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101 Best Anchor Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Anchor rose tattoo

Getting inked for the first time or in search of a simple design for your next tattoo? Here are some eye-catching anchor tattoo ideas to show your love for the sea.

Anchor Tattoo
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Since a tattoo design stays with you for a long time and remains as a powerful source of inspiration, most people either ink a personal design, something that is close to their heart.

An anchor tattoo is a traditional and simple design that has been associated with sailors for hundreds of years. Currently, these designs have become a popular choice among many tattoo enthusiasts.

However, you might wonder what is the meaning of an anchor tattoo or what does an anchor tattoo represent that so many people went gaga over this amazing design?

The trend of tattooing the anchor tattoo designs grew in popularity during the 1900s. The sailors crossing the Atlantic ocean were frequently seen flaunting an anchor symbol inked in different places of the body of different sailors. Even the famous cartoon character of the ’90s, Popeye the sailor man had a large and noticeable anchor tattoo on his biceps which he flaunted with pride. Anchor tattoos in sailors might have symbolized strength and bravery which amplified the craze for this design.

If you plan to get an anchor tattoo inked on your body, you might be interested in the different meanings that the anchor symbol represents. So let’s briefly get you accustomed to what does an anchor tattoo symbolize and how you can boast your personal traits through the various meanings of the tattoo. A talented tattoo artist can also combine the original anchor design with other tattoo elements to give the anchor tattoo contemporary meanings and an edge over the classic style. So before going to a tattoo artist, you can go through these 10 amazing ideas of anchor tattoo designs which will serve as a perfect inspiration for you to choose your anchor design.

Large And Forever Classy Anchor Tattoos

Large And Forever Classy Anchor Tattoos
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The larger the art piece more people are drawn towards the design. Apart from looking great, bigger tattoos also symbolize your confidence in the message that makes you engrave a tattoo on your skin. For example, a big anchor tattoo placed on the back like the one in the above image can amp up the style. You can also choose various other places like the arm, chest, back, or shoulder to get a big tattoo design. Detailing the anchor tattoo by combining it with some other elements like a compass or a rope brings more life to the design and gives a sailor-like impression. You can even add the name of the family members to give a personal touch to the tattoo.

Anchor Black Tattoo
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Here is another example of a moderate-sized anchor tattoo that will look very attractive on your skin. The benefit of getting a bigger tattoo on the forearm is that muscle movement can create a lively flow of the tattoo, as if it were alive. Along with the anchor design, you also get enough space to add the symbols of a compass and a rope to the piece if you choose to get the anchor tattoo on the arm.

Anchor Tattoos For The Soul Of An Explorer

Anchor Tattoos For The Soul Of An Explorer
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A combination of the anchor tattoos with the symbol of a compass shows that you are both grounded and not directionless. No wonder it is both incredibly attractive and smart too. Anchors are part of sailing ships and are essential when combined with compass. However, they have a little contrast element – one stops the ship, the other directs it towards a destination. The trend of these tattoo designs came into existence hundreds of years ago when the sailors set sail to explore and discover different places in the world. For this reason, the anchor tattoo meaning amplifies when it is combined with a compass. Since the time ships have been discovered, sailors travelled throughout the sea following the directions of a compass. If you like big detailed tattoos, then this might be your right choice.

Anchor Tattoos
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The explorer tattoo may not just be compass tattoos along with the anchor design. A great addition could be a map placed behind the anchor and compass. After all, sailors were the ones who helps chart much of the modern maps by going out into uncharted waters and discovering new lands. A map is another thing that a sailor cannot go without. So you can obviously go a bit extra and tattoo a map in the background of the anchor tattoos which will bring out your exploring soul even more.

Detailed Anchor Tattoos With Specific Meanings

Detailed Anchor Tattoos With Specific Meanings
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Wondering what does the anchor tattoo means? You will be surprised to know that the anchor meaning continues to change every time it combines with different objects. The practice of detailing an anchor tattoo design is not new. The sailors in the past often detailed the anchor tattoos by drawing a north star. At present, many designs are seen combined with a regular anchor tattoo symbol to give each tattoo a unique edge. If you are looking for some common art pieces to combine with your anchor tattoo symbol, then flowers, the holy cross of Christianity, a rope, and the infinity sign are some go-to options. Instead of a rope around the anchor, you can also get a tattoo where a snake is drawn hugging the anchor tattoo. Although the snake is seen as a venomous predator, the combination of a snake with the anchor tattoos symbolizes a level of groundedness, protected from any kind of external toxicity.

Anchor Infinity Tattoo
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You can combine it with a great variety of other symbols and each design adds a different meaning to the tattoo. Although very rare, the infinity anchor tattoo design is one best and moving designs of anchor tattoos. The idea behind this great design is a unique one and it can be richly decorated by using several motifs that end in an attached infinity loop-like structure. This simple anchor design in which the anchor chain takes the structure of infinity is one such minimalist piece that looks extremely classy. The anchor tattoo symbol can be also designed with various other objects for example birds and hearts. Other than that you can also decorate it with coloured flowers to give an additional edge to the anchor design.

Anchor Tattoos As a Symbol Of Hope

Anchor Tattoos As a Symbol Of Hope
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Tattooing the word ‘hope’ with anchor tattoos shows that for many, hope for the future is what keeps you anchored to your beliefs and moving forward. The classic tattoo also represents a will to never give up or betray oneself even during the worst times in life. The addition of such essential elements of life to the anchor symbols will surely keep you inspired all the time. You can ink this piece on various parts of the body like the arm, shoulder and chest. A simple smaller version can also speak volumes – if you like to place it on the nape of your neck. Play with the design and add a whole new meaning to your anchor tattoo of inspiration.

The Combination Of Flowers And Anchor Tattoos

The Combination Of Flowers And Anchor Tattoos
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The anchor symbols have been modernized in many ways and different symbols or designs are associated with various meanings. Anchor tattoos have been famous mostly among men because of their association with the sea and sailing since the beginning. However, with changing eras, the preferences have also changed a lot. Nowadays, anchor tattoos are popular both among men and women. In celebrities, many female celebrities like Katie Cassidy and Margot Robbie appear to be interested in the anchor design. Anchor tattoo embroidered with decorative flowers like in the above image has a more feminine touch to it.

Anchor Flower Tattoo
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Additionally, colouring the floral patterns can never go wrong if you are looking for adding extra zing to your floral anchor tattoo design. If you are interested in associating coloured floral patterns with their anchor tattoo, then there are different types of amazing floral designs available that suit every type of gender. The coloured patterns make the tattoo look even more artistic and creative. A detailed anchor tattoo with floral patterns will grab the undivided attention to your piece no matter wherever they are placed.

Single Line Anchor Tattoos

Single Line Anchor Tattoos
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You can always opt for evergreen single-lined anchor designs however, if you are open to more elaborate designs then tiny detailings could never go wrong. The anchor tattoo is a simple design on its own. It is believed that the first anchor tattoos used to be single-lined tattoos. A classic single-lined tattoo with a heart shape crown like the image is a brilliant piece if you are looking for one. It has been modernized by the addition of colourful patterns which gives it a more abstract and spectacular look. Single-line anchor tattoos are small and couples can have it on them to make the design compliment their relationship.

Anchor Tattoos Combined With The Element Of Christianity

Anchor Tattoos Combined With The Element Of Christianity
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You can also try out a fusion design by adding the holy cross to the anchor tattoo like the one shown above. The stem of anchors looks like the sacred cross of Christianity. They are also somewhat similar in shape and size to a cross. This tattoo can be a great way to cement your beliefs.

Small And Compact Anchor Tattoos

Small And Compact Anchor Tattoos
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Unlike many other tattoo designs, an anchor tattoo does not necessarily need to be large to portray its actual meaning. Rather this small and compact design is a favourite choice of many who are interested in getting small and meaningful tattoos. If you want a small tattoo for the wrist, fingers, neck, and ankle, a small anchor tattoo is a perfect fit for these places.

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo
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Are you fond of a detailed yet small tattoo, then swipe right on the idea of anchor tattoos. It is also a very safe option for small and detailed tattoos. The cute heart with the small anchor is a simple design you can go for.

Minimalist Black Anchor Tattoo Of Sailors

Minimalist Black Anchor Tattoo Of Sailors
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Anchors ensure the stability of a ship, dropping the anchor from the ship into a turbulent sea or a stormy ocean guarantees safety and security. Similarly, the sailors and the navy believed that as a real anchor provides stability and protection to the ship, anchor tattoos symbolize hope and fortune of stability, securing their life and ensuring protection to the boat. No wonder why the sailors chose the symbol of anchors to ink on their bodies. Although at present, almost anyone in the world could get an anchor tattoo irrespective of their profession or passion. The black anchor tattoo design is by far one of the most minimalistic yet chic designs among all other designs of the anchor tattoo piece. The tattoo does not require much explanation, it is engraved in the shape of a tiny anchor which is all black in colour. The black small anchor symbol can be placed in any location of the body because of its small size. Decorating the tattoo with extra objects like rope, birds, and flowers makes the tattoo look amazing.

Anchor Tattoo Ideas For Your Loved One

Anchor Tattoo Ideas For Your Loved One
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Just like an anchor’s purpose is to hold the ship strongly at one place during adverse situations, the anchor tattoo is a symbol of loyalty and devotion you have for your family. You can also dedicate this tattoo to a loved one by adding his or her name to the tattoo as a commitment to stay with them for time and beyond. Carving the word family in between the sternum of the anchor depicts how closely bonded you are with your own people.

Forearm Infinity Anchor Tattoo
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The traditional anchor tattoo is considered to be a sign of stability and loyalty. Your dedication towards holding their family together through thick and thin is compared to an anchor’s function of protecting a ship in the sea. A classic way to show your love for a heavenly member of your family is by adding their name with the anchor. Like in this design, the anchor stick ends with the letter P as the person remembers his father through the word ‘paa’.

Many types of tattoos linked with the sea or ocean are becoming famous among the people with explorer instinct. They are popularly termed navy tattoos. This type of tattoo is doing wonders in the tattoo industry so it’s time you might want to get one too. Navy tattoo on itself does not make any kind of tattoo idea; combining it with different symbols that define their profession, you can make a wonderful tattoo out of it and if you are someone who is into the profession then this tattoo will surely act as an added bonus to your dashing personality. So let’s take a look at different designs that might interest you to get your customized navy tattoo.

1. An oldie sailor cap on the wrist.

2. Simple Anchor Tattoo design.

3. A compass tattoo.

4. A North Star tattoo as an ancient source of direction.

5. The modern and chic compass tattoo.

6. Small boat tattoo.

7. Abstract ocean tattoos.

8. Large and detailed pirate ships.

9. A combination of anchor, rope, and compass tattoos.

10. A pirate skull tattoo.

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