What to Wear With Grey Trousers

by Jamie

Wearing the same black or navy trousers can get boring, and sometimes it’s worth trying out something a little different. Styled correctly, a pair of grey trousers can become a classic wardrobe staple, while surprisingly helping to brighten up simple outfits. 


Grey Trousers – Styles

There are various ways you can wear grey trousers, easily mixing them with formal outfits as well as casual, everyday ones. With so many fits, materials and styles to choose from, it’s easy to make a quality pair of trousers, whether you go for jeans or classic chinos, into something you can wear every day.

Casual Look

If you were searching for leg wear that’s practical, comfortable and easy to wear with various outfits, then the jean section would probably be your first port of call. Although black and navy jeans tend to dominate menswear, with the right styling, grey jeans can be just as versatile.

If you’re looking for a simple look that you can put together without much issue, then it’s best to stick to neutral colours and simple prints. Grey can actually be matched with other shades of grey without the outfit looking too over the top, so a basic combination would be to match your jeans with a light grey T-shirt or sweater. There are very few colours that won’t match with this easy shade, so you shouldn’t feel too constricted by your choices.

Smart Look

A slimline pair of grey chinos is a great choice if you’ve got an important work meeting or you want to just smarten up your outfit a little. Choosing a darker grey can give a more formal feel, while a light grey is great for summer days as it gives a cooler, less intense finish.

To get this look right, just make sure the trousers fit properly around your waist and that they don’t fall too low or too high. If you’re going for the light grey, make sure that they don’t fit too tight, as the light colour will accentuate anything it stretches across. Unless you want to draw attention to that extra body mass, stay clear of anything too light and tight as a general rule of thumb.

What Colour Shirt with Grey Trousers

Whether you’re going for a smart or casual look, shirts are one of those things that can work with an array of outfits. Different colour combinations can give off different vibes, so some will work better in smarter or more laid-back looks. If you’re wondering what colour shirt to wear with grey trousers, keep the overall style of the outfit in mind, working out whether you want to go for a casual look or a formal one.

Grey Trousers Black Shirt

One of the most classic combinations to wear with grey is undoubtedly the black shirt and grey trousers combination. Wearing grey trousers with a black shirt or T-shirt gives a subtle monochromatic style to your outfit without being too overbearing. It will work if you’re trying to work out the best grey suit combinations.

Grey Trousers Blue Shirt

A blue and grey colour combination provides a cool, simplistic vibe that can work for both smart and casual looks depending on the tones you use. If you want to go for a smarter look then try pairing a light blue shirt with dark grey trousers, embracing the contrast in shades and creating an alternative to the classic white shirt and black trousers look.

You can also opt for a lighter grey to create less of a contrast between the colours, creating a more uniformed look. However, it’s best not to pair a dark toned shirt with a light-toned pair of trousers as this can give you a top-heavy look that probably won’t be flattering in any form.

Grey Trousers White Shirt

This is probably the easiest combination to get right, mainly because no matter what shade your trousers are, you’ll be able to pair them with a white shirt and never worry about creating a top-heavy or uncoordinated look. Light grey trousers with a white shirt will give off a neat, cool look, while darker grey trousers will provide you with a more intense, formal vibe. With this being said, they will both pass you off for looking smart and stylish with minimal effort.

What Shoes to Wear with Grey Trousers

Tops are important when you’re dressing up your grey trousers, but footwear shouldn’t be forgotten either. Your shoes don’t need to make a huge impression or be the main feature of your outfit, they really just need to complement the rest of your clothing. If in doubt, stick to neutral colours like black and brown, which will go with most shades of grey.

Burgundy Shoes Grey Trousers

Burgundy is a classic warm tone colour that creates a clean contrast when teamed with a cool tone of grey. If you’re looking to make a subtle statement with your outfit, then a pair of burgundy boots paired with some slim fit grey chinos for men will be a great combination.

Brown Shoes Grey Trousers

Brown comes in a lot of shades, so you can work a few different styles into your outfit. Light brown shoes will provide a more striking contrast with your grey trousers, while dark brown is easier if you’re looking to create a more subtle combination. If you’re wondering what to wear with grey chinos, and you want shoes that are going to make a statement without going too far down the ‘in your face’ lane, then brown shoes will work like a charm.

What to Wear With Grey Trousers

  • Grey jeans are a great colour alternative to your usual blue or black. Match some grey jeans and a white T-shirt for a simple casual look.
  • Keep things smart with a grey suit and a button up shirt. You can wear black or brown dress shoes with this smart outfit.
  • Brown shoes and grey trousers are a classic formal look.
  • Try some trainers in black or white for a more casual style. This is a great option for when you’re looking to dress smart casual.

On That Note

With so many shades of grey, there are endless opportunities on what trousers to pick and how to match them with various pieces. You can go for casual, light, yet stylish looks, or more refined formal outfits that are perfect for smart occasions. Grey trousers are a great alternative to black trousers, so if you’re looking for something new, give them a shot and see how they can work with the rest of your wardrobe.

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