What You Should Know About Pulling Off a Long-Sleeve T-shirt

by Jamie

Like the thought of wearing a long sleeved T-shirt all year round? Then check out this guide for all you need to know. 

Here’s a little history lesson for you. Back in the day, long before you and your parents were born, the name ’t-shirts’ originated because of the t-shape the garment formed on men’s bodies under their outerwear. Although t-shirts were originally made from wool or silk, the Industrial Revolution brought the use of cotton for clothing. This meant that t-shirts, although still worn under clothes, were more fitted and breathable – more sexy, less sweaty!

It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century when t-shirts found their way into the fashion scene, as men in the US Navy often removed their uniform top due to sweltering weather conditions. Just working in their t-shirts and trousers must have really caught on because the t-shirt, and it’s brother – the long sleeve t-shirt, are now a feature in every man’s wardrobe.

If you’re unsure of how to wear a long sleeve t-shirt all year round, whether it’s in the hotter months or the colder months, we’ve got some ideas that you could try out.


Remember what we told you about the cut of a t-shirt? Well, the same applies to layering with a long sleeve t-shirt. In order to see your bottom layer, which will most likely be a vest or short sleeve top, you’ll need to vary the cuts. Opting for a vibrant v-neck over a more classic coloured crew cut, such as the white t-shirt.

If you’re up for experimenting with layers or the weather is particularly cold, which is the case pretty much every day in Britain, you could even select a patterned or graphic t-shirt over your long sleeve top. This will give your style a little grunge vibe to it, which really isn’t a bad thing if you can pull it off! Perfect t-shirts for this look include a Relax t-shirt from The Hundreds or the Glow Clock top from Ice Cream if you’re in a particularly vibrant mood. If you choose to go down this route, you must bear in mind that pairing your top half with a baggy jean will only make you look 15 years old again. Opt for wearing a skinnier pair of jeans when wearing this look.

Pair with a jacket

Adding a jacket over your long sleeve t-shirt can smarten your appearance in an instant. This is perfect for a night out with the lads or even if you have a romantic evening planned with the apple of your eye – no, we’re not talking about your Xbox here! You have a couple of options to fly with here.

Firstly, to give your style that clean and chic look, the Quilted Coaches Camo jacket from HUF is a fantastic choice. The brighter green colour and relaxed fir make it a great statement jacket to own this season. Teamed with a plain long sleeved tee underneath to make this jacket really stand out.

The relaxed fit and classic styling make it a great piece to have in your wardrobe arsenal. Thrown over a long sleeved T-shirt, it will make the perfect accompaniment to any look.

Finally, if you want to entertain that bad boy in you, the leather bomber jacket is a great investment. Not only will the jacket help you sharpen your style, it’s perfect for layering up over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

If you don’t want to layer up or add a jacket, it’s fine to wear a long sleeve t-shirt on its own. Trust us, you won’t contract a hideous disease or grow fifteen toes on your left foot. Sometimes simplicity is best.

The contrasting raglan sleeves of this Dickies tee ensure that you stand out without causing problems with colour-clash, which is perfect if you just want to throw something on without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed.

Alternatively, to add a bit of comfort to your look, an easy-to-wear striped long sleeved tee from Billionaire Boys Club is a spot on piece to own this season. The striped tee is a classic in its own right, but Billionaire Boys Club have added their own modern twist to this wardrobe staple.

Plain vs printed

Plain and printed long sleeve t-shirts both have their merits. Plain t-shirts can be paired with pretty much anything, which makes them a very low maintenance item to have in your wardrobe. A printed top can give your outfit an injection of personality, which is great if you’re feeling bold.

Plain long-sleeve t-shirts are classic wardrobe essentials and can form a core element of layering. If you’re still a fan of wearing longer sleeves in summer, the white t-shirt  would be a great addition to your collection as it is made from breathable material.

The Guns ’n’ Roses black top from Eleven Paris can brighten up an old pair of jeans that have been festering at the bottom of your drawer. The pattern element to the to, which includes neon pink, helps to boost any outfit.

And On That Note

A long sleeved t-shirt will probably be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe arsenal. With the variety of options of options out there to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking one out. Opt for a layered look with a v-neck long sleeved t-shirt with a plain white tee underneath for a simple and stylish look.

Opt for something a little more out there and go for a printed version to add detail and colour to your wardrobe. The rest of your outfit would need to be simple and plain as you don’t want to overthrow off the rest of your look. Throw over a jacket for good measure and you’ll be good to go this season as the long sleeved t-shirt is here to stay and will always be a wardrobe staple.

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