10 Best Butterfly Tattoo On Back Of Neck Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Butterfly Tattoos

In search of an elegant back neck tattoo? You’re at the right place; we have got some cool butterfly neck tattoo designs just for you.

Butterfly Tattoo
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Back neck tattoos are something that is never out of fashion!

Neck tattoos are found to be very interesting as they can be represented as bold and timid at the same time with respect to the placement and the size of the tattoo. The person getting them ought to be courageous and adventurous, as it might be quite painful.

The butterfly tattoo, in general, symbolizes change, freedom, and faith. A butterfly tattoo at the back of the neck could be an upstanding proposal; it would speak for the person’s bravery and versatility to change or be reborn as a new person (metaphorically). Adam Levine has a butterfly trapped in a cobweb tattoo on his neck. A butterfly tattoo can be engraved on any part of the body may it be on the arm, wrist, ankle, but on the back of the neck is something that can make you feel powerful and gracious.

Here we have generalized some great neck tattoo ideas which could excite you and might fulfil the tattoo void you have been looking to.

A Fine Greyscale Butterfly Tattoo

A Fine Greyscale Butterfly Tattoo
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The traditional black-and-grey is something old-school and the best kind of tattoo you can get. This butterfly tattoo has that sophisticated look that will be perfect for your classy personality. It comes with a lot of shading and detailed work, which gives it a more realistic aspect.

Different minimalist tattoos have also been added to bring out their deep significance. Like a small eye tattoo- signifies the omnipresent god looking over humankind and an infinity tattoo implies eternity. Other small, meaningful shapes tattoo ideas that could be added up are a minimalist anchor tattoo, a triangle tattoo, or a sun and moon tattoo! Overall, this design is one of the better neck tattoos for women!

Custom Style Neck Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Custom Style Neck Butterfly Tattoo Designs
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A blue butterfly tattoo with a circle of life represents good luck or good times. This tattoo design could be modified by writing momentous words of one’s life, may it be the vow your partner spoke on your big day, or may it be someone’s last words- this could be the perfect way to show your tribute to those important sentences of your life. Implying the meaning of the circle of life, you can even get written your favourite quote. With all its significance, it also gives an aesthetic look.

Being aesthetic and with some deep meaning makes this tattoo awesome and realistic. Such small butterfly tattoo designs are perfect for neck tattoo designs!

Mini Butterfly Tattoo

Mini Butterfly Tattoo
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If you’re in search of a small butterfly tattoo, this is the best ongoing option for you – a pretty minimalist butterfly tattoo. This beautiful small butterfly tattoo on back of neck is a cute, aesthetic tattoo that defines your free soul and makes rhythm with your personality.

You can get this small butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck as black-grey or add up some others with your choice. This butterfly tattoo is small in size, and not much detail is required- so it will take lesser time as compared to other neck tattoos. Because of its tiny structure and placement, one can easily hide it under their hair. This could be that neck elegant butterfly tattoo you’ve been looking for!

Also, a small butterfly tattoo on the back of neck can really help you stand out from other women. This design can also be used for a butterfly tattoo on hand!

Spine Decore Tattoo

Spine Decore Tattoo
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This kind of tattoo design is one of the trending tattoos these days. It starts from the back of the neck and runs along the spine; the length could be as per the choice. Beautiful butterfly tattoo on the back added with the floral design have a fancy touch to it.

The spine could be a delicate place to be engraved, but this butterfly tattoo design will definitely give a sexy look. Floral design can be modified with the flowers to love the most.

Getting a tattoo on your spine is indeed a purely decorative and creative idea. You can perhaps add more wings or more scenes from nature here. Maybe, instead of an artistic butterfly, you opt for a realistic butterfly tattoo on back of neck. Blonde or brunette, this will go with any hair colour of women!

Butterfly And Moon Tattoo

Butterfly And Moon Tattoo
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Do you want your tattoo to have some deep meaning to it? This one can excite you. The moon with a butterfly, this neck tattoo, depicts the stage of your life and your urge to grow. This neck tattoo design gives a classic vintage look. The dark strokes in it reflect the in-depth meaning. Black and grey spots on the moon are uplifting the artwork of tattoo artists. Getting this tattoo inked on the back of your neck would be an ideal choice if you have an aloof personality and don’t want others to get a clear view of your beautiful butterfly tattoo.

3D Butterfly Tattoo On Back

3D Butterfly Tattoo On Back
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3D tattoos are adding a new dimension to the world of tattoos. Under this tattoo art, one can be as creative as possible, and the design can be unique to you as it is up to your imagination and the skills of the tattoo artist. The realistic butterfly tattoo could be a magnificent choice for both a man and a woman. 3D tattoos are deemed to be imaginary and surreal, and they are also easily visible.

The neck and the back are delicate parts of the body, so getting a 3D tattoo is definitely painful. Blue Butterly tattoo is a symbol of good luck, and this neck tattoo could be a fashion statement as well.

Squiggly Butterfly Tattoo On Neck

Squiggly Butterfly Tattoo On Neck
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A squiggly pink butterfly tattoo on the neck could be a desirable option for teenagers or for someone who is just starting their tattoo journey. This is a simple butterfly tattoo design but still unique to one’s personality.

This neck tattoo design can be a second option after a small butterfly tattoo. Squiggly tattoos happen to make abstract out of it, and what could be better than an abstract tattoo?

The pink ink for the outline of this neck butterfly tattoo gives it a feminine touch.

Butterfly With A Sword Tattoo Designs

Butterfly With A Sword Tattoo Designs
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This neck butterfly tattoo design is an example of a dagger tattoo. This neck tattoo design is an exemplary blend of beauty and wisdom. The black ink of this neck tattoo imparts a dark meaning to it.

A weapon has been used by warriors for thousands of years in a war of freedom. This butterfly tattoo can be associated with betrayal, loss, bravery.

The sword butterfly tattoo design can be interpreted as beauty and beast, where the butterfly exhibit beauty and the sword speak for the beast. These kinds of ideas are perfect for people with conflicting personalities.

Coverup Butterfly Tattoos

Coverup Butterfly Tattoos

You don’t like your old neck tattoo anymore? Or it is getting faded? Looking for a coverup tattoo? This one’s for you—a classic greyscale realistic butterfly neck tattoo design. The flowers of the old faded tattoo design are helping to lift up this neck butterfly tattoo design. This coverup butterfly tattoo design will not cost much if your old neck tattoo design is faded or light-coloured.

So, it is clear that the meaning of butterfly tattoo on the back of neck varies from tattoo to tattoo. You can get a butterfly tattoo anywhere on your skin like shoulder, chest, leg, ear, and this could be a flying butterfly or a large butterfly, but a neck butterfly tattoo meaning would be a whole different thing as it is totally your choice.

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