101 Best Feminine Pelvic Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Feminine Pelvic Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: November 24, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you looking for some interesting ideas for your next pelvic tattoo? Then, here are some of the best designs you can use as suggestions.

Feminine Pelvic Tattoo
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Classifying any tattoo as feminine tattoos depend on various things, like the fine lines used, the choice of color, or even the image depicted in the tattoo itself.

However, an important thing to remember is, that all tattoos are gender-neutral. This means anyone can get feminine tattoos, according to their choice or preference.

Pelvic tattoos, in particular, are extremely painful and the healing process might take more time than other common tattoo placement areas like the wrist or ankle. Not everyone can tolerate such excruciating pain. There have been several reports of people passing out during the tattooing process as well. One of the main reasons behind this is that the pelvic area of a person is full of several nerve endings. Nonetheless, if done properly, they will not only complement those feminine curves but also give a subtly seductive look. The last few years saw a huge growth in this style of tattoo and has been in popularity, ever since. If you are brave enough to get one, then here are some of the best ideas for your next feminine pelvic tattoo.

Rose Outline Pelvic Tattoo

Rose Outline Pelvic Tattoo
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Here is a very cute example of a pelvic tattoo designed just for girls. The artist has used just black ink to outline a petite rose, near the private area of this person. Roses are the epitome of love and beauty. Just look at the delicate details of the petals of this flower, that the artist has so creatively delivered. This can be the perfect choice for your next piece of pelvic tattoo.

Pelvic Star Design

Pelvic Star Design
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A star is a symbol of achievement and success. Using this as a tattoo design can turn out to be a great idea if you are looking for some simple designs. The artist has created this body art using different shades of black. If you do not like such complex designs, you can also opt for just the outline of a star. These kinds of styles are preferred by many women, because of the sexy and classy vibe, it generates. Some of the most common pelvic areas to get tattooed include the hip and the upper thigh. As quite evident, this image has been created with the help of a needle. However, if you do not like to idea of enduring this much pain, you can always go for henna ink. They are not at all painful and will only last for a few weeks.

Rose and Dagger Design

Rose and Dagger Design
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Here is another example of a classy design for your next tattoo. Roses and daggers are two opposite ends of a pole. While roses signify everything positive, like beauty and love, images of daggers are often associated with betrayal and heartbreak. When put together, they will not only look very unique but also offer a deep and dark side of the individual with this tattoo. An interesting fact about this tattoo is that these kinds of styles originated from the well-known phrase, ‘life is no bed of roses.

The artist in this design has tried to implicate this idea through his design. We can see how the dagger is piercing through the stem of the rose, in the image. This is the perfect example of a chic and creative tattoo design. If you are looking for similar tattoo ideas, then you should consider this one.

Serpent Tattoo Design

Serpent Tattoo Design
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Using images of snakes or serpents as body art has been in practice for a very long time. Other than the fierce and bold look that it generates, they also provide a deeper meaning of healing and immortality. This kind of style is hugely popular among both men and women alike. The image here shows a minimalistic image of a serpent that has been drawn on the pelvic area of the woman. The color used in this image is also another important thing to notice. Unlike the traditional black ink, the artist has chosen the fiery color of red, to create this art.

Feminine Flower Design

Feminine Flower Design
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When it comes to tattoos, nothing can compete with flowers. They are the epitome of beauty, grace, and almost every positive feeling in the world. Whether you are going for a minimalistic look or even a dramatic look, the result will look great on every woman and man alike. The image here is one such example to substantiate this claim. The artist has created a large-sized flower, full of buds and leaves. It looks both innocent and bold at the same time, and that is something very hard to achieve. Nonetheless, the artist has done a marvelous job with this design. While getting such designs done, it is also important to consider the tattoo placement area. Not every design will look great on every area of your body. Other than the pelvic area, this type of tattoo will also look very cute as a thigh tattoo or a hip tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo ideas
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A butterfly is a symbol of grace, immortality, and young love. If you are one of those people who believe in all these things, then the next time you get tattooed, you should use this one as a suggestion. The above image shows a beautiful design of a blue butterfly. Take a moment to pause and look at the intricate detailing of the wings of the butterfly. the different shades of blue and black ink, used for this purpose are marvelous. This design will look great not only as a pelvic tattoo, but also as a thigh tattoo, or even a hip tattoo.

Tribal Tattoo Design

Tribal Tattoo Design
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Tribal tattoos are designed as a way to pay tribute to your ancestors or heritage. It can also symbolize protection and power. The one above is a classic example of the same. The artists for this design have created a beautiful tribal pattern near the private area of the individual. If you are looking for a similar sexy and bold look for your next tattoo ideas, do not forget to use this one as a suggestion.

Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo
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If you do not like minimalistic looks in a tattoo, and instead want to opt for a dramatic appearance, then this one right here is a must-have. If you look closely at the image, you can see the body of a dragon emerging from the rear end of the design, and extending up to the side of the stomach of this individual. Dragons are a symbol of fearlessness and strength. This design not only looks bold but also very unique. One of the main reasons why many women choose to get a pelvic tattoo is because they want to draw attention to that specific area of their bodies. Using this design can be the perfect way to do so.

Quote Tattoos

Quote Tattoos
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Engraving any short and favorite quote of yours on the pelvic area can also be a great idea for a tattoo design. As visible from this picture, the person has used the quote, ‘I believe in magic’, for his tattoo design. If you have any such favorite quotes of yours, you can also do the same. However, after choosing any design for your pelvic tattoo, you need to go to a proper tattoo artist with enough experience, who can do justice to your design.

Flame Tattoo

Flame Tattoo
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Here is another very cute tattoo idea that you can check out for your next pelvic tattoo. The artist has simply outlined a flame, near the private area of this woman. Flames in tattoos can represent various things, like fierceness, creativity, or even destruction. You can also customize the shape of this tattoo according to this design. You also have the option of using varied colors to give a more realistic and dramatic look to this flame design. It will look great both as a pelvic tattoo, and a thigh tattoo.

Most women nowadays are opting for pelvic tattoos as a creative way to cover up those stretch marks. Although it is not at all a necessity, it indeed looks great on everybody. However, since the skin surrounding our pelvic region is very soft, it tends to be much more painful than the conventional areas for tattoo placement like the wrist, or hand. Therefore, before getting these kinds of tattoos, be entirely sure of your decision and gather sufficient knowledge about the procedure used and the consequences of getting one. Only when you have checked all these boxes, can you go ahead with the decision. Here are a few more suggestions for a feminine pelvic tattoo.

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What is a feminine pelvic tattoo?

A feminine pelvic tattoo is a type of body art that is specifically designed for the female anatomy. These tattoos are typically placed on the abdomen or lower back and can range from small, delicate designs to bold, colorful pieces. They often represent femininity and strength, as well as a woman’s inner beauty. Feminine pelvic tattoos can be used to depict a variety of symbols, such as animals, flowers, and abstract shapes. They can also be used to express personal feelings or beliefs, or simply for aesthetic purposes. Generally speaking, feminine pelvic tattoos are considered more intimate than other types of body art due to their placement on the body. Some women choose to keep their tattoos private while others prefer to show them off. Whatever the reason, these tattoos can be a powerful form of self-expression.

What are the benefits of a feminine pelvic tattoo?

Feminine pelvic tattoos offer a variety of benefits. Firstly, they can be used to express personal feelings and beliefs. This type of tattoo may be used to represent a woman’s strength and resilience, or to mark a momentous event in her life such as childbirth or the death of a loved one. Additionally, feminine pelvic tattoos can be used to express a woman’s femininity and sexuality. Some women choose designs that are traditionally considered feminine, such as flowers or butterflies, while others may opt for more abstract designs like geometric shapes or symbols. Whatever the design chosen, it can be used to represent something deeply meaningful and personal.

Is it painful to get a tattoo in the pelvic region?

The pain associated with getting a feminine pelvic tattoo can vary depending on the person and the placement. Generally speaking, tattoos in this region are considered to be more painful than those placed elsewhere, due to the sensitive nature of the skin. Some people find that they can tolerate the pain, while others may require a topical numbing cream or other type of anesthesia. Ultimately, it is important to discuss your comfort level with the artist and ask about their pain management methods prior to getting a tattoo in this area.

What are some of the most popular designs for feminine pelvic tattoos?

Some of the most popular designs for feminine pelvic tattoos include animals, flowers, abstract shapes and mandalas. Animals such as tigers, lions and birds are popular choices as they represent strength and power. Flowers and delicate designs can be used to express femininity or a woman’s inner beauty. Abstract shapes like geometric patterns or symbols can be used to represent a variety of different feelings, while mandalas are often used to depict spiritual or cultural beliefs. Ultimately, the design chosen should reflect something meaningful and personal to the individual getting it.

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