10 Best Inner Calf Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Inner Calf Tattoos

These inner calf tattoos are the best place to display a creative tattoo design. Let’s get you diving in a sea of designs that we have collected just for you.

Inner Calf Tattoo
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Inner calf tattoos can take quite a long tattoo session to get complete due to their intricate position.

They can be painful as they hurt right at the nerve endings however they are absolutely worth it. However, they can be quite special and personalised tattoos.

These tattoo pain can be kept under control by an experienced tattoo artist. Although, calf tattoo hurt, yet they are more creative as its done on a large space of the body.

Although a few nerve endings might be triggered while getting a calf tattoo and the healing process is also quite slow compared to other tattoos. It takes more than 2-3 weeks to heal completely. One must avoid getting it near the sensitive areas like the knee, ankles, foot, ribs, etc which are more prone to bleeding, swelling and infection. One must avoid drinking alcohol during the healing process.

Women must take extra care of their body and skin around the calf area. This is surely not one of the worst place to get a tattoo therefore despite the pain factor, most people choose to get a tattoo in the inner calf because it looks very aesthetic in that area.

Elephant Calf Tattoo

Elephant Calf Tattoo
@carollinnpow via Instagram

This is one of the most creative tattoo design of all time. In this inner calf tattoo, the tattoo artist has made an elephant that is rising out from flowers leaves and petals. Then tire tattoo looks like a very elegant and creative piece of mandala design. It has covered quite a decent portion of the inner calf area. The colours that the tattoo artist has used in this tattoo a quite dark and serious.

The elephant has been shaded and textured in details and the execution of the elephant’s figure is quite realistic. The addition of purple blue green in the darkest hues makes this tattoo more enchanting.

The embellishments and accessories that the elephant is wearing has been very well coordinated with the flowers at the bottom to keep a similar overall design. The entire tattoo looks quite proportionate and not clustered which makes it more neat and aesthetic to look at.

Billie Eilish Calf Tattoo

Billie Eilish Calf Tattoo
@aliceink_tattoos via Instagram

This tattoo right here is a realistic portrait of Billie Eilish who is one of the most popular and talented American singer. This tattoo mostly looks like a fan art. The tattoo artist has placed this tattoo on the inner calf at the back region of the leg which makes it more visible and gives it enough space to display its authenticity.

The tattoo artist has very neatly and beautifully textured and detailed the portrait which looks quite similar to her real picture. The use of only black ink and shading it using the same ink makes it more classic and elegant. The tattoo artist has also used.like techniques to enhance the textures of the shadows in this tattoo.

Simpsons Inner Calf Tattoo

Simpsons Inner Calf Tattoo
@keeanftattoo via Instagram

This is a tattoo of a very famous American sitcom that goes by the name ‘The Simpsons’. In this tattoo the tattoo artist has drawn the main character of the Simpsons which is Homer Simpson along with Cletus Spuckler, another Simpsons character.

This tattoo is quite artistic as the characters of Simpsons have been drawn spot on and there has been another added element that adds to the aesthetic which is the inclusion of a huge flower with its leaves fanning out and the Simpsons portrait right over it.

The addition of flowers have made this look like a framed portrait. The tattoo artist has made this tattoo quite simple using just a black ink however the details of the tattoo are remarkable and it is quite a good size of a tattoo that has been placed in the inner calf area.

Crocodile Inner Calf Tattoo

Crocodile Inner Calf Tattoo
@sandmansinkshop via Instagram

This is one of the most intricate tattoo designs of all time and this has been given justice by placing it in the inner calf area which is quite the perfect spot for such a large piece that has to be displayed in a visual accessible area. The design of the tattoo is quite aesthetic.

Although the tattoo artist has not used any colours in the tattoo and has kept it plain by using only black ink but the execution of the patterns, designs and strokes in this tattoo makes it very unique and quite a masterpiece.

This is the tattoo of the side profile of a crocodile that has been filled with flowers and leaves as its scales which is quite a creative element to infuse into a complex tattoo.

Inner Calf Portrait Tattoo

Inner Calf Portrait Tattoo
@tatdaddyclothing via Instagram

In this inner calf portrait tattoo, the tattoo artist has used the entire leg as its canvas to portray this masterpiece. In this tattoo we have, a woman who is lighting a cigarette from the burning cork of a bottle. What a creative aesthetic capture of an image.

The tattoo artist has shaded the entire background, where there are stripes of bricks as the background in front of which the lady is standing. The entire tattoo is in black and white and the elements like the tattoos which the lady has like the spider web on the forehead and text tattoo on her cheeks that says ‘No love’ are very creative details that the tattoo artist has added in this tattoo.

Arrow And Feather Small Inner Calf Tattoo

Arrow And Feather Small Inner Calf Tattoo
@abuassad_tattoos_piercings via Instagram

This is a very simple arrow and feather tattoo that has been positioned beautifully in the inner calf area. It is a straight vertical tattoo that captures the attention right away. The tattoo artist has used simple jet black ink to keep this tattoo minimalistic and elegant.

However, what makes this tattoo more special and unique is the details that the tattoo artist has put in. The feather looks very realistic as the tattoo artist has beautifully spiked down and softened the edges similarly the arrow looks quite amazing where the tattoo artist has pointed out the arrow very sharply and the end has been further enhanced using feathers which is a great creative element.

Overall, a simple tattoo yet a bold statement piece.

Black Egret Bird Inner Calf Tattoo

Black Egret Bird Inner Calf Tattoo
@codak_smith via Instagram

This inner calf tattoo is a beautiful execution of a bird tattoo. The bird drawn in this tattoo is an ‘Egret’. The tattoo artist has done a great job in enhancing the features of the Egret. Not only does it look realistic but also very aesthetic. The tattoo artist has used don’t like patterns to shed the bones and crevices of the tattoo.

The egret has been placed on a lake with various plants. The length of the tattoo is quite tall and spaced out in the entire inner calf region which makes it more attractive and elegant. Once again it is a simple black ink tattoo and the tattoo artist has used no colours and still the execution is stunning.

Fish And Lightbulb Calf Tattoo

Fish And Lightbulb Calf Tattoo
@zombies8myshoe via Instagram

This is one of the most unreal and unexpected yet the most creative tattoo piece of all time. It is a huge, proportionate and spaced out tattoo which looks very vibrant and amazing in the inner calf region. But I do artist has drawn a light bulb which is a window to the aquatic life of the sea. The light bulb has been used as a canvas for the aquatic view which has been drawn inside.

There is a goldfish in the middle of the lightbulb and there are various other sea elements like the sea weeds, bubbles, etc.

The tattoo is very vibrant and colourful and the use of orange blue yellow green and various other colours makes this tattoo very aesthetic. The additional details like the little cracks in the light bulb and the true colour of a light bulb which is a yellow shade, has been used to border the outline of the light bulb to make it look realistic and it is a very creative element to add.

Spiky Centipede Inner Calf Tattoo

Spiky Centipede Inner Calf Tattoo
@lightbourntattoos via Instagram

This is a very stylish and 360° tattoo where the tattoo artist has used a creepy crawly centipede which is crawling around the entire inner calf region is a unique way to execute a tattoo. The centipede has been drawn with utmost precision.

The scales in the body of the centipede, the legs, the tail, the mouth, everything is very spiky and spot-on. The use of different shades of the black ink to enhance the depth of every corner in this tattoo makes it more realistic and aesthetic.

Cardinal Tattoo

Cardinal Tattoo
@pager_the_rager via Instagram

This is a very beautiful and vibrant capture of a cardinal bird sitting on a branch of a tree. The size of the tattoo and the space that has been used to place it delicately on the inner calf is amazing as it looks great.

The colour story of this tattoo is incredible as the tattoo artist has used a very vibrant red colour to fill in the Cardinal bird and various other highlights have been made using yellow ink to fill in the beaks, the legs and the tips of the leaves which is a very creative element to add. The textures of the branch of the tree makes it very realistic. Overall, it is a very aesthetic tattoo.

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