What to Wear with Grey Jeans

by Jamie Wilson
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Grey jeans are one of those key items that you should always have to hand in your wardrobe. Versatile in colour and fit, they’ll see you through any occasion. Whether you’re going to dinner or a gig, grey jeans are your go to, but what to wear them with?


What to Wear with Grey Jeans

Grey jeans are a great one for Spring/Summer; lighter in colour, they feel less heavy than your standard blue or black pair and can be pin rolled for a casual, laid back look. Dressed up or down, grey jeans are a great all rounder but sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to wear them with.

If you’re bored of those tired old jeans that come out every weekend, a grey pair can feel like an edgier alternative. Unlike most other shades, they work really well with smart and formal wear ways but it’s worth baring in mind to not get too experimental with the cut; a straight, slim or skinny fit will do. 

What to Wear With Men’s Tapered Grey Jeans

Men’s tapered jeans include every type of denim that doesn’t feature the traditional straight leg, so here you’ll find the best men’s jeans. Whether your jeans are more tapered at the hips, legs or ankles, there are so many different and versatile styles that you’ll surely find the right one for your body type.

What to Wear With Slim Fit Grey Jeans

It’s safe to say that everyone has worn a pair of slim fit jeans at least once in their lifetime, and to be fair to them, men’s slim fit jeans are pretty comfortable. The resurgence of punk rock influence in fashion trends over the recent years definitely helped solidify the popularity of slim fit jeans. From The Ramones to The Clash and Sex Pistols, punk rock bands were and often still are a main source of sartorial inspiration when it comes to slim fit jeans.

What to Wear With Men’s Super Skinny Grey Jeans

No matter how often they get slated – even Kanye got slagged off because his jeans were too tight – the super skinny jeans trend is rock-solid and will probably never die. Super skinny jeans, as the name suggests, come in a fit so tight that they might as well be your second skin. As opposed to their very similar slim fit counterpart, super skinny jeans are tighter around the hips and legs.

That said, skinnies are often made of stretchy fabric so you won’t be completely compressed in them. No matter how tight, you’ll still be able to move freely.

What to Wear With Grey Skinny Jeans

If there’s one unifying element in subcultural wardrobes, it’s the grey skinny jeans. Rockers, emos, skaters and snowboarders – they all wear them. Sure, they might be styled a bit differently but their core essence remains. A pair of faded dark grey skinny jeans is a solid companion for every adventure. Whether you prefer wearing boots or trainers with your denim, you’ll be able to wear most types of footwear with them.

What to Wear With Dark Grey Jeans

In case you simply love wearing black jeans and dark colours, you can always count on a pair of dark grey jeans. You can get them in such dark shades of grey that wearing them will become second nature. Plus, being darker than other grey jeans, they might be styled in ways in which they can become successfully suitable to team with a multitude of looks rather than one style.

What to Wear With Men’s Ripped Skinny Grey Jeans

Some of the best men’s jeans come in their ripped variation. The great thing about ripped skinny jeans is that if you fancy a pair, you can have immediate access to it by ripping the fabric yourself. Of course by doing it yourself there are some chances that you’ll mess it up. If you’ve never cut denim before, your Project Runway moment could go wrong very quickly.

To avoid any mishaps, it’s best to get yourself a pair of professionally ripped jeans. You definitely won’t be disappointed and you’re guaranteed to end up with the exact effect you want. And no matter how many times it’s been done before, there’s nothing cooler than a pair of nicely ripped grey jeans and black leather jacket combination.

What to Wear With Men’s Straight Leg Grey Jeans

Sure, skinny jeans are probably the most popular fit out there, especially if we focus on younger generations. That said, skinny jeans will always be engaged in a battle of denim classics with the regular fit jeans. However, it’s hard to imagine that we’d go back to the original wider fit of straight leg jeans. The straight leg also had to adapt to an overall narrower fit as well as keeping its classic shape, albeit re-dimensioned for a more modern taste.

Unlike bootcut jeans that are slightly tapered around the thighs and then become wider right past the knee all the way to the hem, straight leg jeans have the same width throughout the entire leg. Straight leg jeans have the advantage of creating the illusion of making you appear taller. On the other hand, bootcut jeans will break up the leg line and your legs will inevitably look shorter. Straight leg jeans are especially suitable for bulkier and athletic body types as the looser leg creates more room for muscular legs.

How to Style Casual Grey Jeans

Versatile and easy to wear, the grey jean can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You can go for quite a simple look when you’re styling casual men’s grey jeans. Try wearing a plain black T-shirt to work with the colour of your jeans, as this keeps it in the same colour palette. Throw on a green bomber jacket to create a stark contrast and make a focal point to your outfit. Team with a pair of casual shoes, such as loafers or trainers and you’ve got yourself a well put together and curated look.

How to Style Formal Grey Jeans

Taking a casual pair of grey jeans and making them ready for a formal occasion can be easily done with just a few tweaks. Firstly, opt for a darker wash of grey as these will give a smarter, less edgier appearance. Darker jeans are far more versatile in terms of what you can team them with, but for a formal look we’d suggest going for fail safe monochrome.

You can’t go wrong with a white oxford shirt – its simplistic design and classic origins will never go out of style. For a formal event, only a formal shoe will do and a penny loafer is a great option. Smart and sharp, they are guaranteed to inject a vintage edge into your outfit. An overcoat or classic mac are essential wardrobe staples that will instantly upgrade your formal look. 

What to Wear with Grey Jeans

  • Grey jeans come with the ability to be worn with a plethora of colours and textures, making them a versatile and easy-to-wear wardrobe staple.
  • They’re perfect for Spring/Summer, as they feel lighter than your standard blue or black pair of jeans.
  • Worn with a simple T-shirt or shirt and a pair of trainers or smart shoes, you can easily pull off grey jeans every season.
  • Grey works well in smart and formal wear, but stick to a straight, slim or skinny fit.
  • Try a darker shade of grey jeans for a more accessible and easy to style look.

On That Note

When you’re venturing out of your comfort zone, a little style advice goes a long way. Keep colours muted and in similar co-ordinating shades to your jeans. Make sure you don’t miss the mark and put together an outfit that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Grey jeans are a versatile option as they can be worn for smart, casual and formal wear. Plus, they make a welcome change from your all too familiar blue or black pair. Now you that you have all you need to know about grey jeans and what to wear with them, all you need is a brand new pair to play around with. Don’t forget to take a look around our shop.

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