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101 Best African Tribal Tattoo Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
African Tribal Tattoo

African tribal tattoos have always been a potential African symbol representing courage alongside African culture. Learn more about an African tribal tattoo.

African Tribal Tattoo
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When it comes to tattoo designs it should be mentioned that these are creative and proud pieces of art as they represent one’s values and perception of life.

Besides, tattoo artist comes up with tattoo designs that throw light on various cultures and heritage. Tribal designs are one such hottest news hot that has over the years earned popularity with its deeper meaning.

African tribal tattoos come with significant meaning and have received cultural appropriation. African tribal tattoo meanings are simple enough as they represent the social status, protection, and achievements of the wearer. In Africa, these tattoos are much in vogue. Indigenous tribes use tattoos to depict Africa’s vast mythology. You can always use this body art and inked yourself with a tattoo in tribal style, or an African lion tattoo.

African Warrior Tattoos

African Warrior Tattoos
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The question might swirl in your mind what is the meaning of an African tribal tattoo given to an adult male or female? The response to this question is pretty simple as tribal tattoos are symbols representative and leading new sites. This is a fierce Zulu warrior tattoo representing the culture of the Zulu tribe.

The Zulu tribe is the largest ethnic group in South Africa. They are better known for basketry and beadwork. They believe in the presence of ancestral spirits who come in the form of snakes and sickness, dreams. 

The enormous African warrior tattoo has been inked on the upper arm of the person and is giving him an extraordinary appearance. The tattoo is quite appealing as it contains the face of an African woman who is of course a warrior. 

When it comes to African tribal warrior tattoos represent African tribes. Warrior tattoos are symbolic of struggle, strength, and courage. 

Tribal Tattoos For Men

Tribal Tattoos For Men
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Celebrate Africa’s rich history with African tattoo designs. Over the years these have been able to catch the attention of a number of people. They are a good representation of African heritage and rich culture. When it comes to Tribal style tattoos there can be no better choice than an African tribal tattoo. The symbolic tattooing idea has got tribal affiliation and well represents their strength and courage. 

Covering the entire upper of the man this particular tribal tattoo design can be a perfect tribal tattoo for men and falls under the category of African tribal tattoo sleeves that can be inked by men and women. The tattoo design well depicts the thoughts and values of African people reflecting their social status along with a long history to pay homage to the departed source along with their loyalty towards the tribes. 

This particular African tribal sleeve tattoo can be inked by both men and women who wanted to portray African roots.

African Woman Tattoo Design

African Woman Tattoo Design
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This particular African tribal tattoo is a perfect suit for African women. The light should be shed on the fact that this unique tribal tattoo has been designed on the forearm of the woman and is giving her an ethereal look. Besides, it should be mentioned that this is a wonderful tattoo design as it is a perfect reflection of the amalgamation of strength and beauty. 

The African Wings tattoo is a symbol of freedom. In addition to this, it shows in emancipation from the long shackles. The butterfly design beholds and represents the idea of young love. Moreover, it also symbolizes transformation or change. This unique tattoo design can be easily inked by women to hold similar perspectives towards life or is going through a transitional period. 

Elephant Tattoo Design

Elephant Tattoo Design
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Elephant Tattoos are always popular all across the world. When it comes to an African Elephant tattoo, it should mention that these particular African Tattoos are symbolic of good luck. In addition to this, it is essential to inform that the intricate elephant designs reflect African mythology. They bear the divinity along with loyalty to one’s group or ethnicity.

The tribal design has been inked by the person covering the entire upper arm. The gigantic elephant also reflects African wildlife along with strength. The tattoo idea is potential enough to draw the attention of the onlookers and can be one of the better tribal tattooing ideas to draw good luck.

Acacia Tree Tattoo Designs

Acacia Tree Tattoo Designs
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The body art is well inked y the tattoo artist and is well displaying the theme of the acacia tree in the form of a woman.

Acacia is highly symbolic as it portrays the love that is pure. In addition to this, acacia beholds a deeper meaning and signifies pure and chaste love. The tattoo is beholding a multidimensional meaning. The love that it represents is sometimes concealed. Moreover, in Africa, acacia holds spiritual symbolism.

It is mention-worthy that, African people consider acacia of containing protective power. Keeping aside the idea of platonic love, acacia has African roots where acacia flowers are considered to be beholding spiritual power to protect one from evil and diseases.

African Lioness Tattoo

African Lioness Tattoo
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Want to learn how an African lion works? An African Lion has multiple meanings when it comes to African tribal art. 

For over, centuries lions have been symbolic of bravery and strength. In addition to this, the African lion symbolizes wisdom. Henceforth, it depicts the common meaning of courage. A lion tattoo simply marks the Fearless attitude and courage of the tattoo bearer. 

Designed on the right back of the girl, this particular lion tattoo represents wildlife.  Whenever there is a lioness tattoo it should be remembered that instead of portraying leadership and masculinity like a lion tattooed, the lioness always stands for family.

 Women get lionesses tattoos in order to order their motherhood. Moreover, it shows that they are the providers of the family, they are the ones who raise their children and also hunt in order to remove the hunger of the family.

Tribal Face Tattoos

Tribal Face Tattoos
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Covering the forearm of the man the tribal face tattoo is a perfect example of an Afrocentric tattoo idea. Besides, the face of a woman is a good depiction of the wearer’s heritage. 

When it comes to tattoos it changes their meaning from culture to culture along with designs. A face tattoo always narrates the story of the heritage of the wearer. Besides, it also tells the story of the achievements. The face tattoo stands for protection strength and power. 

Apart from a face tattoo, you can also get yourself into it some feminine spirits in order to reflect on the story of your tribe.

Ancient Egyptians Tattoo

Ancient Egyptians Tattoo
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The tattoo design is well covering the upper arm of the woman and is giving an excess charm to her appearance. The queen tattoo is one of the most famous tattoo ideas of women. The tattoo Idea has got its roots in ancient Egypt. 

It can be safe that this particular tattoo design reflects the Egyptian queen Nefertiti who was the epitome of beauty along with strength. The beautiful queen designed on the arm of the woman is symbolic of feminine power along with devotion. It is both mentioned that the symbol of feminine strength and beauty, the Nefertiti tattoo is one of the most loved ones when it comes to Egyptian body art. 

You can also see it with the sun tattoo to make it more appealing to the onlookers. A queen tattoo always symbolizes independence along with status. If you too consider a similar perspective then you can always get yourself inked with this particular tattooing idea.

African Zebra Tattoo Design

African Zebra Tattoo Design
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The zebra tattoo falls under the category of a full leg tattoo as the zebra design is covering the entire leg of the tattoo bearer. Moreover, apart from zebras, the tattoo design is well reflecting the wildlife of Africa. Inked in black, the tattoo design is representing two zebras who are roaming in the jungles of Africa. 

When it comes to was zebra tattoo it is worth mentioning that it is a presentation of freedom. Over the years humans have attempted to domesticate zebras but they have failed massively as these animals love to be in the wild. 

If you consider yourself to be free enough to make a decision about what is achievable and not achievable in your life then you can always get yourself inked by a zebra design. 

African Mask Tattoo

African Mask Tattoo
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A mask tattoo can be a perfect choice if you are intending to hide a version of your personality. When it comes to a mask tattoo it is essential to make a note of the fact that it represents the dual personality and oftentimes stands for something that one does not let out. This can anyways be a part that an individual is hiding from the rest of the world. 

The mask tattoo has been well inked on the arm of the tattoo bearer. It simply signifies a different person who is hiding one of his versions of personality.

What is an African tribal tattoo? Over the years African tattoos have been symbolic of a way to cure diseases along with protecting against spirits. In addition to this, they also show affiliation towards tribes along with reflecting personality traits that incorporate social status, bravery, and courage. If you want to get yourself inked with some African tribal tattoo ideas then below have been provided with a few suggestions which you can consider.

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What do african tribal tattoos mean?

African tribal tattoos are symbols of identity, power, and status within their culture. They may also represent a person’s spiritual journey or be used to tell stories about the wearer’s ancestors, family, tribe and more. Tribal tattoos often feature bold abstract art designs, geometric shapes and patterns that are unique to the particular African tribe. Colors have great symbolic meaning and are often used to represent concepts like death, protection and strength. African tribal tattoos can also be a form of ritual body art that marks the passage into adulthood or marriage, as well as a way to visually communicate social status. They can also be seen as decorative pieces of art that express feelings of happiness, sorrow, anger, and joy. No matter the purpose, African tribal tattoos carry deep cultural and spiritual meaning for those who wear them.

What is the history of african tribal tattoos?

African tribal tattoos have a long and complex history that dates back to ancient societies. In many African cultures, body art was used as a form of spiritual protection, as well as to mark social status or rank within the tribe. Each African tribe had its own unique tattooing style which reflected their distinctive culture and beliefs. Many tribes favored abstract designs, while some focused on more intricate pieces featuring animals and nature. Tribal tattoos were often used to mark major life events and milestones such as puberty, marriage, or motherhood. African tribal tattoos are still popular today and have been widely adapted by people from all walks of life. The meaning behind these ancient symbols has changed over time, but the rich history and symbolism remain.

How are african tribal tattoos made?

African tribal tattoos are traditionally created with a manual technique called hand-tapping, which uses a sharp tool and needle to puncture the skin and create intricate designs. This method is still used today by experienced tattoo artists who specialize in African body art. Another popular method is machine tattooing, which uses an electric needle to inject pigment into the skin. No matter which method is used, African tribal tattoos are created with skill and attention to detail. The process can be painful and may involve some bleeding, but the end result is a stunning piece of body art that will last for many years to come.

What are the different types of african tribal tattoos?

African tribal tattoos vary depending on the culture and region from which they originate. Popular designs include geometric shapes, abstract patterns, animals, plants, and symbols that are unique to each tribe. Some common motifs used in African tribal tattoos include fertility symbols, symbols of protection or good luck, and symbols related to status or rank within a tribe.

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