Winter Footwear Guide: Technical Boots

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

While technical boots won’t normally be the most stylish pair of shoes you’ll own, they’ll likely be the most practical. If you’re looking for a pair of ultimate winter warmers, it may be time to store away your favourite pair of trainers and invest in a quality pair that’ll keep your feet frost free, and hopefully, a little stylish all the while. Here we choose the best men’s boots for you.

Best Winter Technical Boots

Generally speaking, there are several types of winter boot at your disposal, all depending on the kind features your looking for. If you’re planning to be active and heading out into the hills you’ll want a pair of insulated walking boots. If it’s practicality and style you’re looking for, the iconic Timberland 6″ lace-ups are the perfect option being among the best winter boots for men.

There’s no reason to see technical boots as being simply for outdoor activities. For those of you investing in a pair, it goes without saying that your outfit should work with them; you want to be practical this season, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in the slightest.

mens shearling winter boots snow


Best Warm Winter Boots for Men

Just because it’s cold out there doesn’t mean your feet need to suffer, you’re going to want to be prepared for the change in weather and that means you’ll need to look for quality boots that’ll keep your ankles strapped up and be waterproof.

The most iconic, and notably warmest winter boots, are world renowned Timberlands. While the construction of most of the brand’s boots focus primarily on functionality, for what they are – Timberlands actually look relatively stylish at the same time.

mens street style timberland

Best Waterproof Winter Boots for Men

Throughout the winter there’s one thing you can rely on and that’s rain, especially in the UK. Having a decent pair of waterproof boots at your disposal will save you a lot of heartache… and wet feet, which nobody wants. When it comes to said technical waterproof boots, Sorel are a leader in their field.

With a couple of different variations, it’s all about matching your needs with the right pair. Realistically speaking, however, they’ll all serve the same purpose so one of the biggest factors to consider is aesthetics. Featuring seam sealed construction, vulcanised rubber foot shells, thick rubber soles and, obviously, being completely waterproof – Sorel are one of the stars of modern waterproof footwear.

How to Wear Winter Technical Boots

So you’ve selected your warm waterproof boots, and now it’s time to consider how you’ll go about dressing them. In all honesty, you’re not choosing a pair of these boots for winter for sartorial reasons, so it’s more about working them into an ensemble without looking clunky on the feet. That being said, when styled correctly, they certainly can hold their own – check out some stylish Timberland boot outfits below.

Look 1:

Simple, stylish and understated; some may say the pairing of camo trousers with Timberland boots is a little too utilitarian for their liking, but I think the outfit below proves that it’s a winning combo. Showing that boots needn’t be strictly reserved for winter, slip on a light grey sweater with your trousers and boots for an effortless, yet stylishly superior look.

mens camo trousers timberland boots

Look 2:

Last up, another look that showcases how Timberland boots can be both stylish and practical. Keeping the outfit relatively clean cut, opt for a cuffed pair of indigo jeans and a simple t-shirt in black, white or grey on top. Finish the look with a classic parka or pea coat to, once again, prove that Timberlands aren’t the fashion faux pax they once were thought to be.

timberland boots alex badia mens-min

How to Wear Winter Boots

  • Boots aren’t just for hiking and have become
  • Boots are bulky so keep the rest of your outfit slim fitting.
  • Jeans and trousers should be slim or skinny.
  • With jackets do a Kanye West and go bigger with sizing.
kanye west technical boots style men

On That Note

It’s quite obvious that technical boots aren’t just for hiking! Whether it’s the iconic 6″ Timbs or a pair of waterproof Sorel boots, with a little styling they can fit in a multitude of settings. Winter is a great time to bring out some of your favourite coats and try them with the different boots at your disposal. Fundamentally, however, you’re going for practicality over style here so it’s best to ensure they meet your requirements!

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