What Your Watch Says About You

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Most of us have heard the term ‘what your shoes say about you’, but how many of us judge each other by the rest of our outfits? This style guide will focus on watches, and we’ll explore what, in fact, your watch says about you.

What your Watch Says About You

Watches are a staple accessory for every man, and they’re one of the few accessories that actually serve a purpose (as well as belts etc). Nowadays, more people are wearing a watch as more of a fashion piece than a time-telling device – we can put this blame on phones. None the less, a watch is a classic piece of jewellery which we feel every guy should be able to intertwine in his wardrobe. We also feel that all men should have more than one watch to suit different occasions. Do you really want to work out or sweat wearing a watch that you wear to formal events or meetings? We think not.

This style guide will explore the different types of watches and the kind of men that wear them. Just like shoes, people (especially women) can tell a lot about a man from his watch. We will break down the main watch categories to explore what they say about their wearers. So, read on to find out what a watch says about you.

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The City Boy Watch

The city boy watch is the flashy watch – the watch that city boys wear with their city boy suits to show off how they’re such a city boy because they can afford this city boy watch. In fact, the city boy watch doesn’t even have to be an expensive or designer watch… as long as it looks expensive, it’s fine.

This style of watch demands attention. It’s not minimal in design because then it will be subject to the risk of being overlooked. To style the city boy watch, you’ll need a suit where the sleeves of your shirt and blazer aren’t too long. This will leave room for your watch to be on display at all possible times. If you are an extra city boy, you will have your initials engraved on the metal strap of the watch. Personalisation costs more, so why wouldn’t you? The city boy watch is best suited for accompanying flashy jewellery, such as a signet ring on your little finger showcasing your family crest.

These Larsson & Jennings luxury watches are a great option for the watch snob. Their faces in royal blue and emerald green scream ‘money’.



The Hipster Watch

Hipsters don’t like to follow the norm, so why would they wear a watch that half the population is also wearing? Hipsters also like to make something that isn’t conventionally ‘attractive’ attractive, but, of course, this is subjective.

The hipster watch is usually more colourful than a normal watch, and it will probably be made of a leather rather than a metal. Those hipsters that are more hipster than other hipsters will make sure that the leather is faux… because they are vegan.

To get the ultimate hipster style watch, you need to make sure it doesn’t cost too much money. As long as the watch can tell you the time, it’ll do. Our Timex watch is a classic example of a watch that is unconventional and inexpensive but does everything you need a watch to do. The hipster style watch is best worn with some bracelets on the wrist. Elastic bead bracelets or festival bands work best for this.



The Minimal Watch

The minimal watch only says good things about a man. It says ‘you’ve got your shit together’ because the minimal watch is not flashy, nor inexpensive, and it comes hand in hand with a good dose of class. These are classic watches that can go with a multitude of different looks and outfits. They are easy to style and will almost always look good.

Minimal watches are exactly what they say on the tin; they don’t have much detail to them and their colours are usually pretty plain. This can also be said about the clothes that the wearer of the minimal watch wears. He will be in a classic suit or a pair of grey trousers with a white shirt and a black overcoat. Although this look is plain, it works. It’s stylish and this is what you should strive for.

We stock plenty of minimal watches, including the Larrson & Jennings styles with metal straps and clean, round faces in black, white and grey.

man wearing a mens larsson and jennings watch street style


The Mathletes Watch

No mathlete leaves the house unprepared, that is why their watches must have calculators attached to them. Enter Caiso, the perfect watch for the calculation king.

These are some pretty smart watches. Casio is good at combining extra features into their digital watches. Our Casio watch includes the ‘Telememo 25’ which is a feature that enables the wearer to store 25 names and telephone numbers on its database as well as alarm and snooze settings. Any other digital watch can fall neatly into this category. These watches best suit the man wearing the knitted jumper and beige/khaki chinos with a pair of brown brogues. Bonus points if the colour of the watch matches the colour of the glasses.


On That Note

If you’re interested in what your watch says about your personality, check out this guide to see which category you fall into. We are firm believers that every man should own different styles of watches, because let’s face it, there’s a bit of us in each of these. Different watches suit different occasions, so check out our store and see which ones take your fancy.

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