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101 Amazing Faith Hope Love Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

by Jamie Wilson
Faith Hope Love Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a beautiful and symbolic way to show the world who you are and what you like. They should be meaningful to you, even if other people don’t understand a tattoo design. And if you’re looking for those types of tattoos, you’re on the right page! The tattoo for faith hope and love is such an elegant way to express gratitude forever. It’s a more popular tattoo than you’d think! So check out our inspirational list of 10 faith hope and love tattoo ideas down below!

What Does Faith Hope and Love Tattoo Mean?

Sometimes straightforward quote tattoos are the best. They’re words of significance to your life and other people can clearly see it too! Have you ever wondered what does a faith hope love tattoo mean? While the general meaning is exactly as it sounds, changing up the order of words or the hope faith love symbol makes it more personalized. This statement tattoo grouped together is the best one to tattoo for bringing more happiness and positivity in your life!

What Does Hope Tattoo Mean?

We’ve all experienced hopefulness in our life once or twice, right? It’s a feeling of desiring and patiently waiting for something positive to happen. Hope tattoos signify different things for different people. An anchor or lighthouse are often associated with the word hope. The anchor symbol stems from Christianity, but it can be a universal sign of hoping for the best in the future. And remember, whatever the tattoo may be, you give it your own personal meaning!

Hope Faith Love Tattoo Artistic Design

Hope Faith Love Tattoo Artistic Design

Whether you’re religious or not, this tattoo design touches the heart! Faith comes naturally to people, so you can substitute the cross for any symbol you feel connected to. And who doesn’t need more hope and love in their lives right now? This gorgeous faith hope love tattoo is ideal for an forearm placement where the world can see it shine. You can also tattoo hope faith love in different colored ink, such as your favorite color!

Neon Purple Ink Love Hope Faith Tattoo Forearm Placement

Neon Purple Ink Love Hope Faith Tattoo Forearm Placement

Looking for simple yet meaningful tattoos of faith to personalize? How about this symbol of faith hope love tattoos? The ideas behind these faith hope love tattoos are that you combine the three things you want, have and need in your life. The way you create your own hope faith and love tattoo will reflect just that! Add an interesting effect to the design or get tattoo ink that suits your skin tone. It’s always your choice!

Heart Art Love Hope Faith Tattoos on Wrist

Heart Art Love Hope Faith Tattoos on Wrist

Faith is something every one of us needs, especially in difficult times! It comes naturally and is inseparable with hope and love. Whichever divine forces you believe are responsible for life, a symbol of that can be incorporated into a stunning faith hope love tattoo such as this one. If you want to go for the classical black ink tattoo, maybe opt to color the love heart in a bright red shade. The perfect placement for such meaningful tattoos of hope faith and love is the wrist! 

Small Love Faith Hope Tattoo

Small Love Faith Hope Tattoo

If you’re a Chirstian you’ll know the significance of these three virtues found in the New Testament. Isn’t it amazing how simple three words hold such power? Faith hope and love are increasingly becoming more popular tattoos, not just for Christians! You can get just the symbol for faith hope love or tattoo the words themselves below. Ideally faith hope love tattoos are meant for the wrist where you can always read them or the chest, closest to your heart. 

Couple Inspired Faith Love Hope Tattoo

Couple Inspired Faith Love Hope Tattoo

It’s incredibly difficult to process someone’s passing away. Some never do and that’s also ok. A wonderful gesture to commemorate that person’s life is a faith love and hope tattoo! It represents hope that the person is in a better place and immortalizes the love you had and still have for them. Love tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, but we think this faith hope love tattoo is most fitting. Add important dates and a name to never forget the faith, hope and love that person always had. 

Forearm Faith Love Hope Symbol

Forearm Faith Love Hope Symbol

Everyone has experienced all three: faith hope and love! While the feeling of hope and love is universal and easily explained, faith might be tricky. Each and every one of us experiences faith differently, which should be respected. And each tattoo, even of a similar design, is experienced differently too! The tattoos faith hope love are most commonly represented with a cross, heart beat and love heart. So swap the cross for your faith symbol and choose a unique font for the words!

Colorful Faith Hope LoveTattoo Small

Colorful Faith Hope LoveTattoo Small

Are you searching for unconventional faith hope love tattoo ideas? Look no further than this colorful tattoo faith hope love symbol design! Welcomed by all, but best suited for someone who has a bright and fun personality. Highlighter colored ink will pop on any skin tone out there, so don’t let that stop you! Religious or not you have to admit this is an eye-catching faith hope love tattoo design. Ideal for a wrist placement, get this kind of hope faith love tattoos this month!

Faith Tattoo Symbol Watercolor Art

Faith Tattoo Symbol Watercolor Art

Do faith, hope and love words hold deep meaning for you? Are you in a mood to get a tattoo of them? Don’t worry and get inspirational with our top 10 list right here! In this tattoo design, the word faith is represented with a cross, hope is the heartbeat and love is obviously a heart! Bolder black ink lines appear more masculine, but you can choose any tattoo style you’d like! Add a splash of color in the background to make the faith hope love design more interesting!

Faith Hope and Love Tattoo Bold Words Design

Faith Hope and Love Tattoo Bold Words Design

If you’re a spiritual man looking for some meaningful text tattoos, we recommend this one! Tattoos faith hope love express just that! Faith tattoos designs come in different shapes and sizes. Simple bold words are perfect for men as they ooze strength and determination. We know you’ll love this black ink hope love faith tattoo design, so what are you waiting for? Think of a cool placement such as back of the neck or behind the ear.

Faith Love Hope Ideas Around The Ankle Tattoo

Faith Love Hope Ideas Around The Ankle Tattoo

We’ve saved the best for last! Take a look at this amazing realistic ankle tattoo design! Faith symbol tattoos are often associated with a cross, or any religious symbol really. And a symbol for hope is the anchor. It stems from Christianity and the Hebrew 6:19 stating: “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast.” If these words are your anchor in life, think of tattooing these faith hope love symbol ideas onto your wrist or ankle!

Having Said All Of That

We hope you love our choices for 10 best tattoos faith love hope! Tattoos should always carry deep meaning, no matter how simplified the tattoo design is! Whichever is more important to you, faith hope and love tattoos express three virtues also found in the New Testament. A tattoo like this one is loved among other spiritual people, not just Christians you know! They are ideal to immortalize your faith or even as love tattoos. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment and go get a beautiful faith hope love tattoo!

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