh model for the brand. Released in 1993 – it’s one of the newest and relived trainers for the New Balance stockists. While the current list of style types for the model seems to be endless, from V1 to CM150 0GG, the 1500 has been developed to the standard for any professional athlete or dedicated trainer enthusiast. A step-up from the New Balance 576 and 577 models, the 1500 features a narrower and sharper shape.

New Balance 1500

While the shoe is considered to hold a low profile as compared to Nike Free Run’s, it’s no doubt still one of the best on the shelf for performance. The stability enhanced shoe is built for the hard-working movement of long distance and intense workouts. Think of it as your go-to running partner, the 1500 design is constructed to enhance performance and essentially the workout on your feet. So much so, the 1500 has exceeded its expectations as it was worn by Germany’s runner Sebastian Kienle in 2014, during his winning at Ironman World Championship.

While the brand itself is a fresh take on sports-wear amongst the saturated sneaker market, the 1500 is a lot to be desired. Flexible, durable and control excessive, the 1500 holds an individual design compared to other lines on the New Balance Archive. The lightweight 6MM drop, effective toe spin and plastic archbridge shape, the shoe is one of the most snug yet – enough to feel practically bare. Also featuring Encap technology mid-sole, fulfils the gap in NBs sporting technology. The aim of the design is to enhance the footwork on your feet, during intense workouts and long distances sprints. Essentially, shaping the shoe into a trainer with long term benefits.

Since the drop in 2014, the 1500 has re-released in a range of colourways, editions, and collaborations. From menswear brand Saint Alfred to seasonal palettes, there is a 1500 for any sneakerhead and evidently, any sneaker void that needs to be filled.

New Balance 1500 “Made in England”

New Balance 1500

The leading lines of the 1500 family are the New Balance 1500 “Made in England”. With the demand in ethical distribution  and sustainability, the 1500 “Made In England” lines fill the gap in the sneakerhead market. Constructed in local factories of the English soil, the “Made in England” the 1500s provide an element of authenticity.



Drop Date

June 2016

New Balance 1500 “Saint Alfred x 1500”

New Balance Saint Alfred

In the collaborative partnership with Chicago-based menswear brand Saint Alfred in 2013, New Balance 1500 dropped an exclusive sneaker – which has the lead on to become an iconic style for the line. Known for it’s all-red palette, the Saint Alfred x 1500 was a huge step for the sneaker brand. Featuring ballistic nylon mesh and long-grain suede, the trainer is definitely bespoke amongst the rest of the 1500 line. With a contrasting gum rubber sole and the staple ENCAP on the side in gold, it was  a big drop from the brand – elevating bespoke design with performance.



Drop Date

December 2013

New Balance 1500 x La MJC x Colette x Undefeated

New Balance Undefeated

Another staple collaboration with the 1500 trainer was La MJC x Colette x Undefeated collection. While both La MJC and Undefeated have had collaborations with other frontline sneaker brands, this 1500 collab was an iconic drop the NB archive. Released alongside the MT580 model, the 1500 features light blue and gold palette, decked with a leopard-print lining.

Dropped in 2012, the 1500 La MJC x Colette x Undefeated collection was first sold in an exclusive pop-up store in Paris, leading to sales across the globe at all major retailers.



Drop Date

October 2012

New Balance 1500 x Starcow

New Balance Starcow

One of the most bespoke collaborations of the NB archive. The Starcrow 1500 collaboration is the kickstart to Starcows growing list of partnerships. Featuring muted and neutral tones, the Starcrow 1500s are definitely an essential to any New Balance enthusiasts. It’s a fresh look for the 1500s archive, which has alot ot be desired. With two drops within the same month of release date, it’s no wonder the Starcrow 1500 is one of the most popular collaborations, available at all New Balance stockists.



Drop Date

October 2014


  • Built for running and long distance sprint.
  • Flexible in shape and movement, essentially at the toe-point.
  • Much narrower and sharper shape than the 576 and 577 models.
  • Control excessive and maximum movement.
  • Plastic archbridge.
  • Lightweight, elevating footwork.

For more history and ‘get to know’ on New Balance, check out our History of Sneakers.

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New Balance 1500
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