10 Best Seashell Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Seashell Tattoos

Are you looking for a beautiful marine tattoo that would look great anywhere on your body? Then here are some amazing seashell tattoo ideas for you!

Seashell Tattoo
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Seashell tattoos are one of the great symbols of protection.

Seashells are the hard, protective outer layer created by sea animals. Made up of mostly calcium carbonate, the seashell is how these animals protect themselves from predators underwater.

A seashell tattoo meaning is quite simple and sweet. If you are somebody who takes pride in being protective and caring to the ones you love, then you should definitely get a seashell tattoo as they symbolise love. A seashell tattoo is also a great candidate for bringing in good luck and fortune as dictated by Feng Shui. A seashell tattoo or a scallop shell tattoo will be the perfect tattoo to get if you want to celebrate a happy relationship and great memories in a symbolic way.

In addition to that, seashell tattoos are also quite feminine and represent fertility and birth in some cultures as well.

Beautiful And Elegant Seashell Tattoo Ideas

Beautiful And Elegant Seashell Tattoo Ideas
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All around the world, a lot of people choose the seashell or scallop shell tattoo due to its deep significance. Not only are seashells a symbol of love, but they are also a symbol of good luck and fortune. Consequently, if you are someone having a lot of big goals to achieve, you may want to have some lovely seashells drawn as a tattoo on your body. After all, a lot of people choose to get meaningful, symbolic tattoos to bring in good luck in their own unique way.

If you have a minimal aesthetic and prefer small but elegant tattoos, then you can definitely draw some inspiration from the picture above. The tattoo artist has done a fantastic job with the seashell tattoo by adding some lovely shading to make it look more authentic and realistic. This tattoo would also look great in photos, and you can be assured that the picture of your tattoo will get a lot of likes on social media.

Lovely Sea-Themed Tattoo Ideas With Seashells

Lovely Sea-Themed Tattoo Ideas With Seashells
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If you absolutely love going to the beach and book tickets for a beach vacation every time you get a holiday, then you might want to look at some lovely beach tattoos as well. A lot of people love the feel of the sand on their bodies and feel peace in breathing in the salty but sweet ocean air. While most people prefer to have fun at a party on the beach with their friends, some people also like to just sit on the sand with their family and soak in the moisture during the summer. One of the main reasons why a lot of people around the world love to go to the beach is to frolic around in the ocean water with their family in the summer. Food lovers also enjoy the taste of marine animals like prawns and crabs.

Therefore, if you want a lovely sea-themed tattoo, then you can combine different symbols of the beach and the ocean in your tattoo to express your love for it. You can get a tattoo inked like the one in the picture above with waves, seashells, and more. This would be a really cute and attractive tattoo idea that will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Tiny Seashell Tattoo Designs For Your Wrist

Tiny Seashell Tattoo Designs For Your Wrist
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You may want to start out with a simple seashell tattoo or a small seashell tattoo as you are still quite inexperienced and don’t know how much pain you can handle. Therefore, you can start with a tiny tattoo on your wrist.

As seen in the above picture, the wearer has gotten a few cute beach-themed tattoos inked on their wrist. The tattoos of these seashells might be quite small, but they are still quite beautiful even from a distance. The unconventional tattoo styles used by the artist make the tattoo even more eye-catching. The loopy drawing style, along with clean, monochromatic strokes, is a wonderful combination.

Elaborate Marine-Themed Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Elaborate Marine-Themed Tattoo Sleeve Ideas
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While most people prefer minimal and simple ocean tattoo ideas, there are some people who may also want a more elaborate seashell tattoo sleeve. A sleeve tattoo is a type of tattoo that covers most parts of a person’s arm. Consequently, you can also draw inspiration from the picture above and keep adding different symbols and shapes to your tattoo sleeve related to marine and aquatic life. The wearer has even added sharks and prawns along with scallop shells to make their tattoo more diverse.

Seashell Pearl Tattoo Designs

Seashell Pearl Tattoo Designs
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A pearl is one of the most beautiful and precious materials for making jewellery. They are known for their soft glow and luminescence. Consequently, if you want a feminine sea shell tattoo that is absolutely stunning and elegant, then you should get a tattoo of a sea shell with a pearl.

As can be seen above, the tattoo artist has drawn the pearl with a sea shell in an artistic fashion using the hand-poked technique.

Seashell Pearl Tattoos Designs
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The sea shell, along with the pearl tattoo, is the most direct way to represent protection and love through your seashell tattoos. This tattoo will announce to the whole world that you guard the people you love who are more precious to you than anything else.

This will also be the perfect design if you are looking for a seashell foot tattoo or a seashell tattoo on foot.

Colourful Seashell Tattoo Designs

Colourful Seashell Tattoo Designs
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Everyone knows that the best way to make your tattoo look even more attractive and eye-catching is to add colours to it. While some people prefer more muted, monochromatic tattoos with light shading, some people also prefer bright and vibrantly colourful tattoos.

Therefore, if you are really thinking of getting a seashell tattoo, you can also ask your tattoo artist to add wonderful colours to it. If you want your seashell tattoo to look more subtle and elegant, you can add soft, matte pastel shades to the scallop shell tattoo. You can also add some lovely flowers to your seashell tattoo if you want to.

If you are looking for some more inspiration regarding flower tattoos, check out these amazing carnation flower tattoo designs.

Colourful Seashell Tattoos Designs
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On the other hand, you might want your scallop shell tattoo to look bright and vivid. Then you may consider adding different shades of blue and pink to your tattoo as well. In the tattoo in the picture above, the deeper and darker shades of electric and indigo blue create a lovely contrast with the bright neon pink on the scallop shell.

Lovely Seashell Tattoo Ideas For Your Arm

Lovely Seashell Tattoo Ideas For Your Arm
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Some people use tattoos to remind them about the things that matter in life. Consequently, if you want a tattoo to help you remember to guard the ones you love, then you should get seashell tattoos. Seashell tattoos also signify good fortune and success in other cultures. Subsequently, you can fill up your arm with different odd shapes and symbols associated with the beach and the ocean. In the picture above, the wearer has gotten waves tattooed along with seashells. The waves, along with the seashells, can be a symbol of mystery as well as act for revealing a bit of your personality to others.

Amazing Seashell Tattoo For Your Shoulder

Amazing Seashell Tattoo For Your Shoulder
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A lot of tattoo lovers prefer getting tattoos on their shoulders because of the potential for maximum visibility that the site offers. In addition to that, shoulder tattoos do not hurt as much either. Therefore, for a tattoo that can be easily seen even from a distance, you can get a sea shell tattoo on your shoulder.

If you are looking for more ideas regarding shoulder tattoos, check out this article with the best shoulder tattoo ideas.

Seashell Tattoo Design Inspired By ‘The Birth Of Venus’ Painting

Seashell Tattoo Design Inspired By 'The Birth Of Venus' Painting
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‘The Birth of Venus’ is one of the most famous paintings in the world created by Sandro Botticelli in the 1480s. It depicts the myth of the birth of the Roman goddess of love and fertility. It shows Venus being born out of a scallop shell and arriving on the shore fully grown.

If you are a lover of European art and history and are looking for really unique and unconventional seashell tattoos, then you might just want to pay homage to the classic painting through your tattoo. In the above picture, the wearer has gotten a part of the painting tattooed on their skin by putting their own twist on a sea shell tattoo and showing their knowledge of art history at the same time.

Seashell Tattoos With A Phrase Or A Word

Seashell Tattoos With A Phrase Or A Word
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A sea shell tattoo can be a unique design as most people do not use this motif for symbolising protection. Consequently, if you like the tattoo design with seashells a lot, you can also add a phrase or a word with the tattoo to make it more meaningful and personal.

Tattoos with seashells can also be used if you want to express your attitude towards relationships. Seashells are a symbol of protection, and you can also get a sea shell tattoo to show that you are striving for better understanding through open communication in your relationship to make it a bit clearer so everyone can be a bit happier than they are currently. Thus, a sea shell tattoo will show your willingness towards working on your relationships.

If you happen to be someone who is a beach baby or love to frolic around in the ocean under the sun, then you should definitely look at ocean-themed tattoos for yourself. If you would rather prefer small beachy tattoos rather than larger beach tattoos, then you should check out some of the lovely seashell tattoo ideas on the internet that are symbolic of your love for the ocean and of your protective instincts. So go ahead and get a great seashell tattoo to keep away all the negative forces from your life!

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