10 Best Dove Neck Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Dove Neck Tattoos

If you are struggling to find perfect neck tattoo designs for yourself, here are our top dove neck tattoo ideas for you to try out on your neck.

Dove Neck Tattoo
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The dove design has been a symbol of both the holy spirit and sacrifice and also has been the most commonly used symbol all around the world.

Although neck tattoos provide a unique look to both men and women, still a lot of tattoo artists could recommend not getting it inked on our neck or any other sensitive portion of our body like the ear or the head as this placement of tattoos at these places can lead to a lot of tattoo pain. If you are ready to bear the pain that is caused while getting neck tattoos done, you can go for this dove tattoo design to ink on your neck.

Bird tattoo designs stand for the need or want to lead a life filled with freedom and happiness. Even in the cultures of some countries, birds are considered to be a symbolic representation of the connection between earth and eternity.

Black And Grey Ink Dove Neck Tattoo

Black And Grey Ink Dove Neck Tattoo
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Among all other types of tattoo designs, neck tattoos make the tattoo design even more striking and meaningful. A dove tattoo design is nothing new among all other designs of bird tattoos. In the Christian culture, doves have been used as a symbolic representation of God. They are also considered a symbol of good luck, for which they are used in happy ceremonies like weddings, happy events, etc.

Different types of dove tattoos, as well as different types of neck tattoos, have different meanings based on their placement. On the one hand, black dove tattoos have a negative meaning i.e. death, whereas, on the other hand, grey dove tattoos have a positive meaning i.e. power, peace, friendship, etc., and many more. A combination of these two types of dove tattoos makes the tattoo design an ideal choice for getting it inked on your neck.

If you, too, are interested in a dove tattoo inked on your neck, which can symbolize both positive as well as negative meaning at the same time, you can have a look at these tattoo designs.

Outline Dove Tattoo

Outline Dove Tattoo
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In general, outline tattoos mean tattoo designs that are done without any kind of shading or filling inside the tattoo. Similarly, an outline dove tattoo design can be chosen as a neck tattoo design to create a different meaning with the elegance of a dove tattoo.

Hence, if you too want to get a dove neck tattoo inked on yourself along with having the essence of an outline tattoo, you must try out this outline dove tattoo design once. This type of tattoo art can be chosen for both types of tattoos i.e., neck tattoos for women and even neck tattoos for men.

Dove Neck Tattoos With Sunrays

Dove Neck Tattoos With Sunrays
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The dove tattoo design, as well as the sun rays tattoo design, is known to represent god in different ways symbolically. Thus, a combination of these two types of tattoo designs in a single tattoo makes the tattoo a more powerful and striking design for neck placement.

Thus, if you, too, are interested in getting neck tattoos done that will combine both, i.e., detailed design as well as a powerful meaning, do check this dove neck tattoo design out.

Dove Front Neck Tattoo

Dove Front Neck Tattoo
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A full front neck tattoo design wraps around one’s throat to give a cool collar-like effect to the tattoo. Neck tattoos, in general, symbolize a lot of things about the person having their neck inked. It symbolizes how open-minded that person is with the boldness and ability to accept every new change willingly. It also symbolizes the strength and courage of that person as neck tattoos are the most painful tattoo designs among the tattoos that are placed in any other part of the body.

On the other hand, dove tattoos are a symbolic representation of the will of God, calmness, and also love. This front-neck dove tattoo design with a cross in it is an ideal example of that. As we all know that black ink is the most commonly used ink color that is used for tattooing as the color black stands out prominently in literally any skin type, gender, and even skin color. The intricate designs and the black ink of this tattoo stand perfectly with the placement of the tattoo. Other than the neck, this kind of tattoo design can also be tried out on your chest as a chest tattoo, which will enhance the beauty as well as the meaning of the tattoo even more.

If you, too, are interested in getting a tattoo of birds done and want to try the same type of design for your front neck tattoo, do check out this front neck dove tattoo design once.

Small Dove Tattoo For Neck

Small Dove Tattoo For Necks
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Most tattoo enthusiasts all around the world opt for a small tattoo to get it inked into their skin for a wide no of reasons. Some of the reasons are that the small tattoos inked at various parts of the body are cute, elegant, and yet can carry a powerful meaning and the second reason that can also be said one of the main reasons of people going for small tattoo designs is the cost that is needed to get a tattoo done from any tattoo artist. A small tattoo design requires much less cost than any other big or rather full-size tattoo across the body.

Thus, if you too want to get inked with a small tattoo design on your neck that will be within your budget and will also look cool and meaningful, try out this small dove neck tattoo design once.

Flying Dove Neck Tattoo

Flying Dove Neck Tattoo
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Doves are also known to be messenger birds. Thus, a flying dove tattoo is a symbolic representation of the freedom, peacefulness, love, and good luck that a person might face at the beginning of any new journey. Releasing these birds into the skies also has been a years-old tradition to mark any kind of new and happy beginnings. You can even try out this tattoo design on your shoulder blade, which will enhance both your and the tattoos meaning even more.

Thus if you too want to get a flying dove tattoo inked on your neck, do check out this flying dove neck tattoo design once, which has its wings spread wide to symbolize freedom.

Word With Dove Tattoo Design For Back Neck Tattoos

Word With Dove Tattoo Design For Back Neck Tattoos
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A word tattoo also has a strong place among all other kinds of tattoo designs that are commonly in trend all around the world. Similarly, a dove tattoo also has several strong meanings based on different designs.

Thus, if you want to get a beautiful combination of two strong tattoos in one single tattoo to get inked on your neck, you can try out these types of tattoo ideas, which can also be done in any other shape or color, like with blue ink or with any other ink that will give the tattoo its unique meanings.

Blessed Dove Neck Tattoo

Blessed Dove Neck Tattoo
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As mentioned earlier, dove tattoos have different meanings based on their different designs. Holy Spirit dove tattoo design falls among one of the most popular designs of dove tattoos. Doves are known to be most commonly linked with Jesus Christ and the Christian culture. Holy Spirit tattoo is such a tattoo. There are also many stories and images in the Christian culture that shows Jesus Christ is accompanied by a flock of doves flying around him. Hence, dove tattoos are considered to be a blessing and good luck.

Thus, if you too want to bless yourself with a beautiful piece of tattoo art, do try out this blessed dove neck tattoo design once.

Large Dove Tattoo For Neck

Large Dove Tattoo For Neck
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A large dove neck tattoo can be placed on the neck to give the person a more bold and more attractive appearance. These types of large tattoo designs can also be used as back tattoos that will provide even more space for giving the tattoo a well-detailed design. Large dove tattoos can also be used as a full arm i.e., a full sleeve tattoo design.

Thus, if you too want to try out a large dove tattoo design on your neck, do check out this design once.

Realistic Dove Neck Tattoos For Men

Realistic Dove Neck Tattoos For Men
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Realistic tattoos look more masculine when chosen by men as their neck tattoo design. However, it is seen to be taken as a neck tattoo by both men and women. In women, neck tattoos help to bring out that feminine grace.

Thus, if you too want to try out a realistic tattoo design to get inked on your neck, do check out this realistic dove tattoo design once, which will look more attractive on men.

Here are some more dove tattoo ideas for you.

  • 3D dove neck tattoos.
  • White dove tattoo on neck.
  • Holy spirit dove neck tattoo.
  • Simple dove tattoo design for a chest tattoo.
  • Black ink dove tattoo for the shoulder.

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