101 Amazing North Star Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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north star tattoo

North Stars tattoos are great and elegant tattoos with meaning. Perfect for all genders! If you’ve ever seen stars making a pot with a handle in the sky, then you’ve seen the North Star too! So shine bright like the stars themselves with North Star tattoos. Take inspiration from our top 10 list down below!

What does the North Star symbolize?

The North Star or Polaris is technically the northern pole star to us on Earth. The way distant star systems make up our night sky is fascinating. This nautical star helped sailors of the past find their way home as well. 

What is the meaning behind the nautical star tattoo?

As we’ve mentioned before, sailors were very dependent on the North Star for navigation. A North Star tattoo represented good luck in the open seas and a safe return home. Today the superstition is gone with excellent navigation technology, but the design is still popular. It is now tattooed for protection, luck and guidance!

Tiny North Star Tattoo Elegant Wrist Tattoo Idea For Both Men and Women

Tiny North Star Tattoo Elegant Wrist Tattoo Idea For Both Men and Women

Need a tiny symbolic tattoo only you know about? How about this simple North Star tattoo on your wrist? This star tattoo symbolizes the right path, so it’s perfect for wandering souls! Another great placement for a tiny looking tattoo design is behind the ears and finger placement.

Shiny North Star Tattoo Small Image For Good Luck Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Shiny North Star Tattoo

What shines the brightest to most people? No, it’s not your pearly whites on Facebook, but the Northern Star! Ask your tattoo artist for the brightest white ink they have! Shine bright to your safe way home with this small North Star tattoo on your forearm!

Simple Black Ink Tattoos With Stars North Star Tattoo Meaning Guidance In Life

Simple Black Ink Tattoos

Get three times the luck with these simple black ink North Star tattoos on your body! It can also represent the shiniest people in your life – your family. This image of two small stars and the North Star will look beautiful on your hand or ankle!

Tiny Simplistic Black Ink North Star Tattoo Design Body Art Behind The Ear Tattoo

Tiny Simplistic Black Ink North Star Tattoo

Simple black ink tattoos are the way to go! And this tiny simplistic North Star tattoo proves it. We know you’ll love looking sleek with a tattoo behind the ear, just go over all the details with your tattoo artist first! 

Stylized Stars Tattoo For Men Nautics North Star Tattoo Idea Black and Gray Ink

Stylized Stars Tattoo

A popular design among men is this stylized North Star image design. It is also used in representing the wind rose showing all the sides of our world. The perfect talisman for people on the road! Get your artist to tattoo a North Star image like this one on your elbow or calf muscle.

Colorful Arrow Through North Star Compass Tattoo Design Below Elbow Placement

Colorful Arrow Through North Star

Bring more fun into your life with this explosively colorful North Star compass tattoo! Tattooed by people on the open seas, this image was a symbol of good luck and a safe journey. No reason for the meaning to change with modern technology! Perfect for the forearm or shin placement.

Black and Gray Ink Wind Rose North Star Tattoo For Protection

Black and Gray Ink Wind Rose

Ah the beautiful wind rose image we all know and love. Even without modern navigation, this image is a symbol of nautics and travel. So get it tattooed for protection on the road anywhere you and your artist choose to! You can opt for classic black and gray tattoos or add a pop of color.

Sketchy Compass North Star Tattoo For Men Forearm Star Tattoos In Black Ink

Sketchy Compass North Star Tattoo

Are you an artist yourself looking for cool black ink tattoos? Then you need to see this one! Make all your Facebook friends jealous with a sketchy wind rose North Star tattoo like this one! You can leave the incredible design as is, or add the N, S, W, E letters in a different color. 

Incredible Sailor Tattoos Ideas Colorful North Star Tattoo With Anchor For Good Luck

Incredible Sailor Tattoos

Sailor or not, you can appreciate this incredible tattoo image with a colorful North Star and anchor tattoo. It has all the elements of nautics inspired tattoos – from rope to the wind rose! You’ll be fully protected on every trip you take with this awesome mens tattoo!

Blue and Black Ink Watercolor Wind Rose North Star Tattoo Compass Back Placement

Blue and Black Ink Watercolor

If you’re on the lookout for a soothing tattoo related to safe travels, see this watercolor wind rose compass tattoo! Choose your favorite colors for the watercolor gradient in the background to make the piece more interesting. Any artist will tell you large designs deserve a back or chest placement!

Having Said All That

We hope you love our top 10 ideas on the North Star tattoo designs! Pick your favorite image above and schedule that tattoo shop appointment today! A tattoo of stars will bring more light and luck into your life. So, like, what are you waiting for?

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