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What To Wear Under Board Shorts – This One Styling Tip Always Wins

by Lilian Koster
Wear Under Board Shortss

You’re almost ready to be on set for Baywatch.

The only thing that’s missing is your compression shorts, boxer shorts or briefs, whatever you feel most comfortable in. So let’s get the scene rolling.

Board Shorts
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Is There A Difference Between Board Shorts And Swim Shorts?

Board Shorts
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Board shorts are quite versatile in functionality. The main difference between normal swim shorts and boarding shorts is that board shorts are designed much longer so that they can protect you more. Which is why the first thing you’ll think about when someone mentions board shorts is surfing; the length is designed to protect their knees when they fall off their board. 

But board shorts can also be worn to exercise in, so that if you fall on a basketball court or something of the sort, your knees can live another day without being scraped. 

Don’t Board Shorts Have Liners?

Board Shorts
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Some board shorts will come with built-in liner, the same liner you’d find in your average swim trunks that are made of polyester or a mesh fabric. However, you’ll only find that in the cheaper board shorts, as those from higher-end brands usually don’t come with a liner. If that’s the case, now might be a good time to decide whether you want to wear something underneath your board shorts, and if so, what?

What To Wear Under Board Shorts

Au Naturel

Feel free to feel free. Naturally, we couldn’t include a picture for this one, but truth be told, some men don’t feel the need to wear anything under a board short. Wearing nothing underneath your board shorts can feel really liberating and help you feel relaxed. And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s what you feel most comfortable in that’s important here, so we recommend you try out all of the next few options and if this is the one that feels best, it’s the right option for you.

Underwear – Boxers or Briefs

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This might be a simpler option for you, and you might have already been wearing your usual underwear underneath your board shorts without knowing there are other options. Many men go for the underwear option because it’s what they already own and it’ll save you from having to spend money on undergarments specifically designed to wear in water underneath board shorts, which we’ll get to in a second. 

Wearing your underwear underneath your board shorts is a perfectly acceptable option, whether you usually like to wear boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. If you’re set on going for the underwear option, we would recommend you wear boxer briefs as the hybrid is made up of the longer legs like boxers, but have a tight-fitting structure like briefs. It makes the ideal combination of comfort and support, so it could definitely be a contender for you. 

However, if you know a bit about the surfing community, you’d know that wearing underwear in water is looked down on a bit, but there’s important reasons as to why.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Underwear Under Board Shorts

Board Shorts
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If you plan to wear your boxer briefs or other underwear underneath your board shorts, there’s a few points to consider. 

Clearly, underwear isn’t designed to be worn in water, which is why the dyes used to make them a certain color are likely to come out, particularly in a pool or saltwater. So if you wear underwear that was black whilst heading to the beach, you might come back with a pair of gray ones, so maybe don’t risk wearing your favourite underwear. But hey, if you look on the bright side, if you needed a new pair of gray underwear, this might be a cheap way to do it?

Board shorts
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Secondly, wearing underwear in water might not be as comfortable as you think it will be, for a number of reasons. Underwear will give you enough support when you’re wearing it on a daily basis, but that’s because you wouldn’t usually move around a lot like when you’re practicing a sport. So wearing them underneath your board shorts might not give you the support that you’re looking for. 

Lastly, any swimming trunks or board shorts are made for you to wear them in water, so they’ll be made of a quick-drying material. Your underwear, however, are not. So once you get out of the water, your board shorts will dry quickly, but your underwear will still be wet, which will then make your board shorts wet, forcing you into a continuous cycle of having a wet lower half. You should be careful when you get to this stage, as it could lead to giving yourself a rash.

Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts
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If you’re truly passionate about swimming or any other sports where you rely on wearing board shorts, you need to consider getting compression shorts. Whether you’re into hiking multiple times a week, or you’re constantly in the water, or moving around on a pitch of some sort, you’re going to want to look into these.

Compression shorts are mostly worn during a workout or recovery workout, when you’re using your muscles and getting your blood pumping. They’re particularly good at not only keeping everything in place, but also giving yourself extra protection against injuries and helping your blood circulation. If you’re the real athlete, these are the real deal. 

Board Shorts
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In water, compression shorts will make sure you feel supported and comfortable, but they can also add a layer of warmth as a wet suit would. Wet suits can be expensive, so compression shorts provide a good alternative. The best quality compression shorts will be made out of a material such as polyester, nylon or spandex, which will help absorb moisture and allow it to dry quickly along with your board shorts. 

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, a pair of these will also help protect against chafing. Although board shorts are already quite long and usually reach the knee, this extra layer underneath can help your legs move smoothly and stop your skin from rubbing together. 

Know What To Wear Under Board Shorts 

Board Shorts
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Your priority here should be feeling comfortable and supported so that you can move around freely in your board short. If you feel like wearing underwear ticks those boxes for you, then that can be a good place to get started. Or just don’t wear anything underneath, that can work too. But if you want to feel extra protected and safe, and you feel like you can invest in something that is for sure going to be a new staple item in the athleticwear section of your closet, then looking into getting some compression shorts is a must.

Why Do Guys Wear Boxers Under Board Shorts?

The main reason why guys wear boxers with their swim trunks is because of comfort. For a lot of them, thighs have to be covered, and they will want to avoid any ‘nude’ exposure moments. A lot of them opt for cotton underwear since this helps with unwanted itching when at the beach and when tanning. In the end, this all comes down to what you prefer. Do you want to try out speedo showy cuts or do you like long surfers? This is up to you!

PS: Just don’t go commando.

Is It Weird To Wear Board Shorts Casually?

The truth is that men’s swimwear is left to the swimmer himself. Do you fancy looking as if you’re going to a beach? Or maybe you live just right by the beach, which makes your clothing options endless! In conclusion, this doesn’t have to be weird. Guys of any age can go for board shorts, just make sure that your headed event isn’t as strict when it comes to dress-ups.

Having Said All Of That

And there you have it. Are you ready for your next and new comfy bikini bottom? The truth is that you can go for regular underwear underneath your boardshorts, or any kind of swimsuits. Just make sure that you go for something that isn’t too tight around the waist since you wish to avoid discomfort. The ocean is your friend, so your outfit really comes down to your idea, style, and personal preference.

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