What to Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater

by Jamie Wilson
What to Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

A men’s V-neck sweater is a classic staple that every man should have in his wardrobe. But when it comes to what to wear it with, who really knows? Well we do. To help you out and make sure you’re layering the V-neck properly, we’ve put together everything you need to know.

The V-neck sweater has been a staple piece for years, going back as far as the 1920’s, where the fashion was for bright colours and busy patterns. The original designs had such a vivid look that they were described as being ‘bright enough to stop traffic’. Luckily, times have changed and these styles have fallen from the height of fashion.

You can still get V-necks in a wide range of patterns, colours and materials. There’s a ton of combinations to try out, and you don’t have to just stick to the generic smart casual look. Also don’t assume that you’ll immediately look like a school kid with one of these – without the school logo, you can style a V-neck to look professional and sophisticated.

Casual V-Necks

What to Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater
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Although a lot of the time you see V-neck sweaters paired up with shirts and suits, that doesn’t mean they can’t work for a more casual outfit. It’s all about the art of dressing down. Either a casual shirt or T-shirt will work well, so take your pick.


What to Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater
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If you’re a fan of shirts, then try one that’s in a contrasting colour to the sweater and keep the top two or three buttons undone to make it fit into the casual vibe. The simple fact is that an open shirt under a V neck, is going to look a hell of a lot less smart than one buttoned right up, so not only will things feel less binding, but you’ll look more than ready for a trip to the pub.

If you’re after something more eye-catching, then opt for either a printed sweater and plain shirt, or basic sweater and printed shirt. Make sure you only have one piece patterned or printed as it’ll start to look too over the top.


If you want to go for something that’s even more casual, a round neck T-shirt will add a small section of colour, as well as create a flattering neckline for you. The colour choices are up to you as it’s casual, so pretty much anything goes – just don’t go for anything that’s going to clash too much with your jumper. Keeping the jumper grey or black is always best, then you can be creative with the colour choice underneath. Wear with some slim fitting jeans and a leather jacket for an effortlessly cool casual look.

Sweater V Neck
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Formal V-Necks

Despite V-necks being a great addition when it comes to casual attire, there’s no denying how good they can look in a sleek, smart outfit. A buttoned up shirt and tie is a classic combination to go under a v-neck, yet there are some things you should remember to make sure you don’t look like you’re heading back at school.

If you’re wearing a black V-neck sweater for men, try to steer clear of a white dress shirt shirt and stick to an Oxford style (dress shirts have a more refined, boarding school look that you might want to avoid in this case). If you’re thinking that white may be a bit harsh against the black, try a grey or blue one instead. A slight pattern on your shirt can still look smart as well, but keep it subtle.

A final tip is to wear a V-neck that’s slim fitting to help flatter your shape – a bulky sweater is never going to look smart, plus if you’re in a formal situation you’ll probably start to overheat in a chunky knit.

What to Wear Under a V-Neck Sweater

  • A V-neck jumper is a versatile piece that’s easy to mix and match with a range of outfits.
  • Team your men’s jumper with with a simple crew neck T-shirt for a more relaxed finish.
  • Wear a a smart Oxford shirt under your jumper for a formal look – perfect for the office.
  • Try not to mix patterns together, and if you’re going for a textured jumper keep it minimal to avoid anything too busy. 
Sweater V Neck
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On That Note

V-neck sweaters are possibly one of the easiest pieces to style due to their minimal features. Often coming in a thinner fabric than other sweaters, you’re able to wear layers underneath to dress it up or down and keep you warm in the winter. With such a variety of cuts and colours, you’ll never run out of outfit choices as you’ll be able to find one for any event or occasion.

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