What To Wear To A Football Match

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Football matches tend to focus more on the beautiful game rather than the crispness of your shirt, but there’s no reason not to keep your look both understated and stylish, even when you’re cheering on your team. 

The football season’s now well and truly underway. Racking your brains trying to decide what to throw on for the game? Fret not. We’ve put together some ideas that go beyond the standard football shirt to help you attract the right attention in the pubs before and after the game.

As you root for your team, you want to be comfortable but you also want to look good. Here we have a list of the must-have pieces of clothing to wear to a football game so you can cheer on your team in style and comfort. The outfit you bring to a game will largely be weather-dependent. Whatever team you support, these essential pieces of clothing are what you need to wear to a match, no matter the weather…

If It’s Cold

If it’s chilly, throw on a pair of simple, well fitted jeans. Standard wear, but something that’s easily paired with a number of tops, while giving you a laid back and stylish vibe. You can go for skinnies if you want, but they’re not the most comfortable jeans to sit or stand around in, and comfort in key when you’re at a game. Instead choose some slim fit or straight leg jeans for a relaxed feel that will last you from the grounds to the pub.

what to wear to a football match jeans

For the top grab yourself a patterned jumper to to keep things from looking too plain. You don’t need to go overboard with the print, and honestly, it’s better if you don’t, but some simple stripes, or a textured design, can lift your outfit and add a boost of interest.

what to wear to a football match jumper

If the weather is really biting, keep warm with some well chosen accessories. A scarf in your team colour is a given, but don’t forget the simple and versatile beanies, which are great for shoving in your bag or pocket when the weather report looks grim.

what to wear to a football match hats

If It’s Raining

If it’s gloomy, dull and rainy during the game, bringing a suitable waterproof jacket like either of these numbers below is a no brainer. Getting soaked to the skin is no way to boost your moral, so get yourself a raincoat that suits you and your budget. A cheap, lightweight design is great for those April showers when you don’t need a lot of protection from the chill, whereas a layered, thicker design will keep you snug as well as dry. If you can, try and choose a design with mesh panelling to ensure you don’t get overheated, and that your body is able to breathe easily.


Layering underneath a raincoat can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with humid climates. Wanting to stay dry and cool can be tricky, so keep your layers light and breathable. A simple long sleeved cotton T-shirt is a good choice for warm as well as cool weather, as it’s easily adjustable, can keep you warm in a chill, but won’t leave you sweating.

what to wear to a football match rainy

When it comes to leg wear, there’s nothing worse than wet jeans. They stick to your legs, weigh you down and generally make you feel like you wish you’d worn shorts, even if the weather’s freezing. Chinos are a great alternative, as their breathable cotton material keeps you cool while ensuring you’re covered and stylish.

what to wear to a football match chinos

If It’s Hot

If it’s scorching outside, a rarity in the UK though it may be, wearing a short sleeved, light-coloured T-shirt is always a good option. Dark colours will absorb light and make you feel like you’re cooking, especially if you’re stuck in your seat for a whole match. Go for a loose fitting but well shaped design so you don’t drown in fabric but still have some definition.

what to wear at a football match hot

Shorts are the obvious answer for leg wear when the suns out, but tread carefully. Going for ones that are just that bit too short can look disastrous, so keep the length at or just about your knees, and ensure that they’re slim fitting. Shorts in a plain, neutral colour are ideal for mixing with a range of tops, and will give you a clean, understated vibe. Anything that’s too heavy on print or colour will increase the risk of you clashing awkwardly, so keep it simple.

what to wear to a football match shorts

With footwear you’re going to want something that can give your feet proper support, while being cool enough to survive the heat. Light weight trainers are ideal, and their versatility comes in handy, going great with both shorts and chinos.

what to wear to a football match trainers

Your Quick Guide on What To Wear To A Football Match

  • Go for simple, comfortable pieces, but don’t be afraid of a little pattern to give your outfit a boost.
  • Avoid skinny jeans or anything too tight fitting, as this will gradually get more and more uncomfortable as the game goes on.
  • If it’s raining go for a light weight raincoat, and make sure to keep your under layers in a breathable cotton so you don’t overheat.
  • Opt for light weight chinos if you want to stay cool, but covered.
  • Shorts are a good option for warmer weather, but make sure they’re slim fit and don’t fall past your knee.
  • For shoes, trainers and plimsolls are a good choice as they’re versatile enough to go with a range of outfits, plus they’re comfortable and will easily support your feet.

On That Note…

Although football matches are really just for, well football, there’s no reason not to look good while you’re cheering on your team. Keep things simple, and remember to stay comfortable, but don’t be afraid of embracing a little colour and pattern to keep things looking sharp.

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