10 Best Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Cherry Blossom Tree

Willing to ink Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Designs to show your love towards sakura? These tattoos are going to be a great choice for you.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo
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Cherry blossoms are called Sakura in Japan and are known for their vibrant symbolism.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms represent life after death, preservation of traditions, refinement, as well as how all little things in life can be beautiful. So without any further ado, you can choose the respective tattoo ideas that suit your overall persona.

In countries like China and Japan, a cherry blossom tree has been one of the prime elements of signifying the culture. In Chinese culture, people used to look at the plum blossom during midnight just like Hanami in Japanese culture. In Hanami, the Japanese people relish the ephemeral beauty of a cherry blossom tree, especially how it covers itself with pink. Since the flowers generally last for two weeks, the Japanese people love to celebrate nature to its fullest. Thus, these cherry blossom tattoo ideas will surely give you an optimistic approach to life. It is because of its realistic colours that make this tattoo are a huge hit from both a cultural and artistic perspective.

Cherry blossom tattoos have a very delicate and intricate design that makes this tattoo design stand apart compared to other tattoo designs. It includes some elements and symbols like colourful pink flowers with some beautiful branches that will look amazing on your body. If you are willing to try out any one of the 10 best cherry blossom tattoo style, scroll down below to browse the choices:

Samurai With Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoos

Samurai With Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoos
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Sitting under a pink cherry blossom can have a calming effect. However, if you want, you can introduce a little bit of Japanese twist to the calm environment – a Samurai. If you have seen Japanese movies, you would see that cherry blossom is a famous backdrop in many movies. Add to that the common Japanese symbol, the Samurai, and you get wholesome Japanese art on your skin. A Samurai represents an embodiment of respect, valour, and discipline in Japan. To amp up the tattoo style, you can add on some lettering, especially Japanese Kanji.

These cherry blossom tattoos can be applied as a chest tattoo, shoulder tattoo and hand tattoo.

Japanese Pagoda With Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Design

Pagoda Tattoo
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Japan is known for its strong ties with the Buddhish philosophy. An important symbol of Buddhish philosophy is the pagoda. Now, the best way to represent a calming environment of spirituality and enlightenment is by adding a pagoda surrounded by cherry blossom trees. The branch of this tree can have amazing designs which will look very appealing to your skin. The five layers of a pagoda symbol are earth, fire, air, water and wind. Amalgamating these elements indeed adds a whole new style statement to your love for Cherry Blossom Tattoos.

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Back Tattoo Idea For Women

Delicate Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Back Tattoo Idea For Women
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The beauty of the simple, stand-alone cherry blossom tree shedding its flowers is almost poetic. The splash of colours only adds to the tattoo. When the flowers bloom, the branches just gets covered with the cute natural pink. The main beauty of this Cherry Blossom Tattoo lies in the symbolism and meanings behind the trees. In Chinese tradition, it is believed that the cherry blossom tree is a symbol of beauty. The shedding of the cherry blossom is all about showing how the beauty, like the tree, slowly loses life and becomes new.

Detailed Cherry Blossom Tattoo Tattoo
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This detailed cherry blossom tattoo goes for a close-up of the cherry blossom flowers. This tattoo showcases the flower of the cherry blossom tree and radiates an optimistic aura. This tattoo design is not only detailed but has a splash of colours making it look appealing. Even as a closeup the flower tattoo does not lose its aesthetic value.

However, since this is a detailed tattoo and comes along with the closeup of the flowers, it would require a larger surface area to work on and so the ideal placement of the tattoo is either the back or your chest.

Realistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Shoulder Tattoo Ideas
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A realistic and artistic cherry blossom tattoo can be a great way to depict your love for the tree. The feature of this realistic tattoo spreads out from one portion of the body to the rest – just like the roots of a tree do. This shows how important the placement of a cherry blossom tattoo can actually be – it can give a different meaning to the cherry blossom tattoo. Hence, if you want to get the real effect of this tattoo, then you can apply it on your shoulders and let it spread across to your chest.

Cherry blossoms have such a unique design which can literally change the concept of the cherry blossom tree tattoo meaning. You can also opt for a close-up of the flower tattoos and add intricate designs to give the tattoo a new feel. You can add clouds which almost like roots can spread out and add a fascinating backdrop to the cherry blossom tree. If you have a strong love and affection towards nature, these cherry blossoms designs can really enrich your tattoo game.

Tiger With Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas

Tiger With Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas
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A tiger is often seen as a ferocious animal who may look magnificent but only from a safe distance. Most tattoos generally depict tigers with their teeth exposed and trying to scare off others. Generally, a calm tiger is not something we see as a tattoo. But here the cherry blossom tree seems to have brought about a change. The tiger sits under the cherry blossom tree and seems like the tiger is calm and is not as aggressive as most tattoos portray them. The message is very crystal clear. This amazing tiger tattoo shows that the Japanese cherry blossom can have a calming effect on the tiger and can completely change your perspective to your perception of your animal. The tattoo can be applied to your chest, belly, shoulder and thigh but if you want to, you can also resize the tattoo and put it on behind the ear or your wrist.

Hummingbird With Japanese Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo Designs

Hummingbird With Japanese Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo Designs
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This Cherry Blossom Tattoo has a very interesting story behind it. If anyone of you knows about hummingbirds, you will know that these small birds are small and yet, they have magnificent strength to keep them hovering around the flowers of any branch of a tree. Similarly, in life, it doesn’t matter if we are small, you can still be consistent in your efforts to reach out and accomplish your goal. The colours of spring attract these birds a lot, especially when the beautiful flowers bloom.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Branches Back Tattoo Designs

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Branches Back Tattoo Designs
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If you are in a quest of finding some beautiful designs filled with lots of colours, this tattoo can be a very good option for you. This Cherry Blossom Tattoo has a very detailed design which makes this tattoo much more special than the usual tattoos. Most tattoo lovers would go for a cherry blossom tattoo because of the tree and the leaves but the more important part, the bark and the roots seem to go missing. These colours are a great way to vibe perfectly if you want a little bit of Japanese energy in you.

It’s best if you go for a detailed tattoo for this one and the more details you put in, the larger the surface area required to fit in the tattoo. Hence, it is best to opt for a back tattoo so that the design pops out including each branch and the pink flowers get their due share of lifelikeness in the tattoo art.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees With An Owl Tattoo Design

Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees With An Owl Tattoo Design
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If you love nocturnal creatures, you can add them to your cherry blossom tattoos. Besides, if you are more into vibrant colours, other than the pink of the cherry blossom tree flowers, this tattoo can add some more vibrant colours by splashing it on the owls. Owls are known to be wise and by putting flowers around the owl, you can create a wonderful tattoo design. Cherry blossom tattoos can be an amazing backdrop for owls since the calming effect of owls and representing meditative wisdom.

This tattoo can be applied anywhere on your body especially on the chest and back.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Piano Tattoo

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Piano Tattoo
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Music lovers would love this tattoo. The piano adds a wonderful effect to the cherry blossom tattoo and adds a lot to the aesthetic value of the tattoo. Music and flowers are very much relatable and symbolize one thing in common – a soothing and calming respite for your body and soul. Thus, these tattoos have a unique design that can be loved by both men and women. You can imagine a pianist playing the piano as the cherry blossoms sheds from the tree.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Pink Flowers Leg Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree With Pink Flowers Leg Tattoo Ideas
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Last but not the least, these Cherry Blossom Designs have a very distinct design that spreads out from the legs and moves to the top. This kind of tattoo has a great level of detailing of the branches in these Cherry Blossoms. Both men and women will love these tattoos however, it is important that you choose the right position so that the illusion of branches spreading out can be actively noticed and put in by the tattoo artist.

These tattoos can be applied on your legs, that is, from thigh to foot.

Cherry Blossom Trees Tattoos have multiple types of designs. Moreover, there are ample meanings as well as symbolism to this tattoo. Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees can mean a lot of stuff regarding longevity, reincarnation, well-being, purity, and prosperity. Whether you are going to ink these Cherry Blossoms for the first time or you want to just go for a natural aesthetic look, this tattoo is a great choice to go for.

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