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11+ Cest La Vie Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Cest La Vie Tattoo

Welcome aboard, folks! It’s Jamie again, and boy, do I have a treat for you. Today, we’re diving into the world of C’est la vie tattoos. You’ve been wandering around, rummaging through the internet for the perfect design, right? Well, look no further. I’ve got you covered.

Cest La Vie Tattoo

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“C’est la vie,” a French phrase that translates to “such is life” or “that’s life,” is a mantra for many. It’s an elegant reminder that life, with its twists and turns, is what we make of it. We can’t control our destiny, but we can embrace it. So, why not ink this ethos onto your skin? It’s like carrying your personal philosophy as a piece of body art.

Now, be careful with the spelling, folks. While “ce la vie” and “c’est la vie” might sound similar, only the latter is correct. It’s the French language’s way of saying “no shortcuts, pal.”

But I get it, not everyone is ready for the permanent commitment of a tattoo. Maybe you want to take the phrase for a test drive first, see if it grows on you. That’s where temporary tattoos come in handy. They’re like the appetizer before the main course, a glimpse into the world of ink.

If you choose to dip your toe in with a c’est la vie temporary tattoo, I’ve got a couple of pro tips for you. First off, consider placing the temporary tattoo on oil-free areas of your skin. Why? Well, these tattoos are like house guests – they stick around longer if they’re comfortable. An oil-free, low-friction spot will ensure the tattoo doesn’t rub off easily.

Also, try to find an area that won’t stretch or chafe against clothing. That way, your message stays clear and crisp for longer.

In my experience, the best temporary tattoos are those made with eco-friendly materials. Not only are they kind to your skin, they’re kind to your body and Mother Earth too. So, do your research and find an artist or brand that cares as much about the planet as they do about their craft.

Whether you go for a permanent or temporary C’est la vie tattoo, remember that it’s more than just a phrase. It’s a testament and expression of your resilience, your acceptance of life’s ebb and flow. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, your philosophy on your skin.

C’est La Vie Tattoo On The Side of The Palm

C'est La Vie Tattoo On The Side of The Palm

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Let’s start with the bold choice of getting “C’est La Vie” inked on the side of your palm. Now, this one’s a two-parter – “C’est” on one hand, “La Vie” on the other. Rendered in black ink with an elegant thin font, it creates a striking visual. Imagine the fun when you and your squad get matching tattoos! Even better, for those not ready for the permanence, a c’est la vie temporary set might be just the ticket. But remember, placement is key, so get your tattoo artist’s input before you take the plunge.

C’est La Vie Tattoo On The Chest

C'est La Vie Tattoo On The Chest

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Now, let’s move up north to the chest. A single, black ink “C’est La Vie” in a cursive, thin font can make for a simple yet powerful statement. My two cents? A thicker font could give it a bolder look. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not throw in a few stars inked in vibrant red or green?

C’est La Vie Tattoo With Flowers And Heart Design

C'est La Vie Tattoo With Flowers And Heart Design

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Next up is a gorgeous combo of “C’est La Vie” with floral and heart designs. This one’s a colorful feast for the eyes, folks. The heart, flowers, and leaves outlining in black ink give depth to the vibrant yellows, purples, and deep green used for the petals and leaves. The heart, mainly in red with a dash of black, is the cherry on top. Potential placement ideas for this masterpiece? Think chest, forearm, or even the nape of the neck. As always, your tattoo artist’s input will be invaluable in getting the perfect result.

C’est La Vie Forearm Tattoo

C'est La Vie Forearm Tattoo

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We have the understated elegance of the forearm “C’est La Vie” tattoo. This one’s inked in a cursive format with a thin and small font, giving it an air of simplicity and sophistication. For those wanting to jazz things up, adding small butterflies or stars can do wonders. And don’t be afraid to play around with color or format – it’s your canvas, after all!

C’est La Vie Ankle Tattoo

C'est La Vie Ankle Tattoo

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Picture a delicate, floral design inked with a woman’s touch on the ankle – sounds pretty charming, right? The phrase, in its petite and thin font, is inked in black, while the petals and leaves of the flower bloom in a beautiful blue. Not sure if this look is for you? Consider trying a C’est la vie temporary tattoo set – it’s a great way to see if the design fits your style. And remember, keep it oil-free and low-friction for maximum staying power. If you’re thinking of a different placement, the chest or neck could make an impressive canvas for this piece.

2D C’est La Vie Tattoo Design

2D C'est La Vie Tattoo Design

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Moving on, let’s consider a 2D C’est La Vie design, solely in black ink. This one’s a real marvel of artistry. However, as it’s a cover-up tattoo, I recommend trying a temporary version first. After all, tattoos are a commitment, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This design would look stunning on the back or the arm. Explore with a temporary tattoo set to find the perfect placement for you.

C’est La Vie Fruit Tattoo

C'est La Vie Fruit Tattoo

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Next up, let’s add a little zest with a pineapple design. This lively tattoo pops with colors – black for the phrase, shades of yellow and brown for the pineapple, and green for the leaves. The careful shading on the pineapple is a testament to the artist’s attention to detail. For this design, the wrist could be a great placement, perhaps with a smaller font to keep it subtle.

C’est La Vie Tattoo On The Thigh

C'est La Vie Tattoo On The Thigh

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A 2D, cursive “C’est La Vie” design in simple black ink, placed just above the knee, can be a bold statement piece. Add a black flower above the quote for a monochromatic look that’s as elegant as it is daring. As the thigh is less prone to stretching and oiliness, it makes a perfect canvas for temporary tattoos as well. Just ensure the area is not rubbed against clothing to make your tattoo last longer.

C’est La Vie Neck Tattoo

C'est La Vie Neck Tattoo

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We got the “C’est La Vie” neck tattoo. A gentleman’s choice, inked in bold, black lettering. The thickness of the font adds a certain gravitas face realistic tattoo that complements the phrase’s profundity. However, remember, the skin on our neck is rather delicate, so make sure you entrust this one to a seasoned pro. It’s about making a statement while also protecting your canvas.

Cest La Vie Tattoo Below The Chest

C'est La Vie Tattoo Below The Chest

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Next up, we’re moving just south of the chest. A black ink “C’est La Vie” tattoo sits there like a personal testament to life’s ebb and flow. And ladies, don’t shy away from this spot. A few additional elements could jazz up the look and make it all the more unique.

The beauty of “C’est La Vie” tattoos lies in their simplicity and deep truth – they represent acceptance of life in all its chaos and beauty, a nod to the inexorable tide of existence. Remember, the key to a great tattoo experience is choosing the right artist and ensuring they treat your skin with the utmost care.

In this age of sustainable living, don’t overlook the shops that use eco-friendly materials for their tattoos. Plus, with the magic of the internet, you can even scope out external websites and search for reviews and customer photos.

For those who aren’t ready for a permanent commitment or simply want realistic tattoo to test the waters, C’est la vie temporary tattoos are a solid choice. Look for well-established shops – Belgium, for instance, is known for quality tattoo sets. They provide proper packaging, shipping options, and even an instruction booklet for application.

Bulk buying for a group of friends? You might be in for a treat! Many shops offer discounts on bulk purchases, and some may even throw in free shipping. Just remember to review their return policy before making a purchase.


Well, there you have it, folks. That’s the skinny on “C’est La Vie” tattoos, and what a wild ride it’s been! With this tattoo collection, you’re not just getting ink – you’re embracing an outlook, a philosophy, a way of life in the most intimate and artistic way possible.

Like any road, there are ups and downs. On one hand, these tattoos are simple, profound, and versatile. They look great anywhere – the neck, chest, or even the palm of your hand are perfect example. Plus, with a skilled artist, the result can be an incredibly powerful personal statement.

On the flip side, not everything is a bed of roses. Tattooing delicate areas like the neck or chest requires skill and precision, which might mean a higher price tag. And remember, folks, pain is part of the process. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Regardless of the cost and the sting, I can’t help but tip my hat to the “C’est La Vie” tattoo. It’s an enduring message inked in a timeless style – a constant reminder to accept life as it comes, with all its twists and turns.

In my book, these tattoos are more than just skin-deep. They carry a reminder that life is not always a bowl of cherries, and that’s okay. They tell us to ride the waves, weather the storms, and most importantly, to keep smiling through it all.

To wrap it all up, if you’re looking for a tattoo that blends style with sentiment, look no further than the “C’est La Vie” tattoo. It’s a little slice of wisdom you carry with you, a constant reminder of life’s ebbs and flows. So what say you? Ready to wear life’s philosophy on your sleeve, or chest, or neck?

Until we meet again, keep living, keep laughing, and most importantly, keep inking! Because, after all, C’est La Vie. Take care, and stay colorful!

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What is the meaning of a c’est la vie tattoo?

A c’est la vie tattoo is a reminder to accept life’s changes, decisions, and happiness with grace. The phrase itself means “that’s life” in French, conveying that life is ever-changing and sometimes out of our control. With this tattoo, you are able to take the good with the bad and find strength in making the best of every situation. C’est la vie tattoos are often accompanied by images such as birds, feathers, hearts, or flowers to symbolize the freedom, strength, and grace that comes with accepting life’s unpredictability. They can be placed anywhere on the body but are particularly popular for back pieces, sleeves, and chest pieces. Ultimately, no matter what life throws your way, a c’est la vie tattoo can serve as a reminder to keep going and find joy in the journey.

How much does a c’est la vie tattoo cost?

The cost of a c’est la vie tattoo will vary depending on the artist and size. Generally, smaller tattoos can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 while larger tattoos may range from $200 to $500 or more. Prices can also vary based on design complexity and colors used. Ultimately, it’s best to consult with your artist to get an exact quote for the tattoo you want.

What are some other popular tattoo designs?

Some other popular tattoo designs include infinity symbols, anchors, rose tattoos, mandala tattoos, dreamcatcher tattoos, and tribal tattoos. These designs can have a variety of meanings from everlasting love to spiritual protection. Other meaningful and sentimental tattoos include names or quotes in different fonts or portraits of loved ones. Stars are also popular for their symbolism of hope, guidance, and protection. Ultimately, there are no limits to the types of tattoo designs that you can get and it’s important to choose something that is meaningful to you.

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