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What To Wear With Olive Green Pants – Simple Hacks That Always Work

by Triston Brewer
Olives outfit

Green doesn’t get as much love as it should in most wardrobes and that is a shame considering how vibrant it is. Olive green in particular is a hue that is almost exclusively associated with the fall and winter seasons. The truth is that olive can be worn outside those pre-defined boxes to cultivate a look that will surprise many. 

Although olive green can be a bit tricky for some men to pull off, Outsons will provide you with some style hacks that will maximize the use of the color and your wardrobe. 

Simple Hacks That Always Work
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What Color Is Olive Green?

There’s a bit of finesse in the color olive green as it resides confidently between green and yellow, although some people make the mistake of confusing it for pale brown. And while there are some that consider it a muddy hue, the proof is in the sartorial pudding that olive green is definitely a distinctive selection that goes beyond the call of duty when properly matched. 

What Colors Can You Wear with Olive?

As a neutral tone that goes magnificently with a multitude of hues, olive green adds more to a look that many give it credit for. Most men are quite familiar with khaki and moss tones, but olive green is another color that should be given just as much prominence in your wardrobe as it can be paired with more conventional colors or with tones you may have not even thought of yet. That’s where we come in to guide your sartorial hand as only we can!

Colors Can You Wear with Olive
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Don’t forget about the color wheel when the time comes to mix and match olive green with the rest of your wardrobe. If you are unsure of how it all plays out, follow these guidelines:

  • If you prefer a monochromatic look, opt for matching light and dark shades together with a green pant outfit that includes a light blue top and olive-hued footwear.
  • For a more analogous look, wear green olive pants against a deep blue denim jacket and rich yellow top.
  • A triadic look works great when you wear an orange or violet top against olive green pants.
  • To complement those olive green pants outfits and play it up, opt for a rich burgundy tone or light pink top for outfit ideas.

As a neutral color that is rich and carries a sense of elegance, olive can be paired and matched with several colors for all seasons, although the fall and winter seasons are the most popular, especially with men. Having said that, Outsons goes over the many outfit ideas in which you can wear an olive green top and great trousers to perfection.

What to Wear with an Olive Jacket

Olive may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of jackets, but they are actually quite a selection to consider since they work with just about anything, particularly a classic menswear outfit. For the most classic approach in outfit ideas, men can wear an olive jacket with dark grey or classic blue trousers, or alternatively opt for a pair of dark fitted jeans. If you want to dress your olive jacket up a bit, pair it with a chambray or denim shirt to complete the outfit.

Wearing Olive During the Summer Season

Most men adhere to the style rule that there are certain colors that only work with a particular season or a specific outfit. While this may apply to the fabrics you wear for some seasons, it does not necessarily apply to the colors you wear as you have every right to expand your color palette as you do during the warmer months. Those summer colors of royal blue, white, and yellow don’t have to play second fiddle to olive, burgundy, and grey during the colder months. That means that you have more opportunity to wear more of your wardrobe during the colder months than you may think and this is a great time to incorporate the full range for the best look. 

Men that want to get the most mileage from their fall and winter wardrobe should consider the full range when it involves an outfit with green pants. Not only will this help you to avoid a mundane look, but it will punch up your aesthetic and add a bit more character to your personal style during the fall and winter seasons. Now that you have permission to audition more color during these months, Outsons has a few outfit ideas that will create a winning look, including pairing an olive sports coat with a white long-sleeved shirt and white chino pants. A long-sleeved shirt in white is always classic, and when paired with an olive green jacket, you are sure to stand out with such a bold, great color choice.

How to Coordinate Olive Trousers with Shoes

So many shoes to wear, so many choices to consider! Most men have shoes they wear that run the gamut from blue sneakers and black chinos to beige chukka boots and beyond. No matter which style of shoe you prefer, there is a look that is possible that allows you to match your olive pants with shoes in nearly every type of style. Outsons covers the many hues and options that are available to you.

Trousers with Shoes
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Cup of Couple
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Beige is a great color that works well with green pant outfits, plus this color combination gives you more options to wear with your top as well. 


Burgundy shoes look great against olive trousers, and there are many outfit ideas to consider here, including wearing burgundy shoes with a denim jacket. 

Dark Brown

As one of the most conventional pairings in menswear, dark brown shoes with olive pants are an easy look to pull off and since they are both essentially earth tones, you really cannot go wrong. 


For a casual occasion, olive pants and navy blue shoes look great together. Of many outfit ideas that you could entertain, one suggestion that works is olive trousers and navy moccasin boots a weekend hipster look. 


White shoes during the summer season paired with olive pants are a bold combination. Add a light blue shirt and a Kangol to really get into the vibe. 

The following are colors that are acceptable to pair with olive trousers, but require a bit more effort. 


Grey and olive is a bit harder to combine together, but it can be done as long as you respect the shades as that is what decides if the look is a hit or miss. 

Light Brown

If you want to wear light brown shoes with olive pants, opt for a lighter shade of olive with some chinos that are paired with a crisp white button-down for those casual occasions. 


Orange and olive are two colors that most wouldn’t think match all that well, and in many ways they would be correct in this estimation. That isn’t to say it is not possible, however as it is all about the shade of both colors. Try a darker olive trouser for this pairing and you will have success on your hands. 


For this combination, men are advised to go for a deep, bold purple to pair with casual olive pants. In this instance, less is definitely more. 

When You May Not Want to Wear Olive Green

The following are colors to think twice about when it comes to pairing your olive trousers with shoes. 


Wearing black shoes with olive trousers is not recommended as the colors are too dark – especially together. Technically, you can wear both of these colors together, but you won’t exactly make an impression. 


Combining these two colors is not one we would suggest as you can accidentally end up looking like an ad for the holidays. If you absolutely are feeling adventurous, however, go with a subdued approach if you want to convincingly pull it off. 

What To Wear With Olive Green Pants? Editor’s Advice

Olive green is a hue that looks amazing on men should they choose to wear it, plus it  is a neutral color that can be matched with a lot more in your closet than you could have imagined – until now. Armed with these style essentials, you are well on your way to discovering a new way to enjoy this color.

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