10 Best Butterfly Tattoo Small Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Adorable Small Butterfly Tattoo

Do you have a strong attraction for small butterfly tattoos? If you have a soft corner for these butterfly tattoo designs, here are the top 10 hand-crafted small butterfly tattoos specially curated for you.

Small Butterfly Tattoo
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A small butterfly represents optimism, love, and hope in small packages.

A small butterfly tattoo is a great tattoo for people who are just starting out with their tattoo. Trying out these new sets of small butterfly tattoos in 2021 will indeed add show a new side to your tattoo game.

For inaugurating your tattoo journey, small butterfly tattoos are a go-to solution. These delicate choices are subtle and dainty so that you can place them anywhere. Those willing to ink it somewhere, which can’t be visible easily, feel free to opt for your ankle or wrist. This is a perfect option for those who love elegant and cute designs.

Do you know what is the significance behind the butterfly tattoo meaning? Just like the butterflies grow up and become free from the confined space, human life is relatable enough as well. The moment when you realize that you have the power to fly high, you get imaginary wings to soar high in life.

Willing to be more convinced to get a butterfly design tattoo? Choose from the top 10 tattoos mentioned below.

Colourful Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Colourful Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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Do you believe in the modern style of life barring all the conventional norms of society? This butterfly tattoo design will indeed add colour as well as a positive space in human life. In a lot of small aesthetic butterfly tattoo designs, you’ll find one thing in common. That is the idea behind the shape and designs of the butterfly tattoo itself.

Starting from the delicate butterfly’s wings to the overall style of the small butterfly tattoo design, you’ll observe a detailed precision of the tattoo ink that will give a bold touch to your overall body. You will have a feeling of the freedom to use this small tattoo butterfly design because you can add it anywhere on your body starting from your chest, wrist, shoulder, arm, thigh, etc. You can also resize it to make it smaller.

TIny Butterfly Tattoo
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This tiny butterfly tattoo has a feminine touch to it. Irrespective of the body part and style quotient, this cute and tiny tattoo will improve personal femininity at its level best. To shape up the overall nature of this vibrant flying tattoo symbol, this has a very small area that can be covered on any part of your body starting with the ear, wrist, etc.

Split Wing Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Split Wing Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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This butterfly tattoo has been one of the most highlighted avenues in the overall tattoo-making scene. Now coming to its importance. This broken split signifies our broken souls. This design adds a whole new dimension to the tattoo-making scene. We can mend our broken souls as well by nurturing ourselves and focusing more on our careers.

This tattoo implies both a butterfly tattoo as well as an abstract tattoo.

Fading Butterfly Tattoo
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Another similar design down the line, this butterfly tattoo provides a positive message to everyone who will embed it on their bodies.

This butterfly tattoo too can be interpreted both as a fading butterfly as well as an abstract tattoo.

A Dog With Butterfly Tattoo Small Designs

A Dog With Butterfly Tattoo Small Designs
@reikotattoo via Instagram

This unusual small butterfly tattoo design has lots of meanings and significance. The idea behind this small tattoo design is to add a symbol of optimism along with other bigger elements like a portrait of a lost one. These small butterfly tattoo designs represent rejuvenation.

If you’re in search of a good skin tattoo to cope with your loss, this can be a go-to option you can opt for. To amp it up, this small butterfly tattoo design has colours add a traditional and vibrant outlook as well as add its style quotient. You can add these small butterfly tattoo designs almost anywhere on your body such as thigh, chest, shoulder, etc. Thus tattoo butterfly can be clarified both as a dog tattoo as well as a small butterfly tattoo.

3D Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

3D Realistic Butterfly Tattoo
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Are you in search of placing a 3D realistic butterfly tattoo design in your body? Then what are you waiting for? This 3D realistic butterfly tattoo will add these impeccable wings of beauty to your overall tattoo style statement altogether. This monarch butterfly tattoo design also has an amazing colour to amp up your personal feminine life. Do you know the highlight of this small monarch tattoo butterfly? The shadows behind the coloured butterly gives it a realistic butterfly 3D look.

You can ink these small butterfly tattoo on your neck, arm, wrist, chest, ear, etc.

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo
@sofiyaa_vo via Instagram

Another amazing design, this butterfly tattoo is similar to the previous one, but then the overall work is much more delicate and traditional in nature, with exceptional details present.

If you’re in search of a butterfly tattoo that has very delicate ink in the wing area, this is the one you can opt for. Women will love this kind of flying butterfly tattoo more. These small butterfly tattoos and their ideas have got a specific butterfly tattoo meaning as well. These are a symbol of personal well-being and love.

Traditional Butterfly Floral Wings Tattoo

Traditional Butterfly Floral Wings Tattoo
@alona_recson_tattoo via Instagram

Are you in search of butterflies with strokes of black ink and beautiful symbolism? This large insect design along with the flower design is a rich tattoo to go for! This tattoo will instil an immense amount of love with the symbolism it presents.

The butterfly tattoo mixes a floral setting with it such that you can notice how a beautiful butterfly can transform and become different over time. These butterfly wings tattoos can be inked anywhere on your body like the leg, chest, shoulder, etc.

Floral Wing Butterfly Tattoo
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In this floral wing butterfly tattoo design, you’ll find an aesthetic style statement to show the floral transformation of the overall design. This bold design will indeed grab the attention of any ink-lover.

You can ink these small butterfly wings tattoo almost anywhere on your body, even behind the ear.

Pair Of Black Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Pair Of Black Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs
@31_ink via Instagram

You may wonder how much does a small butterfly tattoo cost? Such small tattoos do not cost much though the more the level of details, the higher the cost. This is a cute pair of butterflies with their glorious wings show a unique transformation – a common butterfly tattoo theme. Consequently, you will also observe a butterfly’s color and behavioral change.

You can apply this pair of small butterfly tattoo on your skin as well as on your ear too. This will include an improvement of your overall charismatic enigma.

Set of Small Butterflies Hand Tattoo

Set of Small Butterflies Hand Tattoo
@madiegunn_tattoo via Instagram

This black-bordered butterfly tattoo represents transformation through freedom. Similarly in our lives, we too need a transformation to become the better version altogether. Thus making this butterfly tattoo a very significant out of the rest. Breaking free of the chains of the past and flying high is a great way to show the message of transformation.

These minute butterflies can be inked on your skin especially in the ear.

Butterfly with Heart Tattoo
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These butterflies tattoos will definitely set a new example for you because of the wings of these butterflies. Being small, these butterfly tattoos can be spread out across a wide surface area and give the butterflies tattoo theme a new twist.

Flutter Of Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Flutter Of Simple Butterfly Tattoo
@xposetattoosjaipur via Instagram

Do you love small horde of butterflies? If yes, this can be a go-to tattoo for you. If you have seen a group of butterflies, you’ll observe how united they work as a team. They are truly an inspiration for teamwork. These butterflies teach us to follow these norms so as to succeed in life.

This tattoo can be done anywhere on your skin. This kind of tattoo can be interpreted both as a butterfly tattoo as well as a fancy tattoo.

Colored Butter Tattoo
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This butterfly tattoo has a very peculiar colour combination in it. This combination signifies collective happiness and joy in one’s life. This, in turn, gives you a lot of motivation to go through a colourful time whatsoever.

A Pair of Small Monarch Blue Butterfly Tattoos

A Pair of Small Monarch Blue Butterfly Tattoos
@aremislz16 via Instagram.

Monarch butterfly tattoo are as royal as their suggests. If you want a royal touch to you butterfly tattoos, then this small monarch butterfly tattoo will indeed be a perfect option for you. Monarch Butterflies have a very interesting symbolism. It symbolizes rebirth. Similarly, in our lives too we can reincarnate ourselves by working towards our own betterment.

This tattoo can be embedded anywhere in our bodies, preferably the upper part.

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoos
@xavierntattooink via Instagram

How long does it take to get a small butterfly tattoo? You can get a small blue butterfly tattoo within a short span of time but if you are going for details, the tattoo artist can take time putting down each delicate stroke, one after the other.

Semicolon Butterfly Wings Tattoo Ideas

Semicolon Butterfly Wings Tattoo Ideas
@helen_tinc_etherington via Instagram

Last, but not least, we come to a very meaningful tattoo. This unique butterfly design has a very intriguing factor in it, the semicolon! A semicolon should be usedwhen a writer could have finished the respective sentence but chose not to do the same. It is also a solidarity symbol between people who are suffering from mental health or grieving someone lost from suicide.

So, what does a small butterfly tattoo mean? It is a sign of comfort and of a time to move on. Even if it is a monochromatic tattoo or a colored one, a semicolon butterfly tattoo is about taking flight from a past and moving to the future.

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