How to get Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles – updated in 2019!

by Jamie Wilson
Zayn Malik's Best Hairstyles

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Since his departure from One Direction in early 2015, a careful combination of red carpet appearances and magazine shoots has seen Zayn Malik’s style icon status rapidly soar to stratospheric new heights. 

Freshly liberated from the chains of teen boyband style conditioning, his rising sartorial prowess has seen him take various forays into the world of fashion including collections with both Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti. With this, his refreshing approach to trialling new hairstyles has garnered attention from fans and grooming press alike, let’s take a look at some of his most popular hairdos.

Zayn Malik’s Curtain Hairstyle

Arguably the beginning of Zayn’s experimental relationship with his hairstyles, we first saw the (then) boy bander sporting a curtain cut in 2014 as his relatively understated style of the time began growing out. While the curtain cut has always had its fair share of sceptics, Zayn’s sartorial star power catapulted the style into the minds of hair conscious men around the world which has seen it steadily grow in popularity since.

How to Get a Curtain Hairstyle:

Start by keeping your back and sides much shorter than the top in the months leading up to your curtain cut. Alongside this, it’s worth mentioning your intentions to your barbers and they’ll begin cutting your hair towards the style – even if you’ve not reached the required length yet. Once the length can justify it, use a comb to create a parting and begin using a hair cream or pomade to shape it down the sides.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via Wordpress

Zayn Malik’s Blonde Buzzcut

Debuting his new do’ at a Valentino runway show in 2015, Zayn’s blonde buzzcut was the breakthrough post One Direction move that made the fashion press stand up and pay attention. Combining a trend-defining Louis Vuitton souvenir jacket with his new hairstyle, it was the defining moment Malik required to cement his new position as a serious, sartorially savvy solo artist.

How to Get a Blonde Buzzcut:

Pretty straightforward style to achieve, even though we’d typically recommend visiting a professional for colouring it’s actually pretty easy to recreate at home. Simply use a set of clippers to buzz your hair to the desired length all round, then bleach the short length before toning to the desired shade. That being said, if you’re even remotely unsure – visit a salon for the professional touch.

Zayn Malik's Blonde Undercut
File:Zayn Wiki (cropped).jpg” by First Access Entertainment via Wordpress

Zayn Malik’s Blonde Undercut

Arguably one of his most stylish hairdos ever, Zayn’s silver blonde undercut hairstyle has come around a couple of times now, with the most notable iterations in 2016/2017. While incredibly chic, it’s also a clever maintenance reducing move – particularly for those with darker hair. As your roots will show up quicker on your sideburns and around the nape of your neck, opting for an undercut will cut down on those expensive trips to the colourist – which is always a plus.

How to Get a Blonde Undercut:

Your best bet in this scenario is to bring a picture to the salon with you if you’re looking for a direct replication. That being said, to generalise the cut (besides asking for the obvious colour change) ask your barber to give you a low undercut, no higher than your temples, that graduates down at the back.

Zayn Malik Blonde
250315” by Javierosh via Wordpress

Zayn Malik’s Long Slick Hairstyle

Similarly to the aforementioned blonde undercut, Zayn has opted for a longer, slicked-back style on a number of occasions. It was his appearance at the 2014 AMAs, however, that really caught people’s attention. The sophisticated styling of the back and sides with a teased fringe and the infamous ‘strand’ that sent the internet into meltdown makes for a dapper do that’d be suited to most gent’s personal style.

Zayn Malik's Long Slick Hairstyle
Harry Styles with the italian flag” by sabridanph via Wordpress

How to Get a Long Slick Hairstyle:

It’s a lengthy process with some awkward stages in between, so before you start down the lane of growing your hair out – be sure you’re dedicated to the cause. There are no shortcuts here, just explain the style you’re trying to achieve to your barbers and he’ll trim your split ends to keep things growing evenly… good luck.


Zayn’s 4 Most Iconic Hairstyles

  • Curtains – achieve this by growing your hair mid-length and parting it with a comb down the middle.
  • Buzzcut – simply use a set of clippers to buzz your hair to the desired length all round.
  • Blonde undercut – ask your barber to give you a low undercut, no higher than your temples, that graduates down at the back.
  • Long slick hairstyle – ensure you tell your barber your plan to grow out your hair, as they will ensure that split ends are cut frequently and your hair grows healthily.
Zayn Malik Iconic Hairstyle
Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer via Wordpress

On That Note

That’s your lot! From Zayn Malik’s new hairstyles to his old favourites, we’ve covered some of the stylish solo artist’s most iconic cuts for your perusal. Whether you opt to go bold and blonde or stick to a more sophisticated, slick look – as Zayn proves, hair needn’t have restrictions so enjoy.

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