What Trousers to Wear With a Blazer

by Welcome to Outsons

Sometimes it’s hard to know what trousers to wear with a blazer. Here’s a quick guide to help out on your way to classy sophistication. 

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re big fans of a good blazer. From printed to plain designs and tweed to the more formal materials, their versatility can never be underestimated. We’ve already explored the different shirts and T-shirts you can wear one with, but there’s also a lot of options out there for the legwear you can team your blazer with. Check out what choices you’ve got below.


First off let’s start with the more obvious option available to you. Plainer designs are clearly easier to style, especially if you’re teaming them with the matching blazer. The only things you need to think about here are what fitting you’re going for, whether you’re going to utilise some turn ups and what you’re gonna wear on your hooves. Other than that, this is by far the easiest and most common style to pair with your blazer.

If you’ve gone for a printed blazer then we’d definitely suggest going for a plainer design on the your trousers. Similarly if you’ve gone plain on the blazer and trousers then why not give a little more life to your outfit with a printed or contrasting coloured shirt.


Next up we get a little more experimental. This is definitely going to be more for the braver men among you but printed or coloured legwear is an easy way to stand out from the crowd and give a little more life to your tailoring.

We’d usually go for checked prints here but if you’re not brave enough then going for a simple block colour will do the job.



If you’re going for the blazer-with-T-Shirt look then check out our guide on doing that properly. A key component to that look for some is adding in a bit of denim. We’d keep the fitting slim for this, go for a tapered leg if you’re usually in a skinny fit, and keep the washes to a minimum. Then just pair with some loafers or canvas trainers and you’ve nailed the look. Simple.

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