101 Best Snake Neck Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
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Are you looking for some cool snake tattoo ideas? You have arrived at the right place. Here are some cool snake neck tattoo designs for you to check out.

Neck Tattoo
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Most people find snakes to be quite dangerous and creepy, while others consider them to be elegant and fascinating.

Regardless, they are a very popular choice of body art, especially for men. What separates them from other tattoo designs, is their versatility and rich symbolism.

If we take a look at ancient cultures, we can find various references to this creature. For example, in Hinduism and certain African cultures, the snake is considered to be a spiritual animal, while Japanese culture believes that the snake is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In some other cultures, they represent negative emotions and occurrences, like betrayal, death, and temptation. There is a wide range of designs and sizes, to choose from especially when it comes to snake tattoos. Mentioned below are a few such examples of snake tattoos, that you will absolutely love.

Snake And Rose Tattoo Designs

Snake And Rose Tattoo Designs
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Nothing can beat a rose tattoo when it comes to beauty and elegance. But what happens when you combine it with a snake tattoo design? The answer to this question lies in this image. Etched on the neck of the individual, we can see a very beautiful snake tattoo design, drawn with black ink. To make this tattoo look more realistic and aesthetic, the artist has incorporated designs of roses. As mentioned earlier, snakes have often been perceived as a symbol of temptation and desire. When you pair it up with the classic symbol of love and passion, it depicts a deeper meaning. Additionally, you can also add colors like red or pink to highlight the petals of the rose. It will give this design an extra boost and will look more vibrant.

Two-Headed Snake Tattoos

Two-Headed Snake Tattoos
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Ever heard of the two-headed serpent? Well, it dates back to the ancient Aztech culture, where a two-headed snake was considered to be a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. Simultaneously, we can also find references to this mythical creature, in other cultures. The meanings however differ. For example, some believe that the two-headed snake is a representation of rebirth and renewal. The above-mentioned image, contains a similar design of a two-headed snake tattoo, etched on the neck of the individual. The whole tattoo has been designed with black lines and white ink. One of the most interesting elements of this design, is how creatively the tattoo artist has created two different looks for the snake. One part consists of a simple snake design, while on the other part, we can see the design of a vicious and hissing snake. If you like these kinds of designs, then you should definitely go for this one.

Cobra Snake Tattoo

Cobra Snake Tattoo
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Did you know, that in ancient Egypt, the cobra snake design was found on the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun? This is because the Egyptians believed that the cobra was a symbol of protection, and associated with life after death. In other cultures, like Indian culture, for example, the cobra is considered to be a sacred animal, that represents good luck and sovereign power. If you like these kinds of meanings behind your tattoo, then this one right here is a must-have. The tattoo artist has drawn a beautiful cobra snake tattoo with black and white ink, on the neck of the individual. One important thing to remember while getting a neck tattoo is that it can be very painful. The neck and the spine are two of the most sensitive body parts. Therefore, only when you have made your decision with full conviction, go ahead with the procedure.

Snake Chest Tattoo

Snake Chest Tattoo
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If you like large and dramatic looks for your tattoo, then this one is a must-have. The above-mentioned image contains a large design of a snake tattoo, extending from the neck of the individual to his chest. Indeed this tattoo design is very eye-catching and presents the fierce and wild side of the wearer. These kinds of tattoos usually are quite hard to create. They require a lot of time and patience for a tattoo artist to deliver the perfect piece. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting this design, make sure that you go to someone with proper experience and knowledge. This will prevent any kind of goof-ups in your tattoo design.

Japanese Snake Tattoo

Japanese Snake Tattoo
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Be it a snake or any other animal, Japanese tattoos are always very colorful and bold. They are an ideal choice among both men and women, because of the vibrant look that they offer. In this design, we can see one similar example of a Japanese snake tattoo design, etched on the neck f the individual. In Japan, the snake is viewed as a symbol of protection and feminine power. The artist has used bright shades of red, yellow and black, to create this beautiful design. The different colors of a snake, can also have different meanings. For example a white snake represents divinity, while a red snake, like this one, represents power and strength. Based on which meaning you can relate to the most, choose your color accordingly.

Simple Snake Tattoo

Simple Snake Tattoo
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If you are looking for some simple yet elegant designs, we have just the one for you. The above-mentioned image contains a beautiful snake tattoo, extending from the neck of the individual up to the back of the ear. These kinds of simple snake tattoo designs are very popular, especially among women. The artist here has also very creatively designed the elongated and slim body of the snake with different patterns, thus giving the tattoo a unique look. You can also customize this design according to your preference. Incorporating certain elements, like flowers, or butterflies, can make this tattoo look more feminine.

Snake’s Head And Flower Tattoo

Snake's Head And Flower Tattoo
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Here is another very interesting design of a snake neck tattoo. Instead of going for a traditional black and white design, the wearer has chosen a very colorful and vibrant look for his tattoo. It looks really pretty and aesthetic. The unusual choice of colors, to highlight the two elements of this design is also noteworthy. Instead of red and pink ink for the flower, the artist has chosen a bright shade of green to highlight the petals of the flower. Furthermore, for the head of the snake, he has successfully managed to create a ferocious look. Both the placement of the neck, alongside the design, presents the wild and bold side of the personality of the wearer.

Detailed Snake Neck Tattoos

Detailed Snake Neck Tattoos
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The image here contains an intricately detailed snake tattoo design. Just look at how beautifully the artist has designed the scales on the snake’s body with precision. He has also used black shading on certain parts of the body, to give this design a more realistic look. Needless to say, this one right here is a statement piece. One thing to remember before going for a snake tattoo, is that this kind of design is usually one of the most difficult forms of body art. This is largely because of the slenderness of the body. Therefore it is extremely important that the artist gets the right proportion of the snake’s body to make the snake tattoo look natural. It is very time-consuming, and given the placement of this tattoo, it can be extremely painful as well.

Snake Head Tattoo Designs

Snake Head Tattoo Designs
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If you want to go for a small yet meaningful and daring look, the snake head tattoo can be the perfect one for you. Etched on the neck of the individual, we can see a simple snake head tattoo. The piercing glance and the forked tongue of the snake have been beautifully highlighted in this design. Furthermore, if you look closely, you can also see a mixture of different patterns on the head of the snake. Some of the most common placements for these kinds of tattoo designs include the chest, thigh, and forearm.

Snake Around Neck Tattoo

Snake Around Neck Tattoo
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In the above-mentioned image, we can see a beautiful design of a snake, wrapped around the neck of the individual. From a distance, it can give the illusion of a neckband. Largely popular among women, these kinds of snake neck tattoos are not just pretty to look at, but equally meaningful. You can also design this look, using various colors, to make it more colorful and vibrant.

Although neck tattoos look great and alluring on every individual, they come with a few downsides. Other than the fact that they are extremely painful, neck tattoos can also be quite risky. The skin around our neck is extremely thin and sensitive. Therefore, if the tattoo artist penetrates the skin with the needle, deeper than anticipated, it can result in a blowout. Alongside, if the artist does not apply the required pressure, the tattoo can fade quite quickly. Therefore before getting neck tattoos, consider all these points and then only go ahead with the procedure. Here are a few other examples of snake neck tattoo designs, that you can check out.

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What is a snake neck tattoo?

A snake neck tattoo is a popular type of body art that typically features a coiling or winding snake that wraps around the neck. This design can be drawn in various styles and sizes, from small to large, and often includes details such as scales, eyes, and forked tongues. Snake neck tattoos are quite striking due to their placement on the body, making them a popular choice for individuals who want to make a bold statement. They can also be combined with other tattoos or elements such as flowers, skulls, or stars in order to create unique and interesting designs. This type of tattoo is often associated with symbolism such as strength, power, and protection.

What does a snake neck tattoo represent?

A snake neck tattoo can symbolize a variety of different things depending on the individual’s interpretation. Commonly, they are seen to represent life cycles and transformation due to their shape of winding around the neck. They may also be seen as a protective device or talisman that can ward off evil spirits. Additionally, snakes have been used in many cultures as a symbol of wisdom, power, and strength. For some people, this type of tattoo may be seen as a reminder to stay strong and determined no matter what life throws their way. Ultimately, the meaning behind snake neck tattoos is up to the individual wearing it.

How do I choose a design for my snake neck tattoo?

When choosing a design for your snake neck tattoo, it is important to consider both the style and size of the piece. Many individuals opt for large designs that wrap around their entire neck, while others may prefer something more subtle or smaller. It is also helpful to think about the types of details you would like to include in your piece such as scales, eyes, or forked tongues. Additionally, if you are looking to create a unique and personalized tattoo, consider combining the snake design with other elements such as flowers, skulls, stars, or feathers. Finally, make sure to research your artist thoroughly and look at their portfolio before deciding on the right artist for your design.

How much does a snake neck tattoo cost?

The cost of a snake neck tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and detail of the design, as well as the artist’s experience level. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos are less expensive than large ones as they require less time to complete. Additionally, more detailed or intricate designs may involve additional costs due to the amount of time and skill required to create them. It is recommended to speak with your artist directly in order to get an estimate of the cost prior to starting the tattoo process.

Does a snake neck tattoo hurt?

Like any other type of body art, getting a snake neck tattoo can be quite uncomfortable due to the sensitive nature of the skin in the area. Generally speaking, most people experience some degree of pain while getting a tattoo as the needles penetrate the skin and inject ink into it. However, there are many ways to reduce the discomfort such as numbing creams or ointments, regular breaks in between sessions, and taking painkillers prior to getting the tattoo. Additionally, the sensation of the pain can be different for everyone, so it is important to talk with your artist about any concerns or worries beforehand.

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