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What to Wear with Blue Chinos

by Jamie Wilson
What to Wear with Blue Chinos

Blue chinos are a versatile piece of clothing and if you’re looking for an alternative to jeans, a way to brighten up a formal look or just something a little different to your standard legwear, then a pair of blue chinos are the way to go. Read on for some suggestions on what to wear with blue chinos, whether you prefer simple or more dynamic looks. 

What to Wear with Blue Chinos

What to Wear with Blue Chinos
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Just like jeans, blue chinos have a strong versatility, meaning they can be teamed up with a number of different looks. Blue chinos are also a key item in men’s summer fashion. If you’re wondering what to wear with navy chinos, as well as brighter, more vibrant ones, we’ll go through a few outfits to suit any style. We’ll also show you some suggestions on what shoes to wear with chinos and ways to smarten up this classic menswear piece. 

Casual Outfit

For casual, everyday looks that will suit anyone, wear your chinos as alternatives to jeans, mixing them with simple pieces like denim jackets, textured jumpers, and basic T-shirts. The chinos will give the outfits a slightly formal edge, but overall the ensemble will still have a casual vibe, especially if you incorporate a decent amount of complementary colours into the look.

Casual Outfit
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There is a way to create a stylish, yet relaxed, smart-casual men’s outfit with a pair of blue chinos. The main thing to focus on is the fit, ensuring that your overall look is clean and tailored. However, your look can still have a casual twist, so you can add simple accessories and keep the colours warm toned. Blue chinos and brown shoes are a perfect combination, and something like a pair of brown tassel loafers can keep you looking sleek, yet not too overdressed.

Formal Look

There are a few ways you can create a formal look with blue chinos, and the most obvious choice is to go full on and get yourself a navy suit. It’s a great alternative to a black one and gives off a warmer, brighter finish. If you don’t want something as uniform as that, mix up the colours with something like a grey or beige blazer. Shoes are key to completing the look, so go for some classic brown leather brogues for a sleek finish.

Formal Look
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The Fit

Before we get into how to match these coloured pieces, you should know what kind of fit will suit your body shape best. Chinos come in a range, so there’s bound to be one that will work for you. The best fit is one that is not too wide or too skinny, which we know can make things a little tricky. Whether you’re slim, bulky, or somewhere in between, there’s no excuse not to try out a good pair of chinos.

Formal Look
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Wide Leg

Wide leg chinos are one of the more standout fits, and best for those who want to make an impression. If you’re on the skinny side you should probably avoid this style, as the whole point of them is to swamp your legs, so there’s a chance you could go from looking slender to scrawny. If you can pull off the look, they can be paired with various pieces to create an eye-catching, bold look.

Slim Fit

Like slim fit jeans, slim fit chinos are a good option for guys who want to achieve a skinny fit vibe, without the discomfort of them being too skinny. As they’re fitted, they skim the legs giving you a flattering look but are loose enough that they can be cuffed to add some dimension to your outfit.

We think this is the style you should always opt for if you’re going smart-casual, or formal. Take a look at our top slim fit blue/ navy chinos below.

What to Wear with Blue Chinos

What to Wear with Blue Chinos
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Keep colour combinations light and focus on the fit and complementary pieces. Pieces like denim jackets, navy blazers, and certain footwear can drastically change up the look of your navy chinos. So, experiment with different combinations to achieve different styles and see what works best for you.

Try not to clash the colours of your outfit. Wear white or grey shirts/T-shirts with you blue chinos, and either white, black or navy shoes to match. We recommend you try not to incorporate more than three colours into your look if you’re going for the formal style- this will make your outfit look too complicated.

What To Wear With Blue Chinos

  • Chinos are like jeans, in that they are highly versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. Pair them with a shirt and loafers, or a T-shirt and trainers.
  • If you can’t pick between formal or casual, go for a smart-casual style. You can wear a shirt to make it smart, and some clean white trainers to add the casual.
  • Make sure you get the fit of your chinos right. You don’t want them too wide or too skinny, so buy them to compliment your body shape.

On That Note

In the end, there aren’t too many set rules on how to pair blue chinos with your outfit. The main thing to remember is colour. Blue goes with a lot of tones, but in order to create a clean look make sure you’re not working with too many different colours. If you do this, you may clash your colours and ruin your outfit. It’s easy to achieve a casual and smart look, and depending on what pieces you pair with them. You can make the most of your chinos, by wearing the same pair for a number of styles and outfits.

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