101 Amazing Horseshoe Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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horseshoe tattoo ideas

Can you guess what is one of the most popular tattoo designs for good fortune? A simple search would tell you it’s the horseshoe tattoo! This old symbol is still relevant to today’s tattoo world. So why don’t you get on Lady Luck good side by having a horseshoe tattoo? Take inspiration from our top 15 horseshoe tattoo designs down below!

What does horseshoe tattoo mean?

No one knows how old the superstition surrounding the horseshoe is. We just know that it’s been a good omen for centuries. To find one on the road and bring home is lucky, but to get a horseshoe tattoo design on your body is guaranteed good luck. Test it out yourself! 

Old School Good Luck Horseshoe Tattoo With Flowers For Men Calf Muscle Placement

Old School Good Luck Horseshoe Tattoo

Everyone knows that a horseshoe tattoo meaning is that of a lucky life. And who wouldn’t want that?! That’s why we recommend getting this American traditional horseshoe tattoo on your calf muscle or forearm. 

Simple Horseshoe Tattoo Sneaky Luck Small Horseshoe Tattoo On Toes

Simple Horseshoe Tattoo

Are you looking for small horseshoe tattoos to sneakily hide your source of luck? We have the best lucky horse tattoo you’ll find! Get a horseshoe tattoo on foot, precisely on your toes. A horseshoe tattoo small or big is said to bring fortune equally! 

Colorful Horseshoe and Rose Tattoo On Shin Horseshoe Tattoo Traditional Designs

Colorful Horseshoe and Rose Tattoo

Up for amazing traditional horseshoe tattoo designs? We have the best ones on our top 15 list. Just take a look at this horseshoe and flower tattoo with a feathery twist! The best kind of tattoo for those in search of good fortune in life.

A Simple Horseshoe Tattoo Meaning Luck To Keep You Going In Life Simple Tattoo Ideas

A Simple Horseshoe Tattoo

Nothing beats a simple great luck charm tattoo, are we right! This charming horseshoe heart tattoo design is the perfect horseshoe tattoo on wrist or on your ankle. It’s also budget-friendly, so you have no excuses!

Double Horseshoe Tattoo Black and Gray Ink Horseshoe and Flowers Tattoo Ideas

Double Horseshoe Tattoo

Double your odds of fortune in life with this black and gray horseshoe tattoo! Add your favorite type of flower to elevate the tattoo meaning! And don’t forget to make that horseshoe extra shiny with white ink highlights.

Black Ink Outlines Horseshoe With Flowers Tattoo Incredibly Detailed Design On Back

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This isn’t your typical simple horseshoe tattoo, that’s for sure! Yet the black outlines give this horseshoe tattoo an elegant and clean vibe. If you believe in the old school saying a horseshoe brings all sorts of positivity, why not devote your entire back to a beautiful horseshoe tattoo design? 

Horseshoe Tattoo With Feathers Meaningful Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Horseshoe Tattoo

Native Americans saw feathers as a way of communicating with the spirit world and as a symbol of protection. And what better companion to it than a horseshoe?! We promise this bold black and gray tattoo horseshoe will look awesome on your body and bring you luck! 

Horseshoe Flower Tattoo Ideas Horseshoe Tattoo With Name Family Design

Horseshoe Flower Tattoo

What better gift is there than to tattoo your loved one’s names?! If you’re lucky enough to be a parent, you’ll know why this simple horseshoe tattoo goes a long way! Brighten your skin with beautiful and meaningful horseshoe tattoo designs this month.

Cool Black and White Ink Horseshoe and Feather Tattoo To Bring Fortune

Cool Black and White Ink Horseshoe

If you’re on the hunt for amazing horseshoe feather tattoo ideas, we have just the thing! A horseshoe tattoo meaning is a classical luck charm. So why not tattoo horseshoe and feather image like this one onto your forearm or the side of your leg?

Lucky Charm Horseshoe Tattoo Wrist Placement With a Flower and Foliage Tattoo Design

Lucky Charm Horseshoe Tattoo

Design your own unique horseshoe tattoo for the best of fortune to come! Tattoos need to be a representation of your true self. Customize your charm with flowers, leaves and other elements that represent you and the perfect horseshoe tattoo awaits!

Colorful It’s All In The Cards Awesome Horseshoe Tattoos For Men Arm Placement

Colorful It’s All In The Cards Awesome

We’re on fire with these awesome horseshoes tattoos! This one right here is perfect for those who know all about cards and play them well. Get your fortune going with this colorful horseshoe tattoo! Best suited for a forearm or shin placement.

Black and Red Ink Horse Tattoo Horseshoe Fortunate Tattoos 

Black and Red Ink Horse Tattoo Horseshoe Fortunate Tattoos

Get yourself a literal horse and his shoe tattoo for the best of fortunes to come! If darker colors don’t suit your skin, consider getting a lighter horse mane for the design. Tattoos like this one are excellent not just for responsible gamblers but animal lovers too! 

Meaningful And Spiritual Tattoos Subtle Horseshoe Tattoo With A Cross In The Middle  

Meaningful And Spiritual Tattoos

Sometimes all your body needs is a subtle yet meaningful tattoo. So check out this fineline black ink horseshoe tattoo! Everyone knows a horseshoe tattoo meaning is always positive. Adding a symbol of your faith will only elevate that meaning! We say go for it and wear your tattoo horseshoe with pride! 

Black and Gray Ink Luckiest Horseshoe Tattoo Meaning Ever Below The Elbow Placement

Black and Gray Ink Luckiest Horseshoe Tattoo

Anyone who wears this tattoo will be the luckiest man alive! Just look at all the symbols it got! You can get it as a traditional black and gray tattoo or slap on some colors – it’s always your choice! We’re absolutely sure you’ll love it either way! Tell us in the comments below if the horseshoe tattoo meaning came true for you.

Personalized Horseshoe Tattoo In Black Ink Hand Tattoos For Men

Personalized Horseshoe Tatto

If you avoided getting a tattoo because you can’t decide on a single idea yet, we bring you the solution! Just tattoo horseshoe and all your favorite designs and create the best sleeve tattoo there is! Personalized just for you, we believe this is the luckiest idea you’ll find! 

Having Said All That

We hope you loved our top 15 ideas on cool horseshoe tattoos! Pick one or two designs you loved the most and call your trusty tattoo shop today! Tattoo horseshoe for good luck in life and look awesome at the same time!

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