101 Best Always Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
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In search of new and unique always tattoo designs? Well, you are in the right place! Check out these amazing always tattoo ideas, given below.

Always Tattoo Ideas
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The word ‘always‘ seems so simple, and yet, several people are seen getting inked with this word, every year.

An always tattoo is usually chosen by people with a special someone in mind whom they love and vow to love, eternally. So, if you have someone like that in your life, and want to dedicate a tattoo to them, to symbolize your permanent love and affection for them, nothing can be more effortless yet powerful than ‘always’.

For Harry Potterfans, always tattoos hold a very special meaning, altogether. In the book and the movie, when Professor Snape was asked if he still cared about Lily Potter, Harry Potter’s mother, whom he dearly loved when they were both young, he replied with, “Always”. Hence, this word perfectly depicted the power and eternal nature of true love, which was even felt by an antagonistic character.

However, even if you are not a Harry Potter fan or ‘Potterhead’, that should not stop you from getting ‘always’ inked on your skin. One of the best things about an always tattoo is its versatility and how it can perfectly express what you want it to mean.

Now that you know the meaning of an always tattoo and its ties to the well-known Harry Potter franchise, you can see why this tattoo is one of the most popular choices for both men and women wanting to get inked. Check out the amazing always tattoo ideas listed below, and surely you will find your perfect match!

Pretty Floral Always Tattoo

Pretty Floral Always Tattoo
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A rose with an ‘always’ above surely seems very aesthetic. What makes this design even more beautiful is its simplicity. Even though there are no patterns or bright colours, the design holds a beauty of its own.

sunflower tatttoo
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If you want a floral always tattoo on your upper arm, then this is another option that might be perfect. The prominently inked sunflower is sure to turn a few heads. Additionally, sunflowers are symbolic of everlasting love and that will pair well with the ‘always’.

Always Harry Potter Tattoo

Always Harry Potter Tattoo
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If you are in search of an always tattoo design based on Harry Potter, then you can certainly use this idea. The golden snitch with the intricate geometric patterns is quite a unique way of paying homage to the Harry Potter franchise. The ‘always’ inked in a cursive style further adds to the allure of the motif. A great tattoo like this will not only look amazing on your body but also show your love for art and aesthetics. If you want a bigger version of this design, you can get that inked on your back.

outline of Harry Potter tattoo
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Designs like this one are hard to come by, so if you are looking to get inked with the quote said by Professor Snape, then this tattoo is extraordinary. Not only does it have the quote, but it also has symbols associated with the book and movie, including the outline of Harry Potter, himself. The combination of the various colours gives the tattoo an artistic appeal and has a 100% chance of catching everyone’s attention.

Always Tattoo For Couples

Always Tattoo For Couples
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It is quite common for couples to get the same tattoos as a symbol of their love for each other. So, if you have found your soul mate and both of you want to permanently ink your everlasting affection for one another, then a meaningful matching always tattoo like this is the way to go.

Vibrant Always And Forever Tattoo

Vibrant Always And Forever Tattoo
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Always and forever tattoos are also quite popular with different kinds of designs and works. However, this design will undoubtedly stand out due to the wonderful use of colours and patterns. The ‘always’ and ‘forever’ are separated by an enticing abstract pattern, which looks quite vibrant and eye-catching!

Symbolic Semicolon Always Tattoo

Symbolic Semicolon Always Tattoo
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The semicolon tattoo is a mark of solidarity against mental health issues. Such tattoos are symbolic of when someone chooses to continue their life despite all hardships. Therefore, if you are someone who has struggled with mental health issues or is still struggling, you can use this tattoo as a gentle reminder to always carry on. You can get this tattoo inked on any part of your body, like the wrist or forearm, where it remains visible to you. Hopefully, a tattoo like this will help you have faith in yourself and see things in a positive light.

Always With Infinity Loop Tattoo

Always With Infinity Loop Tattoos
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Adding an infinity loop to your always tattoo can further accentuate its meaning. As you can see in this design, the ‘always’ is inked in such a way, it fits in perfectly with the infinity loop. The heart sign and birds on the other side make the tattoo much more graceful. You may get a tattoo like this on your wrist or even on the back of your ear.

Pooh Forearm Always Tattoo

Pooh Forearm Always Tattoo
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If you love Pooh, then this forearm tattoo might be right for you! The coloured Pooh makes the tattoo quite realistic. The ‘always’ is inked in a thin and cursive manner, to make it look like the string of the balloon which Pooh is holding. You may add the name of your loved one on the balloon. Not only will that show that you care for them, but it will make you feel like they are with you all the time.

Small And Simple Always Tattoo

Small And Simple Always Tattoo
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Nothing quite beats the charm of small and minimalist tattoos. So, if you are in search of a small always tattoo design, then you can get this tattoo on your forearm or hand. Tattoos like these do not need a lot of time or work to be inked on the skin, but still turns out looking great.

Always Tired Tattoo

Always Tired Tattoo
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More often than not, tattoos are a reflection of how we feel. So, if you are feeling tired with all the work and chores you have to do and are never getting any time to rest, then why not get a tattoo based on that? A basic tattoo like this might remind you of your mental state and help you to search for some peace in your life. While the tattoo might seem chaotic, it can be a perfect way to relax by listening to your favourite music.

Floating Dandelion Always Tattoo

Floating Dandelion Always Tattoo
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Combining ‘always’ with a floating dandelion is an interesting choice, as both symbolize the opposites. While ‘always’ is a word referring to the permanent nature of something, a floating dandelion gives the impression that nothing is permanent. Different people may find different meanings to this tattoo, but on an elementary level, this tattoo signifies that change is constant and you should always expect something new in your life. The use of the colour blue and the cursive way in which ‘always’ is written gives this tattoo a very refined appearance.

Now that you are aware of so many always tattoo ideas, you are all set to get an always tattoo for yourself! There are many categories of always tattoos, but with the help of this guide, you can easily find the right design that suits you. Here is a collection of some of the always tattoos that you can get inked on your skin:

  1. A personalized always tattoo made just for you
  2. Minimalist always tattoo
  3. Always tattoo with abstract geometrical patterns
  4. Matching always tattoo with your significant other
  5. Always tattoo based on Harry Potter
  6. Forearm or wrist always tattoo

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