100+ awesome lighthouse tattoo designs you need to see!

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lighthouse tattoo

Lighthouse tattoo designs are some of the most common tattoos among sailors, people who love the sea, as well as the Summer season. Both men and women will appreciate the right tattoo over their arm, leg, chest, or back area. Do you need some lighthouse tattoo inspiration designs? If so, keep on reading and find your perfect lighthouse and ship tattoo down below!

What Does A Lighthouse Tattoo Symbolize?

If you want a tattoo that has deep, positive, as well as optimistic meanings – go for a lighthouse symbol. It indicates that you are on the right path among any stormy waves & rocky ships! It will also say that you are capable of overcoming everything!

What Do Ship Tattoos Mean?

A ship tattoo can have different meanings, and it will vary depending on the ship that you choose. It also depends a lot on your current life situation. A ship can symbolize luck, bravery, new beginnings, as well as a troubled past. It is also important that you combine this tattoo with something since this way it will have a symbolic meaning that is easy to read by others!

Black And Grey Lighthouse Tattoo


Since now you know the lighthouse meaning tattoo, would you be willing to place it over your body? This lighthouse design has a deep meaning and it represents the storm and the ocean that you will conquer in your life. However, remind yourself that you will always have a guide of some sort (and go for a compass). This ink will represent someone you love, and who is waiting for you back home!

Traditional Lighthouse Tattoo


This lighthouse tattoo color design will suit guys or girls who like colorful tattoos. Colorful lighthouse tattoo designs will take a bit more time to get + they are pricier than black & white old school lighthouse tattoo designs. However, this realistic lighthouse tattoo will last you for more years than other lighthouse tattoos. If you are a fan of longevity and durable designs, you will love this tattoo.

Red Lighthouse Tattoo Design Floral 


This lighthouse tattoo drawing is quite realistic and is done in bright red ink, perfect for guys who like color. Lighthouse tattoo ideas like this one are pretty common and basic, but they will suit people who like recognizable and traditional lighthouse tattoos.

Lighthouse Traditional Tattoo With Green Elements


Are you a fan of color? Do you really want to stand out with your lighthouse tattoo? This one won’t suit many people since it is covered in green ink. However, this is a lighthouse tattoo flash design that represents growth, wealth, as well as a fun journey. If you want, you can also decorate this tattoo with the sea elements. If you are on a search for something unique and that not many people can rock – this is your lighthouse design!

Black And White Lighthouse Tattoo 


Some of the best lighthouse tattoos will look great over your entire arm or your shoulder. You should also go for a sleeve tattoo design if you have some time to spare, and if you are not scared of the needle. This black & white light tower tattoo will take you around 4-5 hours to get. If you don’t mind this period and you really want a lighthouse tattoo design for your arm – this is perfect!

Small Lighthouse Tattoo Black & White


Lighthouse leg tattoo can be painful to get. That is, only if you place it over your bones. If you are not afraid of the needle, go for this placement on your leg! If you are, however, you should place this tattoo on your calves. It will suit guys who work out the best + it is simple yet can make a big impact.

Lighthouse Tattoo Small Simple


If you fancy the meaning of lighthouse tattoo designs, but you are afraid of ink and needles, stick with this petite lighthouse tattoo. This house design is quite popular, as well as its placement over the ankle. It will only take you 60 minutes to get this tattoo, so why not give this lighthouse tattoo a chance?

Lighthouse Tattoos Black Sleeve


This lighthouse tattoo traditional sleeve design is the perfect masterpiece for guys who are not afraid of giant pieces. It is also a lighthouse tattoo that will look the best on men who work out. Are you a fan of dramatic and noticeable pieces? If so, you will enjoy this one. Heads up since it will take you over 8 hours to get the entire design inked.

Little Lighthouse Tattoo 


You can also place a meaningful and deep quote right next to your lighthouse tattoo. Remind yourself that you should always ‘’keep going’’ despite the storms that you might have encountered. Simple lighthouse tattoos such as this one can be quite fun to get + they are very deep and perfect for guys who prefer symbolic tattoos over giant and flashy designs.

Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas


Lastly, this lighthouse anchor tattoo can be an amazing idea for sea lovers, as well as guys who like to combine all sorts of different elements all over their bodies. This anchor lighthouse tattoo will look the best in black ink + it will take you around 3 hours to get the entire design on your body.

Having Said All Of That

Which tattoo did you like the most? You can ink lighthouse designs freely and anywhere on your body. You should find your inspo with one of our top 10 lighthouse tattoo pictures. Just make sure you consider all of our recommendations and you will find the best lighthouse tattoos, we can vouch!

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