What to Wear with Joggers

by Jamie

Love them or hate them, joggers have well and truly set themselves as a staple of menswear that shows no sign of disappearing. Whether you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t be caught dead in them, or you’ve already begun incorporating a pair into your everyday casual ensembles, read on for our advice on how to style your joggers with some handy men’s style tips.

How to Wear Joggers/Sweatpants

Have you been wondering what to wear with sweatpants or joggers? We’ve put together some simple street style inspired jogger outfits of guys in sweatpants below to give you a better idea of how to approach styling your joggers.

Go For A Casual Look

One of the easiest ways to wear joggers is by wearing them in a casual outfit. Some people really struggle to dress up a pair of joggers – although it is possible – so, if you’re one of them, stick to the below. Pair some joggers with a clean, slim fit T-shirt and a light jacket. Ideal for summer, the fitted nature of the T-shirt will provide a nice contrast to the chunkier silhouette of the joggers. Mix these with a pair of trainers for an effortlessly casual ensemble. We always prefer to style the slim-fit tracksuit bottoms to wear outdoors. Wide leg joggers or joggers that are too baggy won’t bring much to your outfit.

Joggers and a Sweater

Another way to wear your best joggers is to throw on a crewneck T-shirt with a simple sweater over the top. In this case, it’s best to go with relatively slim fitted sweatpants, tapered sweatpants or cuffed sweatpants or generally tight sweatpants, as anything baggy will only distort your silhouette, leaving you looking very bottom heavy. Wearing joggers and a sweatshirt will leave you on the very close edge of going too casual, so if you want to make it that bit more wearable, add a jacket. Again, a pair of trainers will suit this look, but make sure they are clean! Anything dirty will make the whole outfit look scruffy and far too casual.

How to Dress up Joggers

Last up, while we’d never recommend replacing your smart trousers with a pair of joggers, for a smart casual setting they might just pass. Nothing but slim fit tracksuit or jogging bottoms will work in this scenario as anything baggier will completely throw off the cleaner look you’re going for. Below, we have styled up a pair of joggers to make a smart-casual look. Even though the trousers are joggers, the rest of the outfit is smart which gives it the perfect balance. To get this look, wear your slim-fit joggers with a plain long or short-sleeved T-shirt and layer over an overcoat. A scarf will keep you warm if it’s cold outside. Finally, wear some plain white socks and finish the look with some loafers.

The Best Men’s Joggers

First and foremost, athletic sweatpants/jogger pants are designed with one thing in mind – comfort. While they’ve come along in leaps and bounds in terms of wearability and style (and are no longer attached to horrendous 90s men’s tracksuits), they still are, and always will be about their practicality and relaxed look.

That being said, however, they’re not restricted to the gym and lounging about at home as they once were; new cuts and designer sweatpants have pushed the humble jogger into the realms of acceptance for more casual settings. Finding a pair suited to wearing out and about still comes with its own set of guidelines, however. The wrong cut, design or styling choices can quickly throw you into the realms of sloppy and careless dressing so we’ve outlined a few of your best options below so you can avoid any questionable looks.


Men’s Black Sweatpants/Joggers

One of the most popular colour choices for a pair of joggers, a simple black joggers option is both versatile and stylish, serving as the perfect base for multiple outfits. You can guarantee you’ll find a pair suited to your requirements with every cut and material composition out there undoubtedly coming in black. Skinny tracksuit bottoms come in all different colours and styles.

Men’s Others/Grey Sweatpants/Joggers

While black and light or dark grey sweatpants are among the most popular choices, there’s a plethora of other colours and designs available out there so it’s always worth shopping around. One of the most popular alternatives would be camo, with almost every piece of clothing imaginable coming in the popularised print. Fancy yourself a pair of camo trackies? We don’t see why not.


While the options aren’t exactly clearly defined, you can typically break smart and casual joggers down by their fit and prints. Generally speaking, casual joggers will come in a wider range of colours and be of a baggier fit. Smart joggers on the other hand will be restricted to the typical black, grey, navy and camel colours and be a little tidier and slimmer in fit.

Casual Joggers

With a wider variety of materials as well as a more liberal approach to prints and materials, casual joggers are all about the fundamental idea of serving as a practical alternative to fitted trousers and jeans. While you can build an outfit around certain styles, they’re typically used for lounging around the house or quick errands.

Smart Joggers

Smarter jackets, on the other hand, can typically be set apart with their slimmer fit and more subdued colour selection. Fast becoming the best sweatpants option around, recent years have seen many stylish guys effortlessly mixing smarter cut joggers into a casual outfit in the place of more traditional options with surprising flair. If you don’t already own a pair, we’d advise going with an option like this as they’re far easier to incorporate into the everyday man’s style.

Your Quick Guide to Wearing Joggers

  • Slim-fit joggers are always the best fit to go for when you’re looking to wear joggers in your everyday outfit.
  • Plain joggers tend to work better when you’re incorporating them into your already existing wardrobe.
  • Try to stick to black and grey joggers to make sure you don’t clash them with the rest of your outfit. These are also the smartest colours.
  • Mix up your shoes by wearing trainers for a more casual setting or a pair of loafers if you’re dressing up a bit.

On That Note

Regardless of divided opinion, joggers for men are here to stay, so if you can’t beat ’em, join them! There are endless amounts of ways you can style them, with something suited to every man’s personal style and taste; but whatever style you do go for, if the outfit is still feeling a little clunky – it’s best to avoid. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles from men’s skinny sweatpants to dressy sweatpants, materials, colours and fits. Check out our extensive range of joggers that you can experiment with now.

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