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20+ Amazing Steven Universe Tattoos For 2024

by Jamie Wilson
Steven Universe Tattoo

In the diverse world of body art, few symbols embody a more intriguing mix of creativity, personality, and vibrant color than those inspired by the popular animated series, Steven Universe. This blog post seeks to delve into the intricacies of Steven Universe tattoos, offering a detailed exploration of their significance, aesthetic appeal, and the unique subculture they represent.

Steven Universe, the brainchild of Rebecca Sugar, is not just a cartoon series. It is a phenomenon that has inspired a significant counterculture in the tattoo world, as it offers a cornucopia of designs, symbols, and characters that brim with depth, visual appeal, and a multitude of meanings. Drawing from its rich lore, it transcends the boundary of mere entertainment and embraces a wealth of values, emotions, and life lessons.

By the end of this post, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of Steven Universe tattoos, their cultural significance, and how these designs can offer a powerful medium of personal expression. We will unpack the various motifs, characters, and themes that make up these tattoos, from the magical Gem species and their fusion forms, to the iconic imagery like Rose’s Sword, the Star insignia, and the Crystal Temple.

Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast looking to understand this trend, a Steven Universe fan exploring ways to wear your love for the series on your skin, or a curious reader interested in the fusion of pop culture and body art, this blog promises to enlighten, engage, and inspire. So, sit back and prepare for a colorful journey into the world of Steven Universe tattoos, where animation meets skin in a symphony of storytelling and artistry.

Steven Universe Tattoo Rose Quartz Sword

Steven Universe Tattoo Rose Quartz Sword
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The embodiment of Rose Quartz’s strength and compassion, her sword, holds a coveted spot in the heart of Steven Universe fans. Forged by Bismuth, this dark pink weapon shares a special bond with Steven and his friend Connie, who both wielded it at different points in the series. Despite its destruction, the sword later regains its glory when it’s remade for Connie. This tattoo, adorned with an embedded Rose Quartz on the rosebud-like pommel, skillfully encapsulates the essence of Rose Quartz herself. If you’re fond of her character, consider this striking design for your next tattoo.

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo
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Our emotional engagement with Steven Universe intensifies during one of the most poignant scenes in the series finale, ‘Change Your Mind’. When White Diamond attempts to restore Pink Diamond to her original form, it results in Steven’s gem separating from his body. The reunion of Steven with his gem creates a touching image that symbolizes resilience and identity. If this emotional resonance strikes a chord within you, this tattoo could be your perfect match.

Steven Universe Lapis Tattoo

Steven Universe Lapis Tattoo
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From being trapped as a prisoner to finding friendship and happiness with Steven and his friends, Lapis’ journey is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Despite her tragic past, Lapis’ strong will power and ability to control water captivate fans. If her character inspires you, a Lapis tattoo can serve as a powerful symbol of resilience and transformation.

Steven Universe Gemstones Tattoo

Steven Universe Gemstones Tattoo
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For those seeking simplicity and elegance, Gemstone tattoos offer an attractive alternative. Each character in the series has a unique Gemstone attached to their body, such as Steven’s naval gem or Pearl’s forehead gem. These tattoos can be minimalistic and standalone, symbolizing a subtle nod towards the Steven Universe fandom.

Steven Universe Garnet Tattoo

Steven Universe Garnet Tattoo
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The embodiment of power, style, and courage, Garnet leads the Crystal Gems. As a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, Garnet not only exhibits tremendous power but also a distinct fashion sense that captivates fans. A Garnet tattoo is a bold expression of love for this stoic and striking character.

Steven Universe Weapons Tattoo

Steven Universe Weapons Tattoo
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Each Crystal Gem holds the power to summon a unique weapon through their Gems. This tattoo depicts various weapons from the series, such as Rose Quartz’s shield and sword, Garnet’s size-manipulating gauntlets, Amethyst’s whip, and Pearl’s Spear. If you’re seeking a minimalist yet aesthetic Steven Universe tattoo, this design holds a captivating allure.

Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo

Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo
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Pearl, an original member of Rose Quartz’s rebellion against the Gem Homeworld, is a complex character whose sensitivity, elegance, and power endear her to fans. Her devotion towards Rose Quartz adds another dimension to her character, making a Pearl tattoo an appealing choice for those who resonate with her character.

Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo

Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo
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The Cookie Cat, an ice cream sandwich shaped like a cat’s face, holds significant symbolic meaning in the series. It represents the refugees from an interstellar war, like Steven’s mother, Garnet, and Pearl. Its importance is further highlighted when Steven’s gem glows for the first time after eating it. This tattoo holds a unique place among Steven Universe fandom tattoos.

Steven Universe Lion Tattoo

Steven Universe Lion Tattoo
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Who wouldn’t want to befriend a magical, pink-furred lion? Steven’s unusual friendship with his resurrected lion friend symbolizes companionship and adventure. This cute and powerful animal, endowed with magical powers by Rose Quartz, makes for an adorable tattoo choice.

Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo

Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo
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A complex character with a compelling transformation, Peridot evolves from an antagonistic figure to a valued member of the Crystal Gems. Despite her rude demeanor and awkwardness, Peridot’s kind-heartedness shines through. A tattoo of this character not only symbolizes her journey but also represents personal growth and redemption.

Need More Inspiration

Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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7 More Steven Universe Tattoos To Consider

The realm of Steven Universe tattoos is vast and varied, reflecting the rich narrative tapestry and diverse character roster of the show. Here are a few other popular Steven Universe tattoos:

Steven’s Star Tattoo

Steven’s iconic star symbol, often shown on his shirt, is a favorite among fans. This tattoo serves as a subtle yet effective homage to the protagonist of the series.

Diamond Authority Symbol Tattoo

The Diamond Authority is a significant entity within the series, ruling over the Gem Homeworld and its colonies. Its emblem, a four-diamond configuration with each representing White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Diamond, makes a visually striking and meaningful tattoo.

Fusion Tattoos

Fusions are unique entities formed from two or more gems combining. Notable fusions like Opal (fusion of Amethyst and Pearl), Sardonyx (fusion of Garnet and Pearl), or Stevonnie (fusion of Steven and Connie) are often transformed into tattoos, expressing the unity, harmony, and complexity of relationships.

Crystal Gem Symbol Tattoo

The emblem of the Crystal Gems, a star within a circle, symbolizes the team’s unity and defiance against the Gem Homeworld’s tyranny. It’s a favorite for those who relate to the Crystal Gems’ cause.

Rose’s Shield Tattoo

Rose Quartz’s shield is another prevalent Steven Universe tattoo. As a symbol of protection and love, it’s a powerful choice for those who identify with these qualities.

Bubble Tattoo

Steven’s power to encapsulate things in a protective bubble is a recurring motif in the series. A tattoo of Steven’s pink bubble can symbolize protection, care, and preservation.

Specific Character Tattoos

Characters like Greg Universe (Steven’s father), Lars of the Stars (Lars’ space pirate alter-ego), or the Off-Colors (a group of unique, outcast Gems) also inspire tattoos. These designs allow fans to highlight their favorite characters’ traits and narratives.

The potential for Steven Universe tattoos is limited only by imagination and personal preference. Every character, symbol, or moment from the series can provide the inspiration for a meaningful and visually appealing tattoo.

Discover The Meanings Behind The Various Steven Universe Tattoos?

Each Steven Universe tattoo can hold a range of meanings, depending on the element chosen and its significance within the series. Here are a few interpretations:

Rose Quartz’s Sword Tattoo: Represents strength, love, and compassion. It can also symbolize one’s struggle and resilience in life, much like the character Rose Quartz.

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo: Symbolizes identity, resilience, and acceptance. This scene from the series signifies a coming-to-terms with oneself, making it meaningful for those going through personal transformations.

Lapis Tattoo: Stands for resilience and transformation. Lapis’ character, who had a tragic past but was able to overcome and find happiness, represents overcoming hardships and change.

Gemstones Tattoo: Represents identity and individuality. Each gemstone in the series is unique to a character, much like how each individual is unique in their own way.

Garnet Tattoo: Symbolizes power, courage, and love. As a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, Garnet also stands for the unity and harmony of different elements.

Weapons Tattoo: Stands for strength and protection. These are the weapons used by the Crystal Gems to protect Earth, making it a symbol of guardianship.

Pearl Tattoo: Represents loyalty, elegance, and complexity. Pearl’s character showcases a range of emotions and personal struggles, which many people can relate to.

Cookie Cat Tattoo: Symbolizes refugees or those who have had to leave their home, based on the song ‘Cookie Cat’. It also stands for discovery and growth, given that Steven’s gem glowed for the first time when he ate it.

Lion Tattoo: Represents companionship and adventure. Steven’s lion friend is a magical creature who goes on many adventures with him, making this tattoo a symbol for friendship and exploration.

Peridot Tattoo: Symbolizes growth, redemption, and transformation. Peridot’s journey from being a villain to a hero represents personal evolution and change.


Navigating the landscape of Steven Universe tattoos presents an opportunity to express your affinity for this incredible series through an enduring form of body art. Remember, each design holds a unique symbolic weight, offering a rich narrative that can align with your personal values and experiences. Select a design that resonates with you, not just aesthetically but also at a deeper, personal level.

Like any form of body modification, tattooing does come with its risks, including potential allergic reactions, infection, or dissatisfaction with the result. Hence, it’s crucial to approach a reputable and professional tattoo artist who adheres to all safety and hygiene regulations. Ensure you have a comprehensive discussion about your design choice, placement, and aftercare instructions.

Despite these considerations, getting a tattoo can be an empowering experience that allows you to assert your identity and passions visually. Whether you choose a minimalist gemstone or a detailed character design, a Steven Universe tattoo is a personal testament to the show’s impact and your connection with its narrative. Armed with the insights from this post, you are now well-prepared to embark on this exciting journey, transforming your admiration for Steven Universe into a unique piece of body art.

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